Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plan for a Happy Bach New Year

Do you have big plans and goals for the New Year? We hope that being healthy in both mind and body tops your list, and we know that Bach Flower Essences can help you reach that goal.

Everyone who has ever heard of Bach flower remedies knows that they help you balance your energies and get your emotional life under control. But there's more to it.

To quote Dr. Bach:

"The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self; to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm. They are able, like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our souls and by that very act to bring us peace and relieve our sufferings. They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in the sunshine.

There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness."

It may take some time before modern medicine accepts the role of spirit in our physical health, but they are finally accepting the connection between emotional well-being and physical health. That's good news, because it means a move toward healing the cause of illness rather than merely treating the symptoms.

We at Feel Bach! wish you a wonderful 2009!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday wishes for your health, prosperity, and joy!

This little pup asked if she could come along with me this Christmas Eve to wish you all a happy holiday season.

We hope her youth and enthusiasm for life will serve as a symbol of healthy and prosperous new beginnings as we welcome a New Year.

Whatever your dreams, follow them with joy and confidence, so that next Christmas you can say "Wow, what a wonderful year this turned out to be."

Now is the time to get started making your plans for the new year - so when January 1, 2009 rolls around, you'll already be on your way. Why not get out a pencil and paper right now - and write down your top ten goals for the year.

After each one, write down why you want to accomplish it. Then choose which goal gets top ranking and write down at least 5 things you can do to start making it happen. Don't be shocked if you go on writing more - once you start on this your thoughts will flow like a flooded river.

Now... which of those things to do can you accomplish this very day? Or at least start to accomplish?

Go do it! Then decide what you can do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. You reach goals the same way you "eat an elephant." One bite at a time...

Remember, if you run into fear or doubt or insecurity, we'll be here to help you through those rough spots with Bach Flower Essences from Feel Bach!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Feel5ive Day for sure!

I said I was going to give my husband a dose of Feel5ive this morning before he had to face crowded stores and traffic.

Little did I know that I'd need some myself. In fact, I took it with me and used it again before we came home.

You see, I'm a complete sissy when it comes to snow and ice on the roads - and today was a doozie. The highway was covered with broken patches of compact snow and ice, and in between was just slick. The snow was blowing everywhere, making visibility less than wonderful, too.

But, thanks to Feel5ive I didn't get in a panic even once. I didn't even get scared, and that's a first!

Thanks to Feel Bach! and Bach flower essences, I had a pleasant day in spite of the weather.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Chilly Approach to Christmas

Funny how all the other things you need to do get pushed aside when Mother Nature decides to show us who is boss. We aren't having power outages or trees broken by ice, but the temperature has been hovering around zero for several days now.

At our house we've been busy bringing in wood and checking the fire every hour to make sure the house stays warm. Our furnace quit, so maintaining the fire was top priority until today - when my husband figured out how to fix it.

It's still a priority for me, however, because the wood heat feels so much better. And silly as it sounds, I enjoy the exercise of going out to the wood pile and bringing in a few loads every day. There's something really "down to earth" about that exercise.

But... I'm really glad the furnace is working again, because I do want to get out of the house for a few hours and finish Christmas shopping. That means leaving 3 very spoiled canines home alone for the day. Since that upsets them - especially Ralph, my husband's dog - I started dosing their water bowl with "Home Alone" tonight.

Animals can sure push us around - A friend called today and said she had tried bringing an "outdoor cat" into the house because of the cold. She made a bed for the cat in the laundry room - gave it food, water, and a litter box. But boy did that cat object. Now her outdoor bed is filled with woolen blankets so she can burrow down and stay warm. I told my friend that if she gets an idea to do that again, to come and get some Feel5ive from me... to help the cat settle down and go to sleep instead of spending the night trying to get out.

Hmmm... my husband gets really wound up going into busy stores and driving in heavy traffic. Think I'll give him a dose before we leave home tomorrow...

Bach flower essences sure can make life easier!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Ways to Banish Holiday Stress

Stress really can be a joy-killer, so you owe it to yourself to do all you can to banish it.

One good way is meditation. You don't have to be formal about it, or follow any rules. You don't even have to sit cross-legged on the floor. Just settle down in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and begin to relax.

To clear your mind of all distracting thoughts, concentrate on numbers. Visualize the number 3, then take a deep breath and as you slowly exhale, see the 3 and say "three" in your mind 3 times. Then do the same with 2 and 1.

Take a few more deep breaths while repeating the word "relax" a few times.

Now, while taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly, count down from 10 to 1.

Next, concentrate on feeling your body parts relax. Some people start with their toes and work their way to the top of their heads. I like to do it the opposite. As you concentrate on feeling, you automatically shift your attention away from whatever had gotten you wound up. Believe me, it feels wonderful!

Once you're completely relaxed, just sit there and feel how good it feels. When you're ready to stop, you can count back up from 1 to 5 while telling yourself that "At the count of 5 I will open my eyes and be wide awake and feeling better than I felt before."

The next two methods are so simple that many refuse to believe that they'll work. But they do.

When something is really eating at you, take it out on paper. Write down all your feelings - telling the absolute truth because no one but you will ever see this. Be angry, hurt, resentful - whatever is the truth. When you have it all out, crumple up the paper and burn it. This method, known as "write and burn," works incredibly well to release anger.

When you're in a social situation and can neither meditate nor write and burn, take a breath and let it out in a sigh while shifting your eyes toward the heavens. This releases pent-up negative energy.

Using these methods along with Feel5ive, or a custom blend created just for you, will help you to enjoy the entire holiday season - perhaps more than you've enjoyed it since childhood.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Banish Stress this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is behind us and the build-up to Christmas has already begun...

For some this is a time of joy and anticipation. They love the shopping, the baking, the decorating, and the parties.

For others it's a time to dread.

If you are one who dreads the Christmas season, why not turn it around - take control of the situation so you can enjoy it.

First, determine why you're beginning to feel stressed. Sit down with yourself and really think about it. Then make changes.

If money is the problem, remember that the people who love you are more interested in you than the money you spend on them. So give them some time - by spending time with them or by taking the time to use your imagination on inexpensive but thoughtful gifts - or both.

If you take on too many projects, decide which ones you don't enjoy and drop them! This is your life, so live it doing what you love to do. Say no when you want to, and don't offer an explanation.

If you're going to face people who always bring you down, remember that people who do that really aren't worth you worrying about. Either decide not to spend time with them, determine to ignore them, or get bold and call them at their game.

There's no law that says you must invite Cousin Mildrid to dinner if she's going to tell you for the tenth time that your stuffing is dry. But of course, if you feel like you must invite her to keep peace in the family, why not call and tell her to show up early - with stuffing in hand - since she doesn't like yours.

Think about those situations and what you could do - if nothing else you'll get a chuckle thinking about it.

If you're lonely, look around you. Someone else is lonely too, so reach out.

Meanwhile, do some things to lift your own spirits. Get outside and take a brisk walk - the exercise is energizing and clears your head. Turn on music you love and sing along at the top of your lungs. Even better, get up and dance while you sing - you'll be amazed at how good that feels.

Schedule time with a favorite friend for shopping and lunch. Set aside some one-on-one time with kids, parents, spouse, or anyone else who is important to you.

Take an evening off and curl up with a good book or a favorite movie.

Sit down and make a list of things you're thankful for. I know, Thanksgiving is over, but being thankful each day gives you a better attitude and helps kick the Law of Attraction into action to bring more of those good things into your life. Decide now to turn your focus to the good things in your life.

Turn off the TV - especially the news. If there isn't anything you can do about the problem, then ignore it.

If your self-examination revealed some emotional issues you need to deal with, go to Feel Bach! and take the questionnaire. Then get the Bach flower essences blend that's indicated and remember to take it. That bit of help with balancing your energies might be just what you need to give you the courage to make that call to Cousin Mildrid.

You deserve to feel good - and to enjoy the Holiday Season just as much as anyone else. It's not selfish - because the better you feel, the better the people who love you will feel. Even the people you work with will benefit.

So get busy - do something for you today.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Take a deep breath, 4 drops of Feel5ive, & turn off the TV

It's slightly difficult to remain upbeat and positive when the television is screaming that bad times are coming and newspapers are reporting financial crisis at every opportunity.

The only way to remain happy and enjoy your life as the current mess is sorted out is to make a conscious effort.

First, realize that the media thrives on bad news and puts the worst possible spin on everything it reports. Just this week I read a long article about the budget cuts in Washington State. It was pure doom and gloom. When I got to the middle of the article I had to go back and read one short paragraph twice, just to make sure I really understood it - because that short paragraph told the truth of the matter.

