Monday, September 26, 2011

When Your Thoughts Have You Feeling Like a Hamster on a Wheel

We've all had times when unwanted thoughts just won't go away, but keep returning, as if they were a hamster on a wheel. This state interferes with work, with pleasure, and with sleep.

Generally, the thoughts are of a worrisome experience or problem. We lay awake, replaying an event in our minds, imagining that we had said the "right" thing instead of whatever we did say.

This is the negative White Chestnut state – when the personality has turned its back on guidance from the Higher Self. Of course, the problems never seem to get solved, because thoughts are too jumbled to allow for a solution.

Chronic sufferers often exhibit a pinched, unhappy face and complain of a chronic frontal headache. And of course they suffer from fatigue, since sleep eludes them.

The Bach Flower Essence White chestnut can help alleviate this state, and bring the sufferer back to a balanced, calm, peaceful and problem solving state of mind.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Bach Flower Essences Can Help You find Employment

The current economy isn't much fun. With the official unemployment rate over 9% and the true unemployment rate possibly double that, it's hard to feel confident when you set out to find a new job.

Unfortunately, lack of confidence could be the very thing that prevents you from landing the job you want.

It's human nature to want to associate with – and hire – people who are upbeat and positive. No one wants to be around others who are down in the dumps. We might feel sorry for them, but we still want to get away.

So – in order to find employment, you need a positive attitude. You need to walk into an interview feeling confident that YOU are the best person for the job. Then you need to convey that confidence to the employer.

If you're thinking "They have 200 applicants, why should they choose me?" then they probably won't choose you.

Unemployment can cause a host of negative emotions, all of which work against you as you try to find new (or better) employment.

Which Bach Flower Essences can help you re-adjust your attitude?

Agrimony helps release anxiety. And worry over your income is definitely anxiety!
Centaury will help you overcome the feeling that you're inferior to other job applicants.
Gentian helps restore your confidence in yourself.
Gorse gives strength to hope for the best.
Larch dispels feelings of low self-worth.
Mimulus will help you overcome the natural fear of going to that interview.
Mustard fights depression.
Pine helps relieve the guilt you feel for being out of work.
Sweet Chestnut will relieve feelings of hopelessness (about your situation or the economy in general.)
Willow will help dispel the feelings of bitterness and self-pity that can stem from this current economy.

Which of these emotions is holding you back?

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Are You Trying to be a Saint?

Are you denying yourself the pleasure of living so that you can live up to self-imposed standards of living?

Do you impose rigid practices that you feel can NOT be broken? For instance, getting up early every morning to run, then heading for the gym before sitting down to a prescribed meal? Do you deny yourself good tasting food and drink because it doesn't fit your idea of what is "good and right?"

And then, do you set mandatory standards on so many hours a day of meditation or prayer?

If so, you're probably frustrated by the demands of daily life, and probably castigating yourself for not being able to measure up. Your self-reproach far outweighs the benefit you might have gotten from hour hours of meditation.

If this is you, you're in a negative Rock Water state, and you've cut yourself off from your Higher Self. You've stunted your own spiritual growth.

Although grouped with the Bach Flower Essences, the answer to your situation is not actually a flower essence. It is Rock Water - water taken from natural springs in areas untouched by civilization. These waters are exposed to the sun, the wind, the vegetation, and the native animal life that surrounds them.

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