Monday, August 25, 2008

How Bach Flower Remedies can help you succeed in business

With so many people worrying about the downturn in the economy, smart business people are looking for ways to promote themselves without spending a ton of money.

One of those ways is to give talks to groups who might be interested in the product or service you have to offer. A gentleman I know who owns a moving company gave a talk to a group of Realtors this week - to tell them why his company is a good choice for their clients and to ask them to refer business to him.

This was a smart move for him, and a similar talk would be a smart move for many business people. Unfortunately, fear of public speaking stops most people from even trying.

The solution to that fear could lie in a little bottle of Bach flower essences labeled "Feel5ive." This is the blend that calms the nerves and lets you get through stressful situations without falling apart.

If you have a business and need to promote it on a shoestring, think about places where you could give a short talk. You might simply present your service and explain why it is superior. Or, you might give a "how-to" talk about something related to your services - doing that will position you as an expert.

The second beauty of using public speaking to promote your business is that most of your competitors will not do it. So when you do it, you become "the" expert. It's similar to being the person who "wrote the book" on your subject.

Service groups and the Chamber of Commerce are always looking for interesting speakers, and once you get started you'll come up with more and more ideas for places where you can speak. But first you have to get started, and that means getting past the fear of public speaking.

Feel5ive will help you do that. I recommend starting the day before the event, with 4 drops in the afternoon and 4 more before bed. Then in the morning, take 4 more. If you aren't scheduled to speak until evening, do it again shortly after lunch. A few minutes before the talk, take 4 more.

You'll not only sail through the talk, you'll probably enjoy it and be enthused over the idea of doing it again.

Wishing you great prosperity...

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