These aren't spending cuts at all! These are cuts in the budget increases that the governor wanted. The fact was, she'll only get to increase spending about half as much as she'd have liked.

Mark Twain once said "Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper." I'm not so sure about all those advertisements, but but I do believe the man made a valid point. We must not believe (and worry about) everything we read or hear.

We can either analyze every piece of information to find out if reported bad news is really not bad news at all, or we can choose to go forward with a positive mindset, so positive things can flow into our lives. If we buy into the panic, we're apt to make choices that aren't in our best interests. And if we spend our days worried, we'll certainly not feel happy!

So, turn off the TV and listen to music that makes you smile. Take a deep breath and think of someone you love. And give yourself a dose of Feel5ive whenever you start to feel anxiety.

Something else Mark Twain said: "I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened."

So don't waste your life on worry!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Should you see a Bach practitioner, or use the questionnaire?

The answer to that lies in your own personality, and how comfortable you are with sharing your feelings.

A Bach practitioner is trained to help you get to the root cause of an unpleasant emotion. For instance, you may think you're feeling anger at someone who won't cooperate. That may lead you to think that you're too demanding or controlling.

In fact, your feelings may stem from something you've "hidden" from yourself, such as hurt feelings over something that person said or dead - perhaps years ago. By talking through those feelings with the Bach practitioner, you may find a solution that lets you uncover - and release - a long standing hurt.

On the other hand, if you're such a private person that you couldn't possibly explore your feelings with someone else, you'll do better by studying the descriptions of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies found in the Feel Bach! brochure, digging deep into your own feelings, and filling out the questionnaire. The questions are designed to help you get to the root of things, and re-balance the energies that are causing your distress.

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us are feeling the stirrings of apprehension that come from knowing we'll be seeing people who always make us uncomfortable. Now is the time to figure out why certain people have that effect on us, and to do something about it!

Make this year the one that truly brings you Happy Holidays! Bach flower essences will help.

Here's to joy!

P.S. If you don't have a copy of the FeelBach! brochure, go here to request it! Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Using Bach Flowers to heal emotional trauma in dogs

This week we had a question about how to help a dog overcome a severe trauma.

It seems the dog had committed a transgression, and the owner had become so enraged, he beat the dog. Now it will hardly eat, has diarrhea, and cowers when people come near.

Since the dog can't tell us exactly how he feels, we assumed that he's suffering from rejection, fear, anger, and loss of trust. We considered the attributes of each of the 38 Bach flower essences, and suggested a blend to help him recover.

We also suggested that his person take the questionnaire and get a personal remedy to treat his own emotional state, since the beating was an out-of-control act that may or may not have had anything to do with the severity of the dog's sins.

Meanwhile, we suggested that the man and the friend who wrote us both take time to lavish love and affection on that dog. Bach Flower Remedies will help to rebalance his energies and let him trust again, but he does need to see some signs that there is someone there to trust.

Many disbelieve that dogs understand English. I personally feel very jealous of them because they can understand me while I cannot understand them. English is apparently an easier language to learn than "dog." Or else they're smarter than we are.

But whether the dog understands the actual words spoken, or merely the emotions conveyed, sitting down beside him and apologizing is the first thing this pet owner should do. That is, assuming he's sorry he inflicted this pain upon the dog.

If he isn't sorry, then perhaps the dog needs a different home, because dogs are dogs. He will undoubtedly "sin" again.

After that, the people in this dog's life need to show approval and affection at every opportunity. That isn't to say the dog should not have discipline. Dogs, like children, need to have limits set. But there's a huge difference between discipline and beatings.

I send good wishes for their mutual healing...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Getting ready for stress-free holidays with Bach flowers

Some folks can hardly wait - they're excited over the shopping, the cooking, the gift wrapping, addressing cards, and most of all - getting together at holiday parties and huge family gatherings.

Others are visibly shrinking as the holidays approach - they're dreading the whole season and wishing they could just go hide somewhere until it's over.

Which are you?

If you're finding yourself among those who dread the holidays, now is the time to figure out why they bother you so much, and do something to adjust your energies. You deserve to enjoy this season just as much as anyone else!

If this is the time of year when you say "yes" to far too many requests, Centaury may be just what you need to help you say "no," while Oak will allow you to take much-needed down time rather than work yourself into exhaustion.

If you spend the holidays afraid because friends and family are traveling, Aspen will help you combat unfounded worry over their travel.

If you've lost a loved one this year and feel bitterness and self-pity as the holidays approach, Willow will help you to enjoy life as it now is.

Get out your Feel Bach! brochure and read about the many emotions that could be blocking your happiness. Then decide which flower essences you need to raise your happiness and enjoyment levels this season.

If you don't have a brochure, please visit www.FeelBach.com to request one - and while you're there you can read the on-line descriptions or take the easy questionnaire. The FeelBach! experts will put together your personal blend based on your answers.

This year, enjoy the holiday season to its fullest, with help from Bach Flower Remedies.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feel5ive - a help during times of sorrow

This week a friend wrote me about having to have a beloved horse put to sleep. He was very ill and the vet had explained that there was no hope.

She was understandably upset as she waited for the vet to arrive, and hoping that she wouldn't fall apart. And then she remembered the bottle of Feel5ive that had gotten her through some stressful times last Spring.

It didn't take away the sadness, but it did let her calm down and deal with the day without, as she said "Turning into a puddle."

Since she hadn't needed to use Feel5ive in several months, she almost forgot that she had it. She said she was awfully glad that she remembered. It not only helped her get through that afternoon, but helped her stay calm when she told others about it. The horse had been sick for several weeks, and all of her friends were asking about him, so she had to repeat it several times.

No one wants to face a day like hers, but it is nice to know that Bach flower essences offer help for stressful situations. My friend is very grateful that she found Feel Bach! and that she had the right remedy on hand when the need was great.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Choosing the correct Bach Flower Remedy

With 38 different Bach flower essences to choose from,you may feel confused about which is right for you. Most of us carry a combination of emotional stumbling blocks that can keep us from enjoying life to the fullest - and choosing which is most important can be difficult.

Remember that your personal blend can combine up to 6 flower essences so you can find balance in more than one aspect of your emotional life. In order to make it easier for you to choose, Feel Bach! has produced an informative brochure that explains each of the flower essences and its use. If you haven't received a copy, just go to the Feel Bach! contact page, scroll down, and click to request it.

You probably know that Feel Bach! offers a questionnaire to help you create the perfect blend, but you may feel shy about being completely honest with it. If that's the case, read the brochure and be completely honest with yourself about what you really need to change in your life. Then simply go to "Build your personal remedy," and check up to 6 essences. Your personal remedy will be in your hands within days.

Which ever method you choose, Dr. Bach's essences will help you get your life going in the direction you want - free of emotional roadblocks.

Here's to feeling good!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Does "Modern Science" know all?

To "anonymous" who suggested we read the wikipedia entry: You are not alone in thinking that if modern science doesn't understand, can't analyze it, and can't turn it into a patented pharmaceutical product, then it doesn't work.

But... some of us realize that modern science doesn't know all. This universe holds miracles that the human mind cannot comprehend, and we don't need to comprehend.

Most medical doctors don't understand energy - the vital force that cannot be measured in their laboratories. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist - merely that they don't understand it and can't control it.

Those of us who use Bach Flower Remedies can attest to their effectiveness. But then the "unbiased" writer on Wikipedia says its merely a placebo effect.

Does my dog know that? Does he watch me put "Home Alone" in his water dish the night before he's going to have to spend the day alone and think "OK, I have these flower essences and they're going to help me get through tomorrow." I don't think so.

Nor do the dogs and cats in shelters who are soothed and comforted by Feel5ive know why it just became easier to be in a strange and terrifying place.

The fact is, some of us are tuned in to nature and the wonders she provides. Others rely purely on medical science and pharmaceuticals, with all of their horrifying side effects.

We each have a choice, and my personal choice is nature. I use Bach Flower Essences from Feel Bach - and I feel good.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Is your career stalled? Let Bach flowers help

Often the reasons for a stalled career come from within - and that's good news. It means you have the ability to change the situation.

Here are just a few reasons why people don't advance in the workplace:

Not a team player
Poor "people skills"
Not open to new methods / ideas
Doesn't contribute new ideas
Lets others take all the credit

Can you see that two completely different personality traits could be causing you to behave in ways that are holding you back?

One set of problems suggests a person who may be unable to recognize other people's contribution, who needs to dominate, or who needs to be right.

The other set indicates a lack of self confidence, thus a fear of change, a fear of being ridiculed, and probably a fear of losing employment altogether. This person may try so hard to blend into the background at work that no one even notices them, but if they do, they will recognize the fear.

Luckily, there's a Bach Flower remedy to alleviate each of those problems, no matter what energy imbalance has caused them.

