Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does Your Child Have a Monster Under the Bed?

Instead of believing your child has an over-active imagination or that he is merely trying to manipulate you, consider that he may be living in a negative Aspen state. If so, he does believe that the monster is there. He lives in a constant state of fear, and may dread going to bed at night. In addition, he may not be getting proper sleep because he fears what will happen during the night.

Instead of punishment, give him the Bach Flower Essence, Aspen.

Adults who live in this negative state are similarly fearful, although they don't focus on the monster. Instead, they experience a general anxiety that has no focus - they really don't know what they're afraid of, they're just afraid.

I wish I had known about Bach Flower Remedies when my aunt was alive, because she was a classic case. She lived with the "what if's" and couldn't relax and fully enjoy things - or watch her children enjoy things - because something bad might be right around the corner. She lived with a feeling of dread and anxiety.

Adults and children in the extreme negative state sometimes experience full-blown anxiety attacks, complete with the physical symptoms of trembling, sweating, and stomach upset.

The cause behind the negative Aspen state may be a sensitivity to higher planes of consciousness and psychic currents. In some cases it occurs as a result of trying to explore higher spheres and becoming overly "tuned in" to feelings and impressions which cannot easily be recognized and explained in "daytime consciousness."

After treatment with Aspen, sufferers can enjoy daily life without groundless fears, and can also explore those higher planes without becoming "stuck."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feel5ive Does it Again

What would we do without Feel5ive? I can't even imagine.

This week was one of upheaval and confusion, because our good neighbor had to go out of town for a few days and we were appointed to babysit his 2 year old dog.

This was the first time since she came to live with him as a baby that he had left her for more than 3 or 4 hours, so she was confused and upset. On top of that, our own 3 dogs and 2 cats were experiencing worries of their own. Of course they were jealous, but they were also annoyed, because this little girl can be a bit over-enthusiastic about wanting to play.

She's always been what some would label hyperactive - bouncing off the walls looking for something interesting to do.

The cats were hissing or hiding. One of my dogs was either growling or hiding while another was openly snarling and another went into a blue funk over the attention my husband was giving to our guest.

And, since I had work to do that requires quiet time for thinking, I was a little upset myself.

That was the first afternoon. Then I remembered the Feel5ive. (Sometimes I'm a little slow.)

Since then I've added a dropperful to the water dish each time I filled it, and took a few drops for myself every time things got a little too noisy.

By the time our guest went home this evening all was well. She was a calm dog, snoozing by his feet while he told us about his trip. And earlier today, she and the others had been playing happily - with no growling or snarling.

And I was fine too - all because I remembered that little brown bottle.

Once again, I give thanks that Dr Bach gave us the gift of Bach Flower Essences.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Negative Heather State - Hard on Friends

Last week I attended a meeting, and I think that at least 3 of the people there were suffering from the negative Heather state. But as much as they might be suffering, the people around them suffer even more.

You probably know someone who lives in the negative Heather state. They're the ones who dominate every meeting - and instead of offering constructive comments, they disrupt the discussion by constantly trying to pull the conversation back to themselves and what they do or say or think. They're also the ones who, when left alone, will get on the phone and keep calling until they find someone who will let them go on about themselves for an hour or two at a time.

It's this trait that causes otherwise friendly people to begin using the Caller I.D. on their telephones in order to avoid talking with them. A few years ago I belonged to an organization that included 3 of these personalities. I quit answering my phone because I have work to do and no amount of saying "I need to get back to work now" would get them to stop talking so I could hang up the phone. There were many times when I considered pretending that my phone had gone dead.

The sad thing is, the negative Heather person is needy. They're like small children calling "Watch me, watch me," but in their attempts to get the attention they seek they drive others away.

Once treated with Bach Flower Essences, this person finally realizes that the way to get the attention and affection they crave is to care about other people. Only then can they enjoy real friendships.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wild Oat - For When it's Time to Stop Sowing the Wild Oats

Coincidences and words both fascinate me. So when I noticed that the Bach Flower Remedy Wild Oat is used to help those who are uncertain find their true path in life, I immediately thought of young folks “sowing their wild oats” before settling down.

Young people do need to do that – a little – but when it becomes a life pattern, it’s time to get help.

Wild Oat personalities are generally very intelligent – but can’t seem to make up their minds about what they want to do. Unlike the Centaury personality, they aren’t unduly influenced or manipulated by others. They just can’t decide.

And the tough part is, because they are intelligent, they have a world of opportunity before them.

When I learn about the different Bach Flower personalities the image of a person usually comes to mind. In this case it’s someone I never knew – a friend of my Mother’s who bounced from one profession to another, even posing successfully as a veterinarian before he got bored and moved on.

If you’re in a spot with a variety of opportunities before you, but can’t decide which way to turn, try Bach Flower Therapy – with Wild Oat.