Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The weather, Feel5ive, and hope for the garden

Wow! Summer came to North Idaho last week. One day we were at 50 degrees with frost at night, the next day it was 90 degrees and my husband was whining over the heat.

But... summer was short lived. Today it's back to 50 and rain. Big Sigh. I had intended to finish digging the grass out of the garden plot today. This will be a year for short season crops, and that's a "for sure." Other years my veggies have already been up and growing by now. I'm hoping that at least the lettuce and spinach will have time to grow!

Oh - and even though the temperatures on Sunday were in the 90's, there was still snow in the ditches along my road. How long does it take to melt a foot of packed snow when the air reaches 90 degrees?

It would be fun to have a camera that took timed photos - just to watch it melt.

Meanwhile, I've gone back to volunteering at the animal rescue shelter - and there's a big fella named Augie who is in desperate shape. The poor guy had been beaten, and he expects every new person who comes near him to inflict more of the same. Unlike some dogs who are afraid, he shows no aggression - only cowers in the corner of his cage with eyes filled with fear.

Luckily, my friend who borrowed my Feel5ive a couple weeks ago returned it, saying she had ordered some for herself. So yesterday I took my bottle to the shelter and gave the kennel manager instructions on how to use it to help Augie. Hopefully, she'll do it, even though she had never heard of Bach Flower Essences before. She said she was open to learning about them, and was willing to do whatever it took to help Augie overcome his fear. The way he looked when I was there Sunday, there would be no hope of him finding a new home unless some completely empathetic soul saw him and took pity.

I'm going to go back to see him in a couple of days, so I'll soon know if he's getting the proper dosage of Feel5ive.

Meanwhile, I've got a new bottle coming - because you just never know when someone you know and love will need a little help!

Hoping all is well in your world...

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