We may tend to believe that our energy imbalances are the result of today's high pressure world, and that they're something new. But its been almost 75 years since Doctor Bach realized that energy imbalance was at the root of most personality problems. When he perfected his method of capturing the Bach flower essences, he used them to treat the same personality traits that hold us back today.

Unlike modern pharmaceuticals that seem to operate on a "one size fits all" theory, Bach Flowers go right to the root of each specific problem. Better yet, they do it without dangerous side effects.

Bach flowers can't help if your boss is determined to promote his or her nephew instead of you, but if you know it's your own personality traits that are holding you back, now is the best time to get started on change.

Feel Good! Feel Bach!

Heal damaged relationships with Bach flowers

You know how sometimes some small misunderstanding or disagreement can escalate - just get larger and larger until you find yourself in a place you don't want to be?

It could be with a child, a spouse, or even a parent. One of you becomes angry, the other reacts with more anger, and it just keeps going back and forth.

Often by the time you're feeling really distressed you can't sit down with the other person and talk it out, but you can get your own feelings back under control so that your own reactions change - and that will often cause a change in the other person.

The first thing you need to do is really examine your own feelings. First look at yourself as you think others might be seeing you. Do they see a person who is controlling, one who can't let anyone else be right, or maybe one who is afraid of change? Then think about what feelings you have that are contributing to that image.

Go to the questionnaire at FeelBach and be completely honest filling it out - even if it feels painful to face truths about your own behavior. Remember, this isn't being broadcast to the world - this is you talking with you.

When you see what blend is recommended for you, take a look at the individual essences and read what they'll do for you.

Then, if you're committed to healing the relationship, get your blend and let it begin working on your energies - so the next time you feel attacked by that other person you can respond from a better place. You should soon see that your changed reactions will cause a better reaction from them - and it should get better and better until your relationship is back on a track of love and understanding.

Relationships with those we love are too precious to let them fall by the wayside when there are simple ways to save them.

Yours for joy,

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Should you use Sweet Dreams or Feel5ive?

You know about my friend - the one who got such quick relief with Sweet Dreams.

Well, the other day he told me he had emptied one bottle and couldn't find the second one - and he couldn't fall asleep. I'd also given him a bottle of Feel5ive because he does have a lot of anxiety every time he has to go back for more medical tests. So he took some.

He said it worked like a charm. He fell right to sleep and slept all night.

My thought? It was his anxiety that wouldn't let him go to sleep that night. I think the state of his health was eating on him more than he wanted to admit. He agreed that perhaps that was so.

Whatever the reason, I was glad that it helped him. Sleep deprivation is a miserable state to endure.

Sometimes I think it's a good idea for all of us to really think about our emotions and feelings instead of trying to cover them up. We don't have to tell anyone else, but especially when doing something like filling out the Feel Bach! questionnaire, we need to be honest with ourselves. Pretending that something is OK when it isn't won't help us get the right flower essences to change that energy.

Yours for a joyous life,

Friday, September 26, 2008

Would Feel5ive make a good gift?

Yes, I think so. In fact, the more I think about it, I think it would make a perfect gift in several instances.

Since Feel5ive helps lessen anxiety, and since so many are suffering from very obvious, predictable, and understandable anxiety, nothing could be more perfect.

Consider a College Freshman about to face his or her first Final Exams. If you've been there, you know it's panic time.

Consider a new Mom or Dad, scared spitless that they'll do something wrong, lacking sleep, and feeling guilty because they aren't enjoying every single moment of new parenthood.

Consider a friend who has just landed a dream job - and is terrified about not measuring up - not making it through some horrible "probationary period" - not hanging on to that job.

Consider an aspiring musician about to give their first performance before a large audience.

If you think about it, there are all sorts of life situations that can cause us to be filled with apprehension, dread, fear, and more. What could be nicer than to give a friend a gift of "Feeling better?"

I wonder if those aren't just the kinds of situations Dr. Bach was thinking about when he created this blend. We'll never know that, but those of us who know about the power of Bach flower essences know that Feel5ive will help.

Who do you know who needs Bach flowers?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bach Flower Essences as Gifts?

This is "Birthday Month" at my house, so I've been thinking a lot about gift giving.

The toughest thing for those of us over a certain age is that we have all the little do-dads we can possibly use, probably have plenty of favorite clothes and leave the rest hanging in the closet, and likely have the money to go buy some interesting new toy if we really want it.

So what to give?

Well, since most of us whose kids have grown up and flown the coop have turned into "spoiled parents" for our four legged friends, what about something for the dogs and cats?

Because I work from home, my own dogs have grown used to me being here - or taking them along on a run to the grocery store. They get mighty unhappy when I take off for a day and have to tell them "Sorry, you have to stay home alone today."

To ease their anxiety I've started giving them a dose of "Home Alone" in their water, beginning the night before I plan to go. They still aren't glad to see me go, but at least they aren't upset by it. I know the formula was made for dogs and cats who suffer with separation anxiety - and those critters need to take it every day in order to reset their energies. But it also works really well for critters like mine who just get into a blue funk when I leave.

So, for the next birthday - a friend in October - I'm making up a pretty basket with doggie treats and Bach flower essences nestled between them. Along with Home Alone I'm including a bottle each of Feel5ive and Thunderstorms.

My friend has 4 dogs - and none of them like it when she leaves. In fact, if she forgets to close the door they invade her office space and eat books. ("Who dunnit?" She's not sure!) A couple of them get pretty undone over noise, and Dog #4, a beautiful but silly Spaniel, gets upset when he has to go to the hairdresser. Bach flowers will help them all cope.

Before I wrap the basket I'll print up and include instructions for using the Bach Flower remedies on her babies.

If you have a friend or relative like mine, Feel Bach! might have the perfect gift ready and waiting!

Yours for health and happiness...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bach flowers would help her, but...

Do you know someone who would drive you crazy if you let them?

There's a woman I see at a place where I volunteer who would do that to me. She's one of those people who knows absolutely everything about everything. And she's usually full of hot air.

But I've been thinking about her lately, and realizing that the reason for her objectionable behavior is her own low self-esteem. She's trying to build herself up by setting the rest of us straight. She's so sure of her convictions that sometimes I wonder if she's actually right, but so far I haven't found that to be true.

This week she tried to tell me that the bees who turned my ankles into balloons a week or so ago weren't yellow jackets because one of them left a stinger in my leg. She swore that yellow jackets never lose their stingers. Hmmm... so why does the internet have so many sites giving instruction for removing yellow jacket stingers?

Those of us who know about energy know that Bach flower remedies would help her - but they never will, because she'd never try. I doubt that she's ever done the self-reflection to realize why she needs to jump into every conversation and tell everyone else they're wrong - or the research to realize that she's almost always wrong. But more than that, she'd never try any kind of remedy that didn't come from a pharmacy.

Bach flower essences could help this woman regain her self-confidence and allow her to be someone whose company others could enjoy.

It's too bad - I feel sorry for her. But I also feel happy to know that you and I and others like us do know about energy - and know what to do about it if we start to experience energy blocks and begin to fall prey to unhealthy emotional states.

Bach flowers are always there to help us get back on track - and that's a good thing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Using Bach Flower Remedies with the Law of Attraction

A few days ago I got my copy of "Money and the Law of Attraction," and I love it. I think it's a book all should read, if they approach it with an open mind and a basic understanding of how energy works in our lives. I also love the CD that comes with it, and have listened to it at least 4 times now. It's not just about money, but about health and relationships as well.

Many, of course, will brush it aside as nonsense. They see no logical reason why your thoughts can affect what happens to you in life. The concept of all being energy escapes them entirely. But those people don't read this blog...

I'm thinking about all the folks who do understand about energy and who do want to use the law of attraction to make their lives better - but who are "stuck" in feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. They want to think better thoughts and focus on what they want, but they feel beaten down by life and have lost the ability to find things to be thankful for. In addition, they're afraid that having hope and thinking better thoughts will only lead to another disappointment.

Could you be stuck in that spot? If so, you should know that you are certainly not alone.

You should also know that Feel Bach! can help you out of that dark hole and into a place where you can begin to control your thoughts and allow the law of attraction to work for you, rather than against you.

You can fill out the questionnaire and get a custom blend to address the issues you're facing. However, so many are in this state of despair right now that Feel Bach! has created a "shelf blend" especially to address the problem. It's called "Get Hope Back."

Bach flower remedies work to re-balance your energies and allow good feelings. The law of attraction responds to the energies you project and brings you more of whatever has your consistent attention. Working together, Bach flowers and the law of attraction can get you from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be...

