Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Feel5ive Day for sure!

I said I was going to give my husband a dose of Feel5ive this morning before he had to face crowded stores and traffic.

Little did I know that I'd need some myself. In fact, I took it with me and used it again before we came home.

You see, I'm a complete sissy when it comes to snow and ice on the roads - and today was a doozie. The highway was covered with broken patches of compact snow and ice, and in between was just slick. The snow was blowing everywhere, making visibility less than wonderful, too.

But, thanks to Feel5ive I didn't get in a panic even once. I didn't even get scared, and that's a first!

Thanks to Feel Bach! and Bach flower essences, I had a pleasant day in spite of the weather.

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