Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Should you use Sweet Dreams or Feel5ive?

You know about my friend - the one who got such quick relief with Sweet Dreams.

Well, the other day he told me he had emptied one bottle and couldn't find the second one - and he couldn't fall asleep. I'd also given him a bottle of Feel5ive because he does have a lot of anxiety every time he has to go back for more medical tests. So he took some.

He said it worked like a charm. He fell right to sleep and slept all night.

My thought? It was his anxiety that wouldn't let him go to sleep that night. I think the state of his health was eating on him more than he wanted to admit. He agreed that perhaps that was so.

Whatever the reason, I was glad that it helped him. Sleep deprivation is a miserable state to endure.

Sometimes I think it's a good idea for all of us to really think about our emotions and feelings instead of trying to cover them up. We don't have to tell anyone else, but especially when doing something like filling out the Feel Bach! questionnaire, we need to be honest with ourselves. Pretending that something is OK when it isn't won't help us get the right flower essences to change that energy.

Yours for a joyous life,

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