Yours for positive energies,

P.S. If you're doing well but have a loved one who isn't - why not get them a copy of the book and a bottle of Hope? It could be the best gift they'll get in this lifetime.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How fast do Bach Flower Remedies work?

Two weeks ago I was writing about surviving the heat - and now we're COLD! The squash plants now have black leaves from being hit with frost, and it's no fun to eat dinner on the patio any more.

Fall is definitely here, and just when I found the short pants I bought last fall to wear this summer. Ah well - next year.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about how fast Bach Flower Essences work. A friend with no computer access called me a couple of days ago and asked me if I'd order him some more Sweet Dreams, because he had run out and had started losing sleep again.

He had started with the remains of my bottle - because when I used it for only a couple of weeks I was cured of sleeplessness and didn't need it any more. I gave it to him when he told me about his sleep problem, and it worked for him the very first night. After months of not sleeping, he was overjoyed.

So why did Sweet Dreams cure me almost immediately, but he needs to keep taking it indefinitely?

Of course I don't actually know the answer to that, but my guess is that it has to do with our relative health, and the medication he's taking.

My friend is quite ill - with everything from heart disease to kidney malfunction to diabetes. As a result, he's taking a dozen or so prescription drugs every day. It would scare me silly to put that much poison into my system, but when his doctors say "take this" he takes it. He's in that precarious position between being afraid to take the medication - and afraid not to take it.

That fear may have a lot to do with his sleep problems, too. So between the illnesses, the chemicals, and the worry, it may take a while for Bach Flower Remedies to make a permanent difference. I'm just thankful that they are there to give him much-needed sleep as long as he takes them.

With me it was just a matter of being unable to shut off my "mindspeak." I kept waking up thinking about things I needed to get done the next day or mentally re-writing something I'd done the previous day. The Bach Flower Essences re-balanced my energies and got me back on the right track quickly.

We'd love to hear about your experiences - to know how fast Bach flowers worked for you, and if you have influences like my friend's that are affecting your life.

Meanwhile - "Feel Good, Feel Bach!"


Monday, August 25, 2008

How Bach Flower Remedies can help you succeed in business

With so many people worrying about the downturn in the economy, smart business people are looking for ways to promote themselves without spending a ton of money.

One of those ways is to give talks to groups who might be interested in the product or service you have to offer. A gentleman I know who owns a moving company gave a talk to a group of Realtors this week - to tell them why his company is a good choice for their clients and to ask them to refer business to him.

This was a smart move for him, and a similar talk would be a smart move for many business people. Unfortunately, fear of public speaking stops most people from even trying.

The solution to that fear could lie in a little bottle of Bach flower essences labeled "Feel5ive." This is the blend that calms the nerves and lets you get through stressful situations without falling apart.

If you have a business and need to promote it on a shoestring, think about places where you could give a short talk. You might simply present your service and explain why it is superior. Or, you might give a "how-to" talk about something related to your services - doing that will position you as an expert.

The second beauty of using public speaking to promote your business is that most of your competitors will not do it. So when you do it, you become "the" expert. It's similar to being the person who "wrote the book" on your subject.

Service groups and the Chamber of Commerce are always looking for interesting speakers, and once you get started you'll come up with more and more ideas for places where you can speak. But first you have to get started, and that means getting past the fear of public speaking.

Feel5ive will help you do that. I recommend starting the day before the event, with 4 drops in the afternoon and 4 more before bed. Then in the morning, take 4 more. If you aren't scheduled to speak until evening, do it again shortly after lunch. A few minutes before the talk, take 4 more.

You'll not only sail through the talk, you'll probably enjoy it and be enthused over the idea of doing it again.

Wishing you great prosperity...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Could a bach flower essence offer heat resistance?

I think I'll have to get out my Bach Flower Therapy book and do some research - perhaps there's something that would help us deal with this!

We've been experiencing a long dry spell - and a long hot spell, which is very unusual for this part of the country. The farmers appreciated it during haying season, but now that they're wishing a second crop would grow, they're hoping for a bit of moisture to help it along. Meanwhile, meadows are "crispy dry" and everyone is feeling a bit nervous about the threat of fire.

My neighbors reported seeing "a smoke" this afternoon, but also seeing the retardant plane flying back and forth until the smoke disappeared. Thank goodness those guys are up there, flying around spotting little fires and putting them out before they become big fires.

One thing I do know, a few drops of Feel5ive can reduce the anxiety of worrying about fire - even if it can't make the weather cooler.

The forecast is for rain on Wednesday - and for once I think I'll welcome a rainy day! I might even go out and dance in it.

Wishing you a worry-free week of joy...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feel Bach! ships quickly, but I need immediately

Darn - I wish there was a way to email Bach flower essences! I'm sure I could find a flower essence that would help me mellow out and accept the chaos of this day.

It all started this morning, when the County Road crews went to work about a quarter mile from our house. For some reason they've decided that after they empty their gravel trucks, they need to come past here to turn around and go back. They've been roaring by all day, except for a welcome relief during the lunch hour.

That wouldn't be so bad, but my dogs aren't used to traffic going by - we're the next to the last house on this road, and our neighbors are home bodies. In addition, they know that it's their job to alert me when there's someone here. So... I have run up the stairs at least 30 times today, just in case there really is someone at the door. One time there was.

I finally got them to come downstairs with me, and I was working away, thinking about what I was writing, when a truck went by. The ear-splitting bark of two dogs raised me a good six inches off my chair!

Most days I'm willing time to go slow so I can get more accomplished. Today I'd appreciate a little speed-up, so that crew will go home and my dogs will settle down.

I think for now I'll give it up, put the dogs in the truck, and go somewhere for a while...

Wishing you peace and serenity...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

This must be the "Dog Days of Summer"

The weather continues to be unpredictable here - Hot, then cold, and now back to hot. I seldom complain, because hot feels good, but the past few days have been too much even for me. It's a good thing my work keeps me at the computer, in my cool office. But it is a shock when I step outside and realize that summer is here in full force.

Our neighbor came by this evening to sit on the patio and chat a while, and of course the critters gathered round to visit. The big yellow cat jumped up to insist that his ears be scratched, while the dogs stretched out lazily at our feet - seemingly content to soak up the heat as long as they didn't have to move. And that's when we decided it must be the "Dog days" because the rest of us had felt the urge to stretch out and not move, too!

Unfortunately, we all had things to do instead, so didn't get the nap time that those dogs so enjoy. But we should - instead of planning a day of activity when we have a day off, we should follow their lead and just let go for a day. Think how nice it would feel to just "not do" for 24 hours - and to stop and take a nap 3 or 4 times during the day.

If you feel too "driven" to even consider the thought, get over to Feel Bach! and find the Bach Flower Remedy blend that will help you relax. You don't need to be so demanding of yourself, honest! You really do deserve to just enjoy being alive - and Bach flower essences can help you allow yourself to do it.

Ask my dogs - they'll tell you that life is sweet when you can stretch out and nap through The Dog Days of Summer...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summertime - or is it?

Mother Nature has sure been unpredictable lately. After only about 2 weeks of hot summer weather, early evenings are once again chilly enough to send me into the house for a jacket. The air is already beginning to feel like Autumn, but at least we haven't had frost.

News reports said some places in Oregon were down to 20 degrees last week, and gardens were ruined. That might be enough to put me in a blue funk for days. I'd be headed straight for FeelBach! to get the flower essence just right for lifting depression.

Since winter overstayed its welcome, our gardens are behind schedule. I think my corn will be nothing more than a treat for the horses - they love even the stalks, so it doesn't matter to them if the ears grow or not.

Meanwhile, we have a doe and fawn who have been helping themselves to the tops of the bean plants, a bit of lettuce, part of a row of carrots, and a few pea plants. She's even trimmed the raspberry canes back - but they're producing abundantly anyway.

Every time I go out to the garden I expect to find it empty, but so far she's leaving some for the rest of us. I hope she doesn't tell the other deer about her tasty finds, or it will be empty one of these days!

It's turning into such a busy summer, I might be relieved to harvest only enough to eat fresh - and not feel obligated to can or freeze the rest. Maybe I should thank that deer for her efforts to ease my work load. I think I'll do that.

Wishing you joy...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Using Bach Flowers for summer colds

Summer colds are always a puzzle - why now, when the weather is hot and we're no longer closed up in rooms with other people who are sneezing and blowing?

The answer could lie in our own mental and emotional states.

According to the book, Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, colds are a result of mental confusion and disorder - too much going on at once and focusing on small hurts. Since summer is often a time of frantic activity, and asking ourselves to do more than anyone should try to accomplish in a day, that could explain summer colds.

