Monday, September 24, 2012

This year, say NO to taking on too much

The school year has started and teachers are lining up parents for a variety of duties. If you dread it because you habitually say yes to too many tasks, make this the year to say NO.

Think about which activities really benefit your own children more when you're involved – and which activities you enjoy. Then confine your involvement to only those projects. 

Easier said than done, you say? 

That's true. Especially if you've let everyone expect you to say yes. But you can get help and support from Bach Flower Essences. Centaury is the essence that provides the courage to say NO and stick with it. It's the essence that provides the assertiveness you need when others try to take advantage of your good nature. 

This year, enjoy your participation in your child's education – by only saying yes when you truly want to.

Monday, September 17, 2012

When you don't trust your own instincts...

Do you question yourself?

When a situation arises and you automatically "know" what to do, do you stop and ask other people's advice before going forward?

If so, you're probably in a negative Cerato state.Your energies have become misaligned so you no longer trust your inner voice.

The sad thing is, individuals who are prone to this state are often more knowledgeable than those whose advice they seek. So if you're tired of hesitation and wish to make your own decisions, try Cerato. You'll probably be shocked at just how much you know.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chronic Frontal Headaches – A Sign of Critical Self-talk?

It happens to everyone at some time. But for some people, it becomes chronic. 

It might be triggered by an attack from someone else. Your spouse or a friend criticizes what you said or what you did. It could be something as simple as forgetting to put the rolls on at dinner or failing to send a birthday card on time. 

The criticism could come from a boss or co-worker. Maybe you made a mistake at work and someone came down hard about it. 

It could even come because you overheard a critical remark about your choice of shoes.
And it could come from yourself – recognizing that you "blew a sale" because you didn't say the right things on a sales call or because you arrived 5 minutes late.

Whatever the reason, your brain takes over and begins a relentless attack. You go over and over a situation, thinking "Why did I say that?" or "How could I have forgotten that?" or even "I'll never have any sense about what to wear."

Before long, you develop a tension in your facial muscles – and those are followed by chronic frontal headaches. Of course the headaches make it even more difficult to do your job well, so you make more mistakes and criticize yourself even harder.

While this is a problem for adults, children are especially vulnerable to verbal attacks and can learn to doubt themselves so much that they withdraw. After all, if Mom or Dad says something critical, how many children feel secure enough to "talk back" and say it wasn't fair? Instead, they hold it in and it festers.  

The Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut can break the cycle. 

White Chestnut allows the mind to settle down and stop replaying the negatives. It allows you to once again connect with and accept guidance from your higher self. 

Wonder how Bach Flowers work? Come to Feel Bach! and read all about it. 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Back to School Jitters? Take Feel5ive from Feel Bach!

This week my son and grand-daughter have been visiting, and she's been telling me about her nervousness. 

After 2 years of being fed up with the public school system, her parents have enrolled her in a private school. Instead of being one of 30 children in a class, she'll be one of ten. And… she'll be the only "new kid." 

If you've ever been the new kid, you know how scary that is. Will they accept you? Will they be nice to you? Will they play with you – or ignore you at recess? Will the teacher be nice? Or will the teacher be mean? 

Those thoughts can weigh heavily on an 8 year old. 

So, when they get in their car to head for home tomorrow morning, a bottle of Feel5ive is going with them. 

I've used it when I was so nervous that I felt sure I'd make a fool of myself somehow. I've used it when I was terrified of going out on an icy road – or walking into a dentist's office. (Yep – terror left from childhood.)

And it works. 

While some Bach Flower Essences work over time, the formula in Feel5ive works right away. She won't need to take it for a week or two before the energy shift begins to ease her nerves – although I will recommend she take it the night before and the first morning of school. It won't hurt at all if she keeps taking it until she feels secure in that new school. 

In addition to calming her jitters, Feel5ive will make it easier for her to make new friends - because she won't be afraid to introduce herself and "be herself." 

My family is looking forward to the new school and the improved educational opportunities it brings. With help from Feel5ive my grand-daughter will be able to look forward to each day in class. 

Feeling good emotionally won't eliminate those classmates who are obnoxious or mean. Hopefully her class won't include any of them. But if they are there, it will help her ignore them while enjoying her other new friends.