Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bach Flower Essences and Addiction

Recently a friend told me that her daughter was once again entering an alcohol rehabilitation facility. She hoped that this time the insurance would pay for her to stay long enough to be "cured."

My friend leans more toward mainstream medical treatment than natural remedies, but knowing that Bach Flower Essences could help her daughter, I suggested it. She said "Maybe later, after she feels better."

I don't push my beliefs on people, so I didn't push the issue, but oh how I wished she had said "Let's try it!" If she had Rock Rose or Walnut while she was undergoing treatment her chances of success would be so much better.

If you think about addiction, you know that it is not just a physical ailment. It's emotional as well - and that's why so many smart practitioners use Bach Flower Essences in conjunction with other treatment.

We don't know the cause of addiction, but we do know that any destructive behavior is a sign that our energies are out of balance. We've somehow lost touch with our higher selves. Each of the Bach Flower Essences works to rebalance those energies and put us back in touch with who we were meant to be.

If energies aren't put back in balance, the patient has a high possibility of failure, because the "rehab" isn't complete. I find this sad, because Flower Essences are both inexpensive and easy to use.

Which essences aid in treating addiction? Walnut and Rock Rose.

Walnut is the Bach Flower Essence that helps in dealing with and embracing change - and what could be a bigger change than stopping a daily habit?

Rock Rose helps us overcome fear - and we all know that letting go of habits and routine is fearful. Even while destructive, a habit is like a security blanket we can pull around us when outside forces threaten.

This discussion makes me think of a man I once knew. He said he had spent a month in rehab, and all he could think of the whole time he was there was getting out and finding a bar. If he'd had Bach Flower Essences from FeelBach, perhaps instead he would have been thinking about all the fun he'd missed before, and how much his family was going to enjoy seeing him sober.

Friday, September 24, 2010

When the Law of Attraction is Working Against You...

The Law of Attraction is so simple - and yet so difficult for many to understand.

After a lifetime of noticing that which you don't have - and even feeling jealous of others who do have what you wish for, it can feel almost impossible to create the state of mind that's necessary to attract good things.

This is especially true for the Willow personality - and absolutely impossible for anyone in a negative Willow state.

We've all been there temporarily at one time or another - when self pity has gained the upper hand. Fortunately, most of us can shake ourselves out of it fairly soon, especially when we recognize the state and reach for Bach Flower Essences to get our energies back in balance.

A person in a negative Willow state cannot.

In fact, if not treated, he can sink farther and farther into that self-pity, until the Willow state becomes chronic. By then he has no compassion or consideration for anyone outside of himself. The injustices in his life take center stage - and of course he feels like all of his misfortunes are someone else's fault.

It can be difficult to live with such a person, and it may be even more difficult to talk with them about treatment for this negative state. That's why many simply walk away rather than continue trying to help.

If you find yourself unable to harness the Law of Attraction to attract what you want, or if you are simply spending too much time feeling jealous or resentful, you're not enjoying life as you should. So get the Bach Flower Essence, Willow, and get back in balance.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The "Grasshopper" Personality

When I was growing up we had an old family friend named Jim.

Jim was a very social guy, and would make the rounds of all his friends, picking up tidbits of news here and dropping them off there. It was sometimes interesting, but sometimes frustrating.

He'd start to tell a story, then switch midway and start talking about something else entirely. It was hard to follow who or what he was talking about. And then, you could be carrying on a conversation but walk into the kitchen to get more coffee and find him gone when you returned! He seldom said goodbye...he'd just wander off.

In those days I'd never heard of Bach Flower Essences, but now I know that he had a Scleranthus personality and was operating in its negative state.

Jim's behavior is how this personality is most often seen in men. In women, it is usually evident by the inability to make a decision.

Scleranthus women can drive everyone to distraction by asking for opinions, changing their minds after hearing each new opinion, then switching back again... endlessly. They miss opportunities because they simply can't decide to take action in one direction or another.

The Scleranthus Bach Flower Essence can get these personalities back in balance - so they can not only carry on a good conversation, but make wise decisions.

I wish I'd known about it back when Jim was around. But then, I guess he was happy with his odd ways. It just frustrated the rest of us!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Separation Anciety - a common Insecurity in Canines

A few days ago a friend who fosters rescue dogs called to ask me what she could do about a dog with separation anxiety.

This dog has settled into her household nicely, but it goes into panic mode when it can't find any of the resident humans.

Dog trainers will tell you that one important step is to be very casual about leaving and coming back. Don't make a big deal about telling the dog you won't be gone long or telling it to behave while you're away. And don't make a fuss over it when you get back.

That's good advice to show the dog that it's no big deal. But when a panicked dog is clawing holes in your doors and walls to try to get to you, you need a little more help.

I knew a dog once who, when locked in a room for safety while his person left for an hour, completely destroyed the bottom 2 feet of a hollow core door... Seriously, the bottom of the door was no longer there.

So the problem is not trivial.

If you are caring for a dog like this, use FeelBach's "Home Alone" remedy.

Begin giving it to the dog 3 or 4 times a day - and then, of course, do as the trainers suggest. Leave for only a few minutes at a time at first to reassure the dog that yes, you WILL be coming back. Never call attention to the fact that you're leaving or returning.

Then gradually be gone for longer periods until that poor frightened pup realizes that he or she has not been abandoned forever.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How Do You Help People Who Don't Already Know About Bach Flower Essences?

This last week I was faced with a situation in which I was very tempted to slip into my "evangelist" role and start talking about Bach Flower Remedies. I resisted, because the person who needs help is a new client and I didn't feel it was my place...

But the more I think about it, the more I wish I had told him that White Chestnut could help him get through his current situation. He had confided that his oldest child had just gone off to college and his sense of loss had brought back old feelings of loss. He was going over and over losing his sister and then his parents. He said "Those thoughts are like a butterfly, flying round and round in my head."

So, what do you think? I don't really know this man, and our relationship isn't of a personal nature. Yet - he did confide personal information.

Should I have used that opening to tell him about Bach Flower Essences?

What would YOU have done?

What do you do when the person in need is a relative or friend?

So many people are "stuck" in thinking that doctors and pharmaceuticals are the only answer to their problems... I hesitate to jump in with any but my closest friends, my husband, and my kids.

But maybe, since Bach Flower Essences can change lives for the better, we have a duty to share the information?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this...