Parents of school-age children are under tremendous pressure to make sure the kids enjoy the summer, stay productive, and stay out of trouble. And all of us want to try to find a little time for ourselves to enjoy warm weather activities. We may even feel some duty to host BBQ parties or go boating with out of town visitors. All that adds extra duties to an already full life.

The result - we can begin to feel inadequate, like we're the only ones who can't seem to manage it all smoothly and effortlessly. Of course that's nonsense, but we're always more critical of ourselves than of anyone else.

I think a good cure for summer colds would be to use the questionnaire at Feel Bach! and start working on those emotional weak spots that summer brings into full play. In fact, that's exactly what I'm going to do - and then maybe my rotten summer cold will go away.

Now thatI figured that out, I wonder if there's a cure (other than mayhem) for a disobedient cat who insists on landing in the middle of my paperwork every few minutes. I've dumped her on the floor 3 times since I started this note to you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Speedy Success with Bach Flower Remedies

A few days ago I wrote you about my friend who started on Sweet Dreams and got instant relief. Even I, who believe strongly in Bach Flower Essences, could hardly believe it worked so quickly.

Yesterday when I spoke to him he complained that he felt "too rested" now - he didn't want to go to bed at night because he's not tired any more. Sheesh! It's always something.

But anyway, I have another happy success to report today. It's about a little Red Heeler named Kisha. This sweet little dog came into rescue as an owner turnover, and the owner had obviously been cruel, because she was terrified of everyone. When you approached her, she'd just try to get as far into a corner as possible and sink as far into the floor as she could.

I only volunteer at rescue one day a week, so about ten days ago she got her first dose of Feel5ive. I kind of have my doubts about other volunteers "remembering" to give it every day, but I gave her a good dose in her water dish again on Sunday. Then I did spend some time with her, just holding her and telling her that life was going to be better soon. In fact, I told her a story about how someone would come and take her home and she would be pampered and spoiled and be Queen of the house.

And my story came true! The very next day a couple came to look at dogs and she ran right up to the lady to say "Hello, take me home." Now she's the Queen of a one-dog home and hopefully will never again have to be afraid.

Kisha doesn't know that Feel5ive gave her the confidence to introduce herself, but if she did, she'd say thanks. I know she would. She's just that kind of a girl.

Darn, I miss her. I wonder if her new family would let me come to visit?

Wishing you joy and happy endings...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bach Flowers to the rescue - again

A few days ago a friend confided to me that he hadn't slept well in months. He'd taken prescriptions and over the counter medicines, with no relief. Finally he tried melatonin. The melatonin made him sleep, but even it made him feel groggy and slow-witted for the whole next day. He just didn't know what to do next.

Now this friend is not in the best of health - and he takes so many prescriptions that he's sure they're all fighting in his body. But the doctors tell him to take them, so he does. I suppose he's more afraid not to take them than he is of the side effects.

I considered his problem and the fact that for a short while I had experienced sleeping problems. I thought about the bottle of Feel Bach Sweet Dreams on my shelf. Then I decided there was no harm in trying, and yesterday took him the bottle. I knew it was safe, and if it was the wrong formula for him it would do no harm.

What I didn't know was if he would take it, since he believes in prescriptions. But he said he'd try it - he felt desperate. I cautioned him that sometimes it takes several days to notice the change, and wondered if he'd stick with it.

Well, Bach Flowers must have been exactly what he needed, because this morning he called to tell me he had awakened only once during the night, and had taken more at that time. And this morning, he felt rested for the first time in months.

Wow. I had no idea it could work that quickly! I'm sure glad I shared.

Is there someone in your life who would benefit from you sharing? If so, just do it. Helping that way feels really good!

Yours for happiness,

Friday, July 04, 2008

Celebrate Independence!

Wishing you a happy and safe Independence Day, celebrating with people you care for. While you're at it, send up some thanks that we do have Independence. Our freedom is something to be cherished.

Meanwhile, if you live where you can buy and use your own fireworks, please be careful!

While volunteering in town a couple of days ago I heard bottle rockets going off, and then soon heard the fire trucks responding.

After a long, cold, wet spring, summer arrived with a vengeance about 10 days ago. Our temperatures are now hovering in the high 90's and things have dried out quickly. A scary time to have fire dropping to the ground.

Keep your garden hoses out, and be alert - just in case a neighbor gets silly.

Oh, and please remember to keep your pets indoors. Animal rescues get more lost pet calls on the 5th of July than any other time of year. Who knows why dogs and cats are so terrified of fireworks - just as some of them are terrified of thunderstorms, but some are. And when these critters get scared, they run. And sometimes they run so hard and so far that they can't find their way home again.

If you have Feel Bach's "Thunder Storms," begin giving it in the morning. If you don't have any, use some Feel5ive to help ease the stress your pets may experience this 4th of July.

Best wishes for joy and safety - from the whole Feel Bach! team.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two little words that can prevent an anxiety

After reading how a restaurant used two little words to cut their reservation "no-shows" from 30% down to 10%, it occurred to me that those same little words could add to harmony at home.

As parents, spouses, or sweethearts, we're always worried when our loved ones are late getting home - and on top of the worry is a bit of anger because they "should" know the worry they're causing.

Well, one restaurant changed it's reservation script from "Please call if you can't make it," to "Will you please call if you can't make it" and that made all the difference. It seems that by getting people to answer in the affirmative - and thus commit to making that call, they created an obligation that most were willing to fulfill.

So, next time a loved one heads out the door to work, school, or play, why not say "Will you please call me if you're going to be late?" And wait for them to answer with a "yes."

I'm definitely going to try it. Meanwhile, I'm going to continue using my Bach Flower Essences from Feel Bach!- because I like feeling good.

Yours for happiness,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nature is amazing - in Bach Flower essences, and in gardens

When I wrote two days ago I was really wondering if many of my garden seeds had rotted in the ground. They'd been planted a couple of weeks earlier and some rows showed no signs of life.

Well! We've now had sunny days since last Friday. And what a difference it makes! When I checked last night those seeds had not only sprouted, some of the plants are already over an inch tall! Guess they were just waiting for a warm hug from Mother Nature and her sunshine to burst forth.

Most of us don't really think about nature's power until it brings on destruction - such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. But I think we should stand in awe of that power in the small things - like a seed lying there in wait, and the healing and balancing power of Bach flower essences.

I also think that those of us who know about that power owe it to our friends to share the "secret." Just last week-end I was telling a friend how Feel5ive was helping our shelter dogs. She looked at me with a puzzled expression and said "You really believe that kind of thing can work?"

I told her "Of course, I've seen it and I've felt it." I left her pondering - and since she has some problems of her own to deal with, I hope she ponders well. Bach flowers are truly a Godsend for dealing with everything from fear, to insecurity, to being unable to make a decision or get a good night's sleep.

If you have friends who need help, send them to www.feelbach.com to read all about the healing properties of the 38 essences. They'll probably find exactly what they need to put their lives back in the "happy zone."

Here's to happiness!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunshine and a working computer - happiness!

Things are looking up around here. I got my computer back on Friday, and the sun has been shining since Friday, too!

We were all starting to wonder if we were going straight from winter back to winter. I'm still a little concerned that some of the garden seeds just mildewed in the ground, but we'll see. The peas are up a couple of inches and I see some tiny green spots where the beans are supposed to show up, so there's hope.

Meanwhile, for whatever reason, this appears to be a "tick summer." I took one off a horse, and a dog who just came into the rescue shelter was covered with them. So, if you have animals that go outside, or if you like walking in the woods, be sure to check for wood ticks. If you find one, don't just panic and pull it loose. You don't want to remove the body and leave the head behind, because you'll get an infected sore from that. If you smother it with something like shortening or if you heat a needle and poke it, it should back out.

The computer still isn't fun - trying to reinstall programs is a time-consuming project and doesn't always go smoothly, but at least the computer guru was able to save most of my files, including the most precious thing of all - the photographs.

I'm really happy over having my keyboard back - still making errors, but not anywhere near so many!

An update on my "scaredy cat" dog at the shelter - He's been on Feel5ive for a couple of weeks and just switched to a custom blend. And today, when I came in he got up and came over instead of hiding in his corner. I feel like we've made terrific progress with a dog who had been severely abused for the last couple of years. Hooray for Augie and for Bach Flower Remedies!

Thanks to a generous donation, all the critters in the shelter are now getting a dose of Feel5ive in their water dishes, and all are more content.

Wishing you a wonderful second half of June!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A word of warning to all... back up your files!

If ever there was a good time for me to have a bottle of Feel5ive on hand, it was this one - when my hard drive suddenly crashed and I realized a bit too late that I hadn't backed up all the photographs stored in my computer!

The other files were important, yes - but the photos are irreplacable. Bach flower essences can help you deal with the disappointment, but even they can't replace photos.

