Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Survivors May Need Star of Bethlehem

With Hurricane Irene still not finished doing its damage, feelings are mixed.

Many who thought they'd be harmed were not, and they're feeling like "the hurricane was no big deal." But others lost loved ones and / or lived through some terrifying hours. This terror can come back to haunt them in the future.

Many who live through traumatic spiritual, mental, or physical experiences are able to take them in stride, recovering quickly. Some later suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and are diagnosed and given help through counseling and medication.

Others simply live in fear that the experience will be repeated. Often they will withdraw from life, entering into a sort of mental half-sleep that helps them avoid thinking about the traumatic event. Of course, sufferers become alienated from their Higher Selves.

Note that at times, a traumatic event can trigger a symptom that appears totally unrelated to the event. For instance, a person hearing bad news may lose their sense of hearing. Others, depending upon the source and the severity of the trauma, may develop problems with eating, speaking, walking, or other physical functions.

Whether the trauma is large or small (such as experiencing a close call), Star of Bethlehem can restore the energetic balance and allow the fear to dissipate.

Years ago I knew a woman who should have been treated with Star of Bethlehem. She had been injured in a car wreck when she was driving and refused to ever drive again. This was in spite of the fact that she had been stopped at a red light, so the accident not have been caused by her presence behind the wheel.

Most would call this an irrational fear, but for her it was real.

If you or someone you love suffers from the after-effects of a traumatic event, try Star of Bethlehem.

Life is meant to be enjoyed to its fullest.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

We've all experienced the negative Heather state...

But allowing ourselves to stay there can have a disastrous effect on relationships.

In this state, sufferers have a compulsive need to talk and be heard. Whether the news is good or bad, they want you to know it. Getting away from them is difficult, and in fact they may buttonhole you against a wall, because they'll move closer and closer as you attempt to back away.

You may know people who live their entire lives in this state – I certainly do. They not only talk too much and for too long, they tend to "invade your space," making their presence uncomfortable for you.

When you see them coming, you attempt to put a counter, a desk, a chair, or even another person between them and you.

In the negative Heather state, the person is entirely focused on themselves. It doesn't even occur to them to be interested in anyone else. Should you turn the conversation toward yourself or another person, they'll quickly find a way to relate anything you've said right back to themselves.

It's easy simply dislike them. But, thinking compassionately we need to recognize that they are extremely "needy."

The Heather personality in its positive state is an entirely different matter. These individuals are good listeners, filled with empathy for others, and more than willing to pitch in and work hard on group projects.

Don't worry if you fall into the negative state from time to time. It's natural following a traumatic event, an illness, or a financial setback. Just don't stay there. Instead, get the Bach Flower Essence Heather and begin to reconnect with your Higher Self.

If you're not sure what you need to get out of an uncomfortable emotional state, visit Feel Bach! and fill out the questionnaire. Our experts will help you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Positive Walnut Personality

As mentioned a few days ago, the Walnut Bach Flower Essence is indicated as an aid to dealing with change.

We should also take note of the strength of the positive Walnut personality.

Doctor Bach himself was a Walnut personality - going forward confidently, despite discouragement from those around him. He knew that his work with flower essences was important and he forged ahead despite ridicule - and despite the fact that he had little money.

Genuine walnut types are pioneers - unafraid to follow their own ideals. They have firm life goals, and as long as they remain in the positive state, stop at little to achieve them. When temporarily derailed by a negative Walnut State, they allow themselves to be distracted, and to doubt the messages from their higher selves.

The Walnut personality may not stand out as physically strong, but their mental strength is phenomenal.

While most Walnut personalities are not public figures and thus not recognized by the general population, we do have one strong example today: Glen Beck.

He is set on a mission to inform Americans about what is really going on in the world - and to urge them to return to spirituality. And... he has publicly stated that he doesn't care what it costs him. He forges ahead despite death threats, public attacks, and ridicule from those who oppose him.

Do you know a positive Walnut personality? Or are you one?

Image courtesy of Dreamstine

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Change is in the Air - Reach for the Walnut Bach Flower Essence

Late this month, parents around the world will see their children move into the next stage of life – going off to college and living without the protection and guidance of “home.”

For both those parents and their children, this change is a dramatic one.

Everyone is outwardly happy and excited, but at the same time, often wishing to hold on to the past just a while longer.

The Bach Flower Essence Walnut will ease this transition time and allow both parents and their children to move forward with confidence and positive expectations – free from longing for the past.
The negative Walnut state is generally temporary, but none the less debilitating. In this state, a person has a delayed reaction to impulses from the self and is unduly influenced by pressure from others. In this state, the sufferer may temporarily lose direction and thus doubt the decision to move forward.

Walnut is also indicated when other life changes occur – both voluntary and involuntary. Use it when moving to a new residence, when going through a divorce, or when dealing with the death of a loved one.

For an extreme state of agitation over a change, additional Bach Flower Essences may be indicated for use with Walnut. Come to FeelBach! and take the Bach questionnaire to see if you should use Walnut alone, or in combination.