Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a crazy year we're having! Mother Nature is really asserting her authority - letting us know that she really is the boss.

Last night I talked to a friend in Texas who was enjoying 89 degree weather. As she spoke I looked out my window at the pile of snow that has fallen from my roof. It's melting - now it's only about 3 feet tall! And the lighted reindeer I put out in the yard at Christmas time is now visible again. It amazes me to look at him and his tall antlers and realize that a month ago he was completely buried.

So, Spring will come to North Idaho eventually - as it will to the other Northern states that are still blanketed in white or frozen into immobility.

Meanwhile, we need to tap into our reserves of patience. As much as I'd like to get some garden seeds started in my sun room, I've decided that I have to wait until I can at least see the garden soil again. I have one friend who is so upset over this delay that I told her to get over to Feel Bach! and order a custom blend. She's depressed because that's how the lack of light affects her - and now the frustration of waiting for winter to end has really got her down.

Bach Flower Remedies won't make Spring weather come sooner, but they will help her enjoy life while she's waiting.

If you're a fellow northerner, just remember that while we're feeling jealous of friends enjoying the fine weather in the south - come summertime we'll be comfortable while they roast. Then the jealously tables will turn. I think we all have to endure a little discomfort just so we appreciate the truly fine days we're all blessed with.

Wishing you the finest prelude to Spring you've ever experienced...


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