I'm still hoping that the repair man will have good news for me tomorrow, and that he'll have been able to retrieve some or all of my files. But he didn't hold out much hope for that. I'm really kicking myself for not making it a habit to do a back up at least every week or so - instead of every once in a while when I thought about it.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that all my friends will write to ask why they haven't heard from me and I'll be able to get email addresses back. That's one thing I had never learned how to back up. Now I'll learn.

Tonight I'm blundering along on my husband's laptop - which is awkward at best. Tomorrow I will hopefully get my computer back - with it's new hard drive - and begin the process of re-installing programs and reconstructing my work files.

So - a word to the wise. Get an external hard drive, and USE it to back up your files regularly. Losing things that matter really isn't any fun!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holidays and Your Dog

Memorial Day week-end - the start of the summer season for tourists, and here in Idaho, probably a disappointment to many. Cold wet weather isn't the friendliest setting for camping and boating, but I still saw plenty of people headed toward the lake today.

Many of those tourists had dogs with them, and this week-end they'll probably enjoy the vacation. But the next big holiday will be a different story. Fourth of July stands out as the holiday when the most dogs get lost. The noise of the fireworks scares even the calmest dogs, so they start running to get away from it, and many become hopelessly lost.

Even dogs who are kept in the house can be traumatized. So this year why not plan ahead? Get a bottle of Feel Bach's Thunder Storms remedy so both you and your dogs can enjoy the 4th.

This blend of flower essences helps dogs deal with all sorts of noises - like thunder storms, fireworks, and gun fire.

I'll never figure out why one of my dogs pays no attention to target practice, while another pays no attention to thunderstorms but gets scared even at the sight of a gun - or a gun case. She doesn't enjoy fireworks, either. I've had her since she was a pup, so I know no one has ever shot at her!

Meanwhile, the horses don't even look up from grazing when they hear gunshots or thunder. And they're supposed to be more high-strung than dogs.

Wishing you a memorable and happy holiday week-end!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The weather, Feel5ive, and hope for the garden

Wow! Summer came to North Idaho last week. One day we were at 50 degrees with frost at night, the next day it was 90 degrees and my husband was whining over the heat.

But... summer was short lived. Today it's back to 50 and rain. Big Sigh. I had intended to finish digging the grass out of the garden plot today. This will be a year for short season crops, and that's a "for sure." Other years my veggies have already been up and growing by now. I'm hoping that at least the lettuce and spinach will have time to grow!

Oh - and even though the temperatures on Sunday were in the 90's, there was still snow in the ditches along my road. How long does it take to melt a foot of packed snow when the air reaches 90 degrees?

It would be fun to have a camera that took timed photos - just to watch it melt.

Meanwhile, I've gone back to volunteering at the animal rescue shelter - and there's a big fella named Augie who is in desperate shape. The poor guy had been beaten, and he expects every new person who comes near him to inflict more of the same. Unlike some dogs who are afraid, he shows no aggression - only cowers in the corner of his cage with eyes filled with fear.

Luckily, my friend who borrowed my Feel5ive a couple weeks ago returned it, saying she had ordered some for herself. So yesterday I took my bottle to the shelter and gave the kennel manager instructions on how to use it to help Augie. Hopefully, she'll do it, even though she had never heard of Bach Flower Essences before. She said she was open to learning about them, and was willing to do whatever it took to help Augie overcome his fear. The way he looked when I was there Sunday, there would be no hope of him finding a new home unless some completely empathetic soul saw him and took pity.

I'm going to go back to see him in a couple of days, so I'll soon know if he's getting the proper dosage of Feel5ive.

Meanwhile, I've got a new bottle coming - because you just never know when someone you know and love will need a little help!

Hoping all is well in your world...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Watch for big news from Feel Bach

This is a sneak preview, and I'm not going to give away all the surprises just yet, but do keep an eye on your email for news from Feel Bach! I promise, if you miss this one you'll be kicking yourself later.

One surprise is the new website - and a new service that I know you'll love.

That's all I can say for now, but if you're a Feel Bach! customer, do be on the lookout for the newsletter before the month is out. And watch your "snail mail," too. We're sending you something useful!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Feel5ive Saved the Day!

A couple of days ago a friend confided in me that she had to appear in court yesterday, and she was terrified. She was sure that her fear would either cause her to say something stupid, or make her throat close up so she couldn't say anything at all.

Another alternative she'd thought of was that she might just throw up, or faint. This lady was scared with a capital S.

So... I looked on my shelf and found a bottle of Feel5ive for pets. And I thought "What the heck, it will also work for humans." Then I got in the car and went to her house. I told her to take a few drops before bed, a few more when she left the house in the morning, and a few more before she went into the courtroom.

Later in the day she called me, overjoyed because she hadn't made a fool of herself, hadn't said anything stupid, and hadn't been frozen with fear.

I'm sure glad I had that bottle on my shelf! Now I guess I'd better replace it - I don't think she wants to give it back.

I wonder if Dr. Bach realized all those years ago that his flower remedies would still be helping people and their pets long after his death. What amazes me is that in spite of all the modern technology, no one has found anything to replace Dr. Bach's methods or his blend for reducing stress.

I think it just goes to show that nature has what we need if we only look for it.

Wishing you health...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Natural Health Remedies are Gaining Attention

News about the health hazards contained in pharmaceuticals always makes me worry about the future of our society. I fear that our young people could be old and feeble by the time they're 40 if they take all those pills advertised on T.V.

That's why seeing the results of our Feel Bach! poll makes me feel good. Did you notice that while 39% of the respondents have been using Bach Flower Remedies for 3 years or more, 26% have just started recently. Maybe that means that over a quarter of our population is waking up to the fact that natural remedies work - and work without causing harm.

We also see a rise in the number of books on the market promoting natural remedies and natural supplements for good health. And some doctors are beginning to recognize the value of a balanced diet.

Wouldn't it be something if the majority of people started saying no to chemicals that cause more problems than they cure?

If instead of Prozac or Zoloft to numb their feelings they used Bach Flower Essences to get at the root of the issue and re-balance their energies?

If instead of sleeping pills that cause scary side effects, they used one of the Bach Flower Sweet Dreams blends to give them natural sleep?

If instead of mind-altering drugs parents used FeelBach's Attention Deficit blend to help kids calm down and focus.

So many of our modern problems are the result of unbalanced energies, and can be so safely treated with Bach Flowers. I'm sure it won't happen overnight, but if those of us who know keep spreading the word to family and friends we'll at least be doing our part for a more healthy world.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bach Flower Remedies - for People and Pets

Tonight while waiting for dinner to cook I browsed through a pet catalog that came today. I was trying to figure out what was in a spray they were advertising to calm dogs - advertised at a mere $39.99. I never did figure out if it was something natural, or some kind of chemical that would do harm in the long run.

Of course I was thinking about Feel5ive and it's safety and comparatively low cost.

Then I started thinking about all the anti-depressants that people take - I read last week that it is a $12 Billion per year industry. And all those people are taking pills that can do long-term damage to their bodies. It makes me shudder to think of it. I'll stick with Flower Essences, thanks.

About that time dinner looked like it was ready to put on the table, so I started to shut the catalog when something else caught my eye. It was an advertisement for Rescue Remedy.

Now we all know that Rescue Remedy was the standard for relieving stress before Feel5ive came along and offered Dr. Bach's original formula - but I had no idea about the price!

The same 20 ml bottle that FeelBach! offers for $7.95 was $22.99!

So, when you order Feel5ive for your pets (or yourself) you not only get the formula the way Dr. Bach intended it, you save over $15 per bottle! I'm still amazed.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Even Bach Flowers can't prevent nasty weather...

You've been putting up with me whining about our ever-so-late spring here in North Idaho for weeks now. To add insult to injury, my Seattle area son has been gloating about their fine spring weather.

In fact, last week he bragged to me that he had planted his carrot seeds. And he was laughing because my garden still has a foot of snow left over from winter. Did I mention that my kid is a brat sometimes?

I was about at the point of getting a blend of Bach Flower Essences that I could take to combat jealousy.

And then yesterday I got an e-mail from that son. Attached to it was this photograph, taken of my darling grand-daughter Morgan and her dog Iris, playing in their front yard - yesterday morning.

I'm not jealous any more. The Seattle area got 7" of the white stuff - and since that's so uncommon, even in winter, I can just imagine the time they're having getting around in it. Now I feel sorry for them.

Hopefully it's nearly melted off by now, but my kid needs to take this as a lesson. If you tease your mother, Mother Nature might take offense and get even.

Let's all think sunshine...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Hope Back with Bach Flower Remedies

Sometimes the events in life can make a person feel like there's no use in trying. And the worse part of it is, when you feel like that, your thoughts and feelings seem to draw more unpleasant events to you.

