Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bach Flower Essences as Gifts?

This is "Birthday Month" at my house, so I've been thinking a lot about gift giving.

The toughest thing for those of us over a certain age is that we have all the little do-dads we can possibly use, probably have plenty of favorite clothes and leave the rest hanging in the closet, and likely have the money to go buy some interesting new toy if we really want it.

So what to give?

Well, since most of us whose kids have grown up and flown the coop have turned into "spoiled parents" for our four legged friends, what about something for the dogs and cats?

Because I work from home, my own dogs have grown used to me being here - or taking them along on a run to the grocery store. They get mighty unhappy when I take off for a day and have to tell them "Sorry, you have to stay home alone today."

To ease their anxiety I've started giving them a dose of "Home Alone" in their water, beginning the night before I plan to go. They still aren't glad to see me go, but at least they aren't upset by it. I know the formula was made for dogs and cats who suffer with separation anxiety - and those critters need to take it every day in order to reset their energies. But it also works really well for critters like mine who just get into a blue funk when I leave.

So, for the next birthday - a friend in October - I'm making up a pretty basket with doggie treats and Bach flower essences nestled between them. Along with Home Alone I'm including a bottle each of Feel5ive and Thunderstorms.

My friend has 4 dogs - and none of them like it when she leaves. In fact, if she forgets to close the door they invade her office space and eat books. ("Who dunnit?" She's not sure!) A couple of them get pretty undone over noise, and Dog #4, a beautiful but silly Spaniel, gets upset when he has to go to the hairdresser. Bach flowers will help them all cope.

Before I wrap the basket I'll print up and include instructions for using the Bach Flower remedies on her babies.

If you have a friend or relative like mine, Feel Bach! might have the perfect gift ready and waiting!

Yours for health and happiness...

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