Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are You Capable, Admired, Yet Lonely?

If so, you may be a Water Violet personality, trapped in the negative state.

And you aren't alone. Some of the most capable people in the world are also among the saddest. You're the kind, compassionate people trapped in a negative Water Violet state. People admire you, but can't get close - so you have no close bonds.

If you're one of them, you'll recognize yourself, I'm sure.

The Water Violet personality is capable, calm in a crisis, and always willing to give help and advice when asked. Otherwise he minds his own business.

People depend on her to help solve their problems, but the energy drain is severe - causing physical problems due to continual tension in her body.

As a leader, he's valued for being calm, but he really isn't a good boss because he feels other people's problems so acutely that he can't make tough decisions if he thinks anyone will feel hurt.

Water Violet personalities do feel hurt themselves, however. They expects that since thier requests are fair and they treats people well, they should follow and cooperate without prodding. When they don't, they don't reprimand, they simply withdraw and shut out the offending person.

If you're a Water Violet personality, you won't ask others for help. Even when ill you prefer to be left alone to handle things yourself.

The good news is that you don't have to go on suffering this way. After treatment with the Water Violet Bach Flower essence, you'll be able to connect with others again. You'll still be independent; you'll still mind your own business and expect others to mind theirs; but you'll no longer be isolated from friendships.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are You as Indecisive as the Month of March?

March weather – one day it looks like Spring and the next day Winter is back. Although this is normal during the transition between seasons, it really does look like Mother Nature can't make up her mind. 

That got me thinking of all the people who also can't make up their minds. 

For some, indecision is a barrier to moving forward in life. They can't decide whether to go to school, get married, take a new job, or move to a different community. 

Those big decisions do require some thought, and those who can't make up their minds could be helped along during these life-changing moments by using Scleranthus.  Scleranthus is the Flower Essence that treats indecision. 

It helps people at transition points in life, and also helps those who suffer from living in a state in which they can't make even small decisions. 

In the chronic negative Scleranthus state, a sufferer will agree to a course of action one day, only to come back the next and try to get out of going forward with it. Even decisions about which shirt to wear, what to cook for dinner, or which movie to see turn into major problems. 

Scleranthus personalities also exhibit  a variety of physical ailments - all opposite to one another. They suffer from hot flashes, then they suffer from not being able to get warm. They may also exhibit the classic symptoms of manic-depression. They're happy and enthusiastic one day, and completely apathetic the next.

Interestingly, once Scleranthus personalities get into balance through the use of Dr. Bach's Flower Essences, they become confident decision makers and their presence is soothing to others.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is There a Way to Make Flower Essences Work Faster?

This question comes around every now and then, because some people think there must be a better, faster way to bring about change with Dr. Bach's flower remedies.

The truth is, flower essences work in harmony with your body - bringing about changes just as fast as they are supposed to. Formulas such as
Feel5ive work almost instantly to relieve the stress of the moment. But if you've spent years in a chronic state of doubt about your abilities, it might take a little while for the flower essence Larch to bring you back into balance.

You should take 2-4 drops of your flower essence or your formula about 4 times per day. You can take it as drops directly under the tongue, or put it in a glass of water to drink. Some are also experiencing good results by using the essences topically on acupuncture points.

What you should NOT do is decide to inject flower essences. This will not speed the action, and in fact could be detrimental. Injections are invasive and totally alien to the way Dr. Bach's remedies work.

One thing you need never worry about with flower essences is the possibility of overdose or the possibility of adverse reactions when taking prescription drugs. No such occurrences have ever been reported. Flower essences are safe for infants, the elderly, pregnant ladies, those with serious diseases, and of course - your pets.

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History of Dr. Bach's Flowers.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Separation Anxiety – a Very Real Ailment

Who suffers from separation anxiety? 

Children, pets, and of course some adults. 

Think of the child who goes into a panic mode when left with a babysitter – or forced to go to school.
Think of the dog who destroys the house in an effort to get out and follow the person who left them alone. 

Child psychologists and dog trainers will tell you that one important step is to be very casual about leaving and coming back. Don't make a big deal about saying you won't be gone long or telling it to behave while you're away. And don't make a fuss over your homecoming.

That's good advice to demonstrate that your being away from them for a while is no big deal. But when your child can't stop crying or a panicked dog is clawing holes in your doors and walls to try to get to you, you need a little more help.

The problem is not trivial.

If your child is suffering from separation anxiety, (or if you are the one suffering) come to Feel Bach! and fill out the questionnaire to get a specialized flower essence formula. And if you are caring for a dog who panics when left alone, use
FeelBach!'s "Home Alone" remedy.

Then, of course, do as the experts suggest. Leave for only a few minutes at a time at first to give reassurance that yes, you WILL be coming back. Never call attention to the fact that you're leaving or returning.

Then gradually be gone for longer periods until that poor frightened child or canine realizes that he or she has not been abandoned forever.

Friday, March 01, 2013

When The Law of Attraction Brings What You Don't Want

The Law of Attraction is so simple - and yet so difficult for many to use to their benefit. 

You see, before you can attract what you want, you have to focus on what you want – rather than what you don't want. 

Sadly, it often happens that those who think they're focused on what they want are actually focused on the LACK of what they desire.

And that's understandable. After a lifetime of noticing that which you don't have - and even feeling jealous of others who do have what you wish for, it can feel almost impossible to create the state of mind that's necessary to attract good things.

This is especially true for the Willow personality - and absolutely impossible for anyone in a negative Willow state.

If not treated, a person in a negative Willow state will sink farther and farther into that self-pity, until the Willow state becomes chronic. By then he has no compassion or consideration for anyone outside of himself. The injustices in his life take center stage - and of course he feels like all of his misfortunes are someone else's fault.

It can be difficult to live with such a person, and it may be even more difficult to talk with them about treatment for this negative state.  They simply don't believe that life can be any better for them – and they resent you for mentioning anything good. That's why many simply walk away rather than continue trying to help.

If you find yourself unable to harness the Law of Attraction to attract what you want, or if you are simply spending too much time feeling jealous or resentful, you're not enjoying life as you should. So get the Flower Essence,
Willow, and get back in balance.