I live with someone who has that problem. He just gets down and has a terrible time finding a reason to even try to get back up.

So... after several months of gentle prodding, I finally convinced him to try Feel Bach's remedy: Get Hope Back. I'll have to admit, I can't get him to be as diligent as he should be - he should take it 4 times a day and he doesn't. But it's helping just the same.

I can see a difference!

People who are depressed often deny it. They really do believe that the world is out to get them, that nothing will ever go right, and there's nothing to be joyful about. It isn't until they come out of the fog that they realize that life really is pretty darned good, even with it's occasional troubles.

That denial is why it took me so long to convince my husband to take Bach flower remedies.

Once many years ago I had a friend who took a prescription drug for depression, and it did help her. I tried to get my husband to take it too, but he refused. Of course now I'm glad. When I see the horrible side effects of those pills, I know that he could have been in worse shape for taking them - they could even have killed him.

My next step is to convince him to take Get Hope Back 4 times a day. Judging from the results I see already, I know he'll thank me later.

If you see yourself in my position, keep working on it. And if you're the one who feels down all the time, just try Bach Flower Remedies. Either use Get Hope Back, or fill out the questionnaire and get a custom blend. You really do deserve to enjoy life!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Choosing the correct Bach flower remedy

Before I tell you about a letter we got this week, I have to do a little "Yippee" dance here regarding the weather.

Finally, today, it appears that maybe I'm NOT living in a land of perma-snow. Today I could actually see the piles melting - with puddles on the ground around them. AND I found a lily poking it's nose up in one of the flower beds that's finally melted off.

An even better sign of spring - I pulled my first weed of the season! (Leave it to me to be excited about weeds.)

There's still a good foot of snow out in the meadows, but around the house it's going away, and I'm celebrating!

Now... back to the pets.

We had a letter from a lady who was very concerned about her dog's fearfulness. She's afraid of everything outside, and alert to every little sound in the house - nervous all the time.

I recommended Feel5ive as a general remedy to calm her and lessen her anxiety, but then I thought more about it. Unfortunately she hadn't told us if this was a new problem, or something the dog had suffered with since puppy-hood.

If it was a new problem, it could have stemmed from some event in her life - or some event in the life of one or more of the humans around her. Dogs are so sensitive to our feelings, that this dog's problem could be along the lines of a sympathetic reaction.

I recommended using the questionaire to really examine all her dog's behavior traits in detail, so the correct blend could be prepared just for her. And then I suggested that she might want to do the same for herself.

As a dog lover, my heart went out to this lady, and my thanks. Some people would just send the dog off to the pound, but she's working to help her be happy. I'm so glad our world has people who care for their pets that way - and so glad that I get to "meet" them, if only through letters.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bach Flower Essences and your pet's mind-body connection

Our pets are becoming so much like children now - especially for us Baby Boomers whose human children have left the nest. I wonder if keeping them with us like we do doesn't make them suffer from more human emotions than we realize.

For instance, my old Harry dog chewed holes in his feet and his tail - and it didn't matter what I tried to stop it, I couldn't. I used every kind of soothing shampoo I could find, rinsed him thoroughly, applied salve, monitored his diet, gave him Benadryl - everything I could think of.

I was treating him for a physical ailment - with no luck - but now I wonder if his chewing wasn't the result of emotional distress when I left him alone for hours every day when I went to work. He was never naughty when I left, but he did always look sad when he watched me go.

According to an article I just read, The Bach Flower Essence Agrimony works to cure both skin conditions such as Harry's and restlessness. It mentioned using Agrimony for wild animals who are caged and constantly pace back and forth, as well as for pets who just can't seem to settle down and those who seem to "suffer in silence."

Based on that information, it makes me wonder if skin irritations aren't very closely related to emotional disturbances that keep us and our pets from feeling at ease. I had assumed that Harry had an allergy - but perhaps it was an emotional allergy and not a physical one.

If you have a pet who chews like Harry did, it would be worth trying. The article also said that Agrimony would ease other skin irritations, such as flea bites, sore sutures, etc.

Of course, if you have a skin irritation it would also be a good idea to consider what emotional state might be causing it. You just might find that a few drops of Bach Flower Essences every day will cure you while prescription drugs do nothing.

Luckily, some bright physicians are finally realizing the mind-body connection. But until they all do, it will be up to us to examine our own lives and emotions and take steps to heal ourselves, with help from nature.

Wishing you (and your pets) perfect health...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bach Flower Essences for Birds

Many years ago, when my firstborn son was small, he wanted baby chicks. So... we got baby chicks. They were cute and little and were living in a paper towel box in my office.

Then they started to grow, and the day the insurance man came to visit, one got out of the box and started running around the house, with my small son in hot pursuit. That night I told my husband that he really did have to fix up a chicken house outdoors.

Eventually the chicks got big enough to lay eggs and we enjoyed the fresh supply, but it didn't take too many months for mom to tire of cleaning a chicken house, so I gave them to a neighbor who had lots of chickens. I know, most people would have eaten them, but that wasn't an option for me.

That was my first and only experience with owning a bird, so the fact that they can suffer from emotional turmoil had never entered my mind. That is, not until today when I started looking around the web to see what different people had to say about Bach Flower Essences.

It turns out that since flower essences are natural and it isn't possible to overdose, they're a perfect remedy for pet birds. Who knew?

The blog posts I read didn't mention it, but I would guess that the same pet questionaire that serves for cats and dogs would allow bird owners to identify the specific combination of flower essences needed to ease their birds' maladies.

If you've used flower essences for your birds, why not write and tell us about your experiences...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Springtime - a time of joy or depression?

Spring is here - at least that's what the calendar says.

But alas, here in North Idaho it forgot to arrive. Instead of looking out the window at daffodils and tufts of green grass, we watched the snow sliding from our roof all day.

It could be easy to get depressed over that, but our soil really did need extra moisture after several mild winters, so we're all working hard to pretend it doesn't matter if we can't plant our gardens in time to grow more than lettuce and spinach this year.

Unfortunately, for some the long winter just adds to a depressed frame of mind. And others will be pulled into deeper sadness by this coming week-end. Most Americans will be celebrating Easter - with religious services or with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies - or both. But most will be celebrating somehow, and usually with friends and family.

For those who don't have friends or family nearby, it can be a tough week-end.

If that's you, Bach Flower Essences can help. They can't change the weather, and they can't directly bring people into your life to ease lonliness, but they can help you cope.

Plus, if lonliness is getting you down, by rebalancing your energies, flower essences can help you project a more positive attitude toward the world, which very often results in bringing new and wonderful people into your life.

When we get down, we spiral further down and people tend to shy away because it just isn't much fun to be around someone who is unhappy. But when our own attitudes begin to lift and we begin to accept and embrace the joy and good that surrounds us, people feel that and are drawn to us.

If you feel "down" you may not even be sure why, but the questionaire at Feel Bach! can help you sort it out.

I wish you joy - this week-end and all year long...

Monday, March 17, 2008

More ways to ensure your health

You know that Bach Flower Essences can help you feel good by rebalancing your body's energies, but what else can you do to promote your own health?

Start by making a concerted effort to avoid toxins.

One good step in the right direction is to drink water from a safe source. Just this week, the Society of Toxicology is meeting to discuss the problem of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water of 41 million Americans. Your body doesn't need all that, so find a company that bottles pure water and spend the extra to be safe.

Next, cut down on chemicals in your household - including chemicals in your cookware.

Third, whenever you can, eat organically grown fruits, vegetables, and meats. If you can't find organic produce, be sure to wash everything thoroughly, or remove the outer skins.

Bach Flower Essences from Feel Bach! are a natural and safe alternative to using prescription drugs. Now add some natural and safe alternatives to eating and drinking toxins.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a crazy year we're having! Mother Nature is really asserting her authority - letting us know that she really is the boss.

Last night I talked to a friend in Texas who was enjoying 89 degree weather. As she spoke I looked out my window at the pile of snow that has fallen from my roof. It's melting - now it's only about 3 feet tall! And the lighted reindeer I put out in the yard at Christmas time is now visible again. It amazes me to look at him and his tall antlers and realize that a month ago he was completely buried.

So, Spring will come to North Idaho eventually - as it will to the other Northern states that are still blanketed in white or frozen into immobility.

Meanwhile, we need to tap into our reserves of patience. As much as I'd like to get some garden seeds started in my sun room, I've decided that I have to wait until I can at least see the garden soil again. I have one friend who is so upset over this delay that I told her to get over to Feel Bach! and order a custom blend. She's depressed because that's how the lack of light affects her - and now the frustration of waiting for winter to end has really got her down.

