Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Free Offer is Live!

Be among the first 1,000 visitors to "Like" FeelBach! on our new Facebook page - and get a FREE natural Bach Flower Essences remedy. (a $7.95 value)

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Once you click like and go to the special offer, wait a minute. If the page doesn't appear quickly, press F5 to refresh.

Then - choose one of the 14 remedies. You'll be taken to the order page, but don't worry. The full $7.95 will be credited at check-out.

And of course, if it doesn't work properly, all you have to do is send us a private message and we'll see that you get the credit.

Feel Good! Feel Bach!

If You've been wanting to try Bach Flower Remedies...

... but aren't quite sure, then I have good news.

Tomorrow a letter will go out to subscribers inviting everyone to a new Facebook page - and it will contain a special offer for a FREE bottle of Bach Flower Remedies for the first 1,000 visitors to like the page.

You'll be able to choose from the 14 pre-blended shelf remedies - Like Feel5ive, Stop Smoking, Joy, Sweet Dreams, and even the pet blends, like Home Alone.

Just in case you aren't on that list, as soon as that page is live, I'll be back here with the link.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Combat soldiers can benefit from Star of Bethlehem

Medical advances are wonderful, but I can't help but wish that the doctors who treat our combat soldiers (past and present) would open their minds to some of the "old ways."

The Bach Flower Essence Star of Bethlehem could greatly aid those soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disease. Counseling and anti-depressant drugs may help, but until the connection with higher self is reestablished, healing will remain a struggle.

Star of Bethlehem neutralizes any form of "energetic trauma" and restores the body's self-healing mechanisms. This is true for any trauma - large or small - that causes the person to re-live the experience or fear its re-occurrence.

It can be used to re-balance after current events - or in treatment many years after the fact. In other words, even our Viet Nam veterans who want to finally be free of their lingering nightmares and fears would do well to combine Star of Bethlehem with their other treatments.

And perhaps, if today's returning soldiers were to begin treatment with Bach Flower Remedies upon their return, they wouldn't spend the next 50 years trying to get over their wartime experiences.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Monsters Under the Bed and Other Irrational Fears

Do you or someone you love suffer from irrational fears? Whether it's monsters under the bed or just a general anxiety that something awful is going to happen any minute, living in fear is a terrible way to live.

Instead of believing your child has an over-active imagination or that he is merely trying to manipulate you, consider that he may be living in a negative Aspen state. If so, he does believe that the monster is there. He lives in a constant state of fear, and may dread going to bed at night. In addition, he may not be getting proper sleep because he fears what will happen during the night.

Instead of punishment, give him the the bach flower essence Aspen helps to calm fearsBach Flower Essence, Aspen.

Adults who live in this negative state are similarly fearful, although they don't focus on the monster. Instead, they experience a general anxiety that has no focus - they really don't know what they're afraid of, they're just afraid.

I wish I had known about Bach Flower Remedies when my aunt was alive, because she was a classic case. She lived with the "what if's" and couldn't relax and fully enjoy things - or watch her children enjoy things - because something bad might be right around the corner. She lived with a feeling of dread and anxiety.

Adults and children in the extreme negative state sometimes experience full-blown anxiety attacks, complete with the physical symptoms of trembling, sweating, and stomach upset.

The cause behind the negative Aspen state may be a sensitivity to higher planes of consciousness and psychic currents. In some cases it occurs as a result of trying to explore higher spheres and becoming overly "tuned in" to feelings and impressions which cannot easily be recognized and explained in "daytime consciousness."

After treatment with Aspen, sufferers can enjoy daily life without groundless fears, and can also explore those higher planes without becoming "stuck."

Friday, March 02, 2012

Did Bach Flower Essences Cure His Gout?

Last week I told you about a friend who was suffering from gout.

I had talked him into considering the cause. According to Hay's book, Heal Your Body, it was impatience and anger, which he knew he had.

Then I convinced him to try Bach Flower essences to treat the emotional reasons for his pain. After a bit of research on the Bach Flowers website, we settled on a blend of Holly, Cherry Plum, Wild Rose, and Impatins. After all, Bach remedies will do no harm, even combined with medications, so he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fortunately, I have the entire set of 38 Bach Flower Essences on my shelf, so he started treatment right away.

Deciding on a 2-pronged approach to the problem, he also started drinking cherry juice.

Which one cured the gout? Or was it the combination of Bach Flower Remedies, cherry juice, and the energy he was focusing on healing?

In contrast to this natural means of healing is our neighbor. He suffered a severe gout attack some time in the summer of 1967. His doctor prescribed a remedy, which worked, but advised that he needed to take it religiously in order to avoid a future attack. That man has been taking that prescription every morning now for almost 45 years!

I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound at all appealing to me.