Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Allowing yourself to be well

When "The Secret" came out the idea that was promoted was that manifesting good things into your life was a secret that had been hidden from us.

But if you think about it, and think about all the Law of Attraction books and information we have today - and then read about Dr. Edward Bach - you'll see that these ideas aren't so new, or so secret. It's just that more of us are now ready to listen, and to be willing to take personal steps toward our own wellness.

While the Law of Attraction says that you can be well by aligning your vibrations with wellness, Dr. Bach believed that disease could not be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.

He was, in fact, disdainful of modern medical science because it dealt with results instead of causes. Dr. Bach's mission was to cure the cause of disease.

His research was personal. He was expected to die of cancer in 1917 - and the fact that he lived until 1936 speaks volumes for his success.

I shudder to think what he would have to say about the pharmaceuticals being advertised each day on television - he'd probably label them poison!

I think we all owe it to ourselves to live in the most favorable mental and emotional state possible. Thankfully, Bach Flower Essences can help us do that.

The first step is recognizing the emotions and thoughts that are blocking our well-being, and the second is to bring them into harmony.

So if you aren't living in joy and contentment, read the descriptions of the states that can be altered with Bach Flowers. Then think about yourself and the states that you'd like to alter in your life.

And then... order your personal remedy and aim your sights for emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is ADHD a Physical or Emotional Problem?

With so much written about ADD and ADHD, it's hard to decide.

We know that some children react adversely to sugars and other foods. And my own belief is that the chemicals used for preservatives and flavor enhancements in pre-packaged prepared foods have a negative effect on all of us. How many people do you know who can't eat food with MSG?

But is food the only reason why there seems to be an epidemic of ADHD?

Is there also a tie-in with the way children are raised? Does it have to do with not getting outside to run and play - and help with the work? Does it have to do with children not having any work beyond their schoolwork? Does it have to do with the over-stimulation of television and video games? Does it have to do with both mom and dad needing to work outside the home, so they're both tired and stressed at the end of the day?

As with all things, the answer probably lies in a combination of things, but it's safe to assume that emotions play a large part in the ADHD epidemic.

If that were not so, Bach Flower Remedies wouldn't have the positive effect that they do have.

And they do have a positive effect. Feel Bach's Attention Deficit blend has helped both children and adults settle down and concentrate.

And it's not just for those who have been diagnosed.

The Attention Deficit blend is also helpful when life's events suddenly become overwhelming - so that your mind flits from one thing to another, preventing you from focusing long enough to get anything accomplished.

I think we've all been in that state once or twice - when there are just so many things going on around us, and so many tasks we need to perform, and so many people wanting our attention that we just "short out."

That's the time to reach for the Attention Deficit blend and find relief.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bach Flower Essences and Broken Tomato Plants

I have to admit it, I'm a little overboard about tomato plants. And this year, I started plants indoors WAY too soon.

The result - they grew way too tall before the weather got warm enough to take them outside. And, although I had some wonderful tomato cages to place over them, I waited too long to do it.

So... I damaged a lot of plants. They break pretty easily.

The day I chose to move everything outside was a busy one, and while I was working I didn't think about putting any of the broken pieces in water. But a couple of hours later I did think about it - wondering if some of those broken stems would take root.

So, I chose a few stems and put them in water. Later that night - a good 6 hours after I had swept up the broken pieces and put them into my compost bucket, I decided to see if any more pieces could be salvaged. Digging through the pile I found stems with leaves that were completely wilted and dead-looking. But I chose a few and put them in a glass.

They were still looking pretty droopy in the morning, but then I thought about the fact that Bach Flower Essences are helpful to plant life as well as people and pets. I couldn't remember which essence to use, but thought that since Feel5ive is used for stress, I'd try it. So I put a drop or two Feel5ive in each of the containers.

That was a few days ago, and now I'm thinking that in a couple more days those new "starts" will be ready to plant in soil... because they are not only perked up and looking like pretty plants, they're growing roots!

I still have cucumber and squash plants to transplant into the garden, and since those are really sensitive to transplanting, you can bet there will be Feel5ive in the watering can and they'll get a good drink as soon as they're in the ground!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is the Cause of Illness?

What is the cause of illness? Is it something we cannot escape in a world filled with stresses and toxins?

Dr.Edward Bach did not believe so. He believed that the source of illness or wellness lies within us, and that health “Depends on being in harmony with our souls.” That’s why the solutions offered by modern scientific medicine are so often temporary. The symptoms have been treated, but the cause has not been removed.

Dr. Bach wrote that to treat an illness – no matter what the ailment – the doctor should look first to the outlook on life of the person in distress.

Thus, in addition to the Bach Flower Essences, Dr. Bach promoted exercise, meditation, and study. He wrote that only by creating harmony between soul and mind could we free ourselves from disease.

And what do the flower essences have to do with it? If you study each of the flowers, you’ll notice that they have specific qualities of strength or fragility. And according to Dr. Bach, each carries specific information which can amplify our inner voices and assist us in regaining harmony. Our desire for harmony works with the flower essences to create the desired wellness in mind, spirit, or body.

Interestingly, books such as “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” bring much the same message. Doctor Bach said we must free ourselves from the "disease complex of fear" and put ourselves in harmony with our souls. “Law of Attraction” says we must put ourselves in vibrational harmony with our higher selves, and thereby with that which we desire. We must cease staying in harmony with that which we do not want.

Our natural condition is to live in health and abundance and joy, and when we stay in harmony with ourselves, we experience that natural condition. Bach Flower Essences can help us return to that harmony.