Bach Flower Remedies won't make Spring weather come sooner, but they will help her enjoy life while she's waiting.

If you're a fellow northerner, just remember that while we're feeling jealous of friends enjoying the fine weather in the south - come summertime we'll be comfortable while they roast. Then the jealously tables will turn. I think we all have to endure a little discomfort just so we appreciate the truly fine days we're all blessed with.

Wishing you the finest prelude to Spring you've ever experienced...


Monday, March 10, 2008

Sleep remedies, one size doesn't fit all!

If you have sleep problems you may have tried all sorts of over the counter medications - maybe you've even tried something from the doctor. And maybe they've worked for you - if your particular problem is what they were designed to help.

But the truth is, not all sleep problems are alike. That's why Feel Bach! has four different formulas to give you sweet dreams. The one I use is for having trouble falling asleep. My mind didn't always want to shut down and be quiet at the end of the day. Instead, I would just keep right on working while I was trying to be asleep. My sweet dreams formula is putting an end to that energy-draining problem, letting me relax, and allowing me to set aside the day's concerns and get the rest I need.

Other people fall asleep easily enough, but then keep waking up. Others wake up too early in the morning and can't fall back to sleep, even though their bodies haven't had enough rest. Still others suffer from nightmares that wake them frequently during the night. How terrible!

I have nightmares once in a great while, and they're awful! I can really feel for people who have them every night. People I've met who suffer from them tell me that traditional sleeping pills do nothing to help - and in fact sometimes the chemicals make the nightmares even worse.

Since these problems are all so different, it's no wonder that "one size fits all" drugs can't help everyone.

Flower essences go after the problem in a completely different manner. Instead of putting a chemical "band aid" on sleeplessness, they gently rebalance your energies so that you can naturally sleep well. They won't work instantly like a pill, but the help they give will be long lasting. And since they're all natural and have no known side effects, you wake refreshed instead of groggy.

Before I discovered Sweet Dreams, I used to spend a good half hour doing meditation in order to clear my mind and fall asleep. It usually worked, unless there was so much going on that I couldn't relax to meditate. I still think meditation is a good thing, and highly recommend it, but now I don't have to "work at it" any more.

I wish you good rest...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to use Bach Flower Essences

A question came up today about the difference between FeelBach! custom blended formulas and just using the individual essences.

While we are putting the complete explanation on the web site, I thought I'd clarify one point here, because we've heard that some people who sell flower essences are letting their customers spend more money than necessary.

When you purchase any of the 38 individual essences, you don't need to use them full strength. It won't hurt you if you do, but it isn't necessary. In fact, for a one month supply of treatment, you need only 2 drops from that 20ml bottle. You can mix up to 6 essences in one 30ml (1oz.) mixture bottle - although we recommend only 3 or 4.

Here's how it works: Your mixture bottle is first filled 3/4 full with spring water, then 1/4 with brandy, leaving just enough room for 2 to 12 drops of flower essences. Used properly, that bottle will last you a month.

Since one 20ml bottle holds more than 300 drops, at 2 drops per month it would last you over 13 years!

I think you'd be better off with the custom blend, myself.

Here's to good health,


Saturday, February 23, 2008

The dog who refused to be contained

My friend Julie has a dog who absolutely could not be contained. When she put him in a kennel he climbed out. When she tried a fence, he dug under. He even found a way to fool an electric underground fence. And when she tried leaving him in one room of the house - oh my!

Have you ever seen a door with the bottom 18" completely chewed off? I couldn't believe how straight his lines were when he chewed off both sides of a hollow core door so that he could escape.

What was going through his mind? If she left him in the house, even while she walked out to get the mail, he immediately tried to claw through the door to follow her. But when he was outside, he didn't try to follow her car if she drove away. It made no sense, but that's how it was.

Her only option was to leave him outside, with no fence, when she had to be away.

Luckily he usually stayed close to home and didn't panic about her absence. But she was always worried. And then one day she came home to find him gone. She spent a day and a half hunting for him before he suddenly appeared at the door. He was muddy and limping, but otherwise OK. But then she worried more -

Shortly after that incident, Feel Bach! released a new formula: Home Alone. Of course I couldn't wait to call and tell her, and she couldn't wait to try it.

The happy result is that after a few weeks on Home Alone, Sammy could be trusted not to destroy the house if my friend had to leave him alone for a while. He actually seems content. It didn't happen overnight - flower essences are gentle and do their work by rebalancing a body's energy, slowly making positive changes.

Julie and Sammy had a happy ending, and I'm glad that I got to play a part in it by telling her about Home Alone.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine's Day of Gratitude

Gratitude has been on my mind a lot lately. Here I am in a warm house with all my family safe and sound, good friends to visit with, good work to keep my mind nimble, and plenty of food in the cupboard.

My heart goes out to those people who are having such tragic times right now. I'm sure they're having a tough time feeling gratitude for anything, but I hope that each of them has something - some little piece of their lives that will help sustain them, and for which they are grateful.

Since you are here, reading this post, you are probably not one who just lost your home to a tornado - and you are probably not one who just lost a loved one in the latest murderous rampage. But you may have something that troubles you and makes life less than what you desire.

Today, take time out and think about the other things - the things that give you joy. Make it a Valentine's Day gift of love for yourself to have gratitude. I promise, you can go back and think about those other things tomorrow if you still want to.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Houseplants benefit from Bach Flower Essences

This time of year our houseplants are sometimes feeling sad - so I thought I'd share something I learned on the Q&A board at Feel Bach!

All plants show excellent responses, inside and out, to the harmonizing energy of Bach Flowers. Three or four drops of Feel5ive can be added to plant water, particularly when the plant is being moved, transplanted, or is recuperating from a fall. Indoor plants also profit from combinations that the owner is no longer taking. To combat pests, it sometime helps to give Crab Apple.

My African Violet needs to be divided soon, and last time it took quite a while for the transplants to look healthy. So between now and then, I'm going to treat with Feel5ive.

Yours for health and happiness,

Saturday, February 02, 2008

"The Secret" and your energy fields

Lately I've been talking to several people who want to use the law of attraction and the teachings found in "The Secret," but they're having trouble with it. They can't seem to get beyond their own feelings to begin focusing on what they want rather than what they don't want.

Right now in our part of the country too many people are focused on what's wrong - everything from high gas prices to too darned much snow! And then that negativity carries over into every other part of their lives.

But my group of friends would really like to shake free of that and just enjoy this new year.

It has occurred to me that their energy fields may be playing a large part in their problems. These blocked fields are keeping them trapped in negative thought patterns which further feed their inability to focus on happiness.

Thus I've been telling my friends to think about using flower essences. Since they are completely harmless and only serve to bring the body back into balance, there is no danger of the negative results which generally come with the use of drugs.

The list of flower essences and their uses at the FeelBach! site can help identify the feelings that are getting in the way of positive focus and help them to begin using the law of attraction to attract good things - instead of the things they're complaining about today.

Everyone deserves to feel good, so I hope my friends take my advice. And if you're stuck in this unhappy rut, I hope you do too!

Here's to a good year ahead...


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Does winter weather make you feel depressed?

For some, light therapy works to ease that heavy burden, but for others, it's a chronic energy imbalance that is made worse by the feelings of hopelessness that winter weather brings.

Maybe you've been on that edge for months or years, but when snow and rain and cold weather prevent you from doing things you want or need to do, a heavier feeling sets in. One that tells you there's just no use in trying.

But of course there is - you simply need to lift yourself up. Not an easy task on your own, but with the help of Bach Flower Essences it becomes do-able. The essences work to re-balance your energies, giving you back hope and enthusiasm for life.

Try a blend of Wild Rose, Gorse, and Sweet Chestnut. Give yourself the gift of feeling good again - so you can not only enjoy the rest of winter, but the friendlier seasons to come.

Visit FeelBach! today and get started on the road to hope and good cheer.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flower Essences can remove the need for dangrous pharmaceuticals

Every time we turn on the TV we hear about dozens of drugs designed to solve health problems, and each is accompanied by a long list of dangerous and even fatal side effects. Frankly, it scares me to death - especially after watching family members and friends get sicker and sicker while under a doctor's care.

That's why, after a lifetime of ignoring all health-related articles, I started reading. What I learned is that it's all about energy - the energy our bodies have to heal themselves naturally. Unfortunately, that energy can get crippled by the toxins in our air, food, and water - and pushed out of balance by the stress of our fast-paced lives. The imbalance creates emotional and physical problems for us - and even for our pets.

We may not be able to avoid the problems that cause imbalance, but we can re-balance our body's energies, and regain our natural ability to heal, and to love life.

Bach Flower essences are the key to regaining that balance. I'm glad I found them.