Monday, March 10, 2008

Sleep remedies, one size doesn't fit all!

If you have sleep problems you may have tried all sorts of over the counter medications - maybe you've even tried something from the doctor. And maybe they've worked for you - if your particular problem is what they were designed to help.

But the truth is, not all sleep problems are alike. That's why Feel Bach! has four different formulas to give you sweet dreams. The one I use is for having trouble falling asleep. My mind didn't always want to shut down and be quiet at the end of the day. Instead, I would just keep right on working while I was trying to be asleep. My sweet dreams formula is putting an end to that energy-draining problem, letting me relax, and allowing me to set aside the day's concerns and get the rest I need.

Other people fall asleep easily enough, but then keep waking up. Others wake up too early in the morning and can't fall back to sleep, even though their bodies haven't had enough rest. Still others suffer from nightmares that wake them frequently during the night. How terrible!

I have nightmares once in a great while, and they're awful! I can really feel for people who have them every night. People I've met who suffer from them tell me that traditional sleeping pills do nothing to help - and in fact sometimes the chemicals make the nightmares even worse.

Since these problems are all so different, it's no wonder that "one size fits all" drugs can't help everyone.

Flower essences go after the problem in a completely different manner. Instead of putting a chemical "band aid" on sleeplessness, they gently rebalance your energies so that you can naturally sleep well. They won't work instantly like a pill, but the help they give will be long lasting. And since they're all natural and have no known side effects, you wake refreshed instead of groggy.

Before I discovered Sweet Dreams, I used to spend a good half hour doing meditation in order to clear my mind and fall asleep. It usually worked, unless there was so much going on that I couldn't relax to meditate. I still think meditation is a good thing, and highly recommend it, but now I don't have to "work at it" any more.

I wish you good rest...

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