Thursday, March 26, 2009

Use Bach Flower Essences when life demands decisions

Are you being faced with too many decisions today? Many are. And for many of us it's difficult. Even while we know that making no choice really is making a choice, we're unable to make a conscious, deliberate move.

Remember back in school when girls used to be called "fickle" because they kept changing friends? They'd be "best friends" with one girl one week and another the next week. Then they'd do the same with boyfriends. When people talked about them they used the word "fickle" as a put-down and assumed that the girl in question was too self-centered to be loyal to anyone.

But that probably wasn't the case. The poor kid probably just couldn't make up her mind.

That's an emotional state that has more to do with lack of confidence than self-centeredness, but school kids don't look at underlying emotions. They only look at the outward actions.

Right now the state of the economy is forcing people to make tougher choices. And the decisions we're making are far more serious than who to hang out with after school.

In the financial area many need to choose which employment to seek or which new venture to follow to try to become self-employed. Those who would like to purchase a home need to decide if they should act right now or wait and see if prices and interest rates will fall even lower. People who wanted vacations have to decide if they should go forward, or cancel their plans because the economy is uncertain. Those involved in the stock market have to decide if they should buy, sell, or do nothing.

Those are hard decisions for people who have trouble even deciding which movie to see on a Saturday night or which shoes to wear with the blue dress.

If you find yourself paralyzed over making choices, let Bach Flower Remedies help you get over it. By rebalancing your energies, Bach flowers will help you release that paralysis and get moving.

Scleranthus is the Bach Flower Essence that helps people make day-to-day choices, and Wild Oat provides decision-making skills related to career and the kind of life you want to live.

You may have other issues that compound the problem, so read your FeelBach! brochure and identify the feelings that are holding you back. If you aren't quite sure what you need after reading the descriptions, fill out the questionnaire at FeelBach! and let the experts create a blend just for you.

The most important thing in getting the blend that will rebuild your emotional health is to be completely honest about your feelings.

If you don't have the FeelBach! brochure, go to the Feel Bach! website and read the on-site descriptions of the 38 flower essences and what they do.

Feel Good! Feel Bach!

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Timely Help: Wild Rose & Willow

Are you one of the thousands of Americans who has suffered financially from the economic crisis?

If so, you may be experiencing some emotions that can prevent you from going forward and making a new start.

Feelings of helplessness often keep talented individuals from moving forward - as in seeking a new job after a layoff, or in trying a good idea that would lead to self-employment income. Wild Rose can help you regain your direction and purpose - and move forward positively even when faced with huge obstacles.

Along with feelings of helplessness, bitterness, self-pity, and hatred are also common emotions for people who have been "downsized" through no fault of their own.

It's understandable. Right now, no one can blame downsized employees of major corporations for feeling resentment when they pick up the newspaper and read that the directors of those corporations have been handed millions as bonuses while they're wondering how to make the house payment. After all, how many jobs might have been saved with a couple million dollars?

But the fact is, resentment, bitterness, and all those other negative emotions won't solve the problem. The only way to move forward and regain a happy life is to put those emotions behind you and regain your positive outlook. Willow is the Bach Flower Remedy that will help you do just that.

When resentment is replaced with enjoyment and focus turns from what's wrong to what's right, more "right" things follow. In addition, individuals who exhibit a positive attitude are much more likely to find new employment faster. No one wants to be around a sourpuss, but everyone wants to be around a cheerful person. (Well, almost everyone. Some sourpuss people really can't stand cheerful people, but that's just a symptom of their own energy imbalance.)

If you're having a hard time dealing with the crisis, and if negative emotions are weighing you down, consider Willow and Wild Rose. But do read the Feel Bach! brochure to see if you need some other Bach Flower Essences as well.

For instance, if worry is causing you insomnia, you may need White Chestnut, and if you simply can't accept the changes that have occurred in your life, Walnut may be the answer.

If you don't yet have your Bach Flower Essences brochure from Feel Bach!, you can read about the 38 different flower essences on the website - and while you're there you can order your own brochure.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Could Wild Oat help you through the economic crisis?

It just occurred to me that the old folks used to talk about youngsters "Sowing their wild oats..." but that's not what I'm talking about.

In fact - far from it.

I'm talking about Wild Oat - the Bach flower essence - and the very serious subject of your career.

Right now American citizens are faced with making a lot of choices about our financial lives, and we're faced with far more uncertainty than feels comfortable. With many companies cutting back - or downsizing - people are worried about future earnings. Thus, many are thinking of adding some kind of self-employment as a second income.

For many people, the second income has soon replaced the first - and they're happier than ever before.

But - deciding to invest savings to get started is difficult. And when a person has more than one good idea, deciding which to pursue is difficult as well.

Others are trying to decide if they should switch jobs or careers - a big decision when the rule of thumb is usually "Last hired, first fired" when companies have to downsize.

Wild Oat is the Bach flower remedy that focuses on career. It provides decision making skills to help us identify the career we want, the life we want to live, and the paths to take in life.

If you're torn between 2 or more ideas - or can't decide if you even should try to pursue some kind of self employment, or take a new position that's been offered, Wild Oat will help.

Making good decisions is crucial to success - let Wild Oat help. Read all about it in your Feel Bach! Flower Essences brochure, or visit the Feel Bach! website and read the descriptions you'll find there.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bach Flower Essences for Today's Economic Woes

No, Bach Flower Essences aren't going to make your house worth more or cause the company you work for to stop laying off employees - but they just might lift your attitude enough to assure that YOU won't be one of the people out of a job.

Depression, fear, worry, and sadness over the state of the economy seems to be the dominant feeling everywhere you look these days. You can't pick up a newspaper without seeing more bad news, and that seems to be what everyone is talking about, too.

But, as in every economic crisis, some people will continue to thrive, both financially and emotionally. I think you'll agree that it's a good idea to be part of that group.

We all gravitate toward people who make us feel better - and avoid those who make us feel worse. So not giving in to gloomy thoughts right now and instead keeping an up-beat, can-do attitude will go a long way toward making sure that opportunities come your way.

Gorse is one of the flower essences that can help. According to the FeelBach! brochure, Gorse is for those who lose hope and faith. It insulates us from negative thoughts and gives us confidence to move on with hope and positive feelings.

And, since it's difficult not to feel envious of the corporate executives who have been paid multi-million dollar bonuses while taking billions from the Federal coffers for their failing companies, Holly might be a good choice. It helps release hatred, envy, and resentment.

Hornbeam and Mimulus also help rid us of negative feelings and fear, so could be appropriate today.

Only you know just what feelings this economy is causing in you - so get out your FeelBach! brochure and decide just what help you need. If you don't have one yet, just go to FeelBach! and request it - there's no charge.

Feeling the best you can feel in spite of the bad news around you is the best thing you can do to assure that you come through this crisis healthy, happy, and financially OK.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Feel5ive saved the day

If you do your own internet work, and if you're as technologically disadvantaged as I am, you know just how frustrating it can be.

I spent about 3 days this week just trying to make things work properly. And by Friday afternoon I was ready to snarl at anyone who dared come near me.

That did NOT feel good. And my frustration wasn't making the work go any easier. In fact, it was making it harder by the minute. I felt like I was never going to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it.

Then, about the time my ill humor sent my husband hurrying out of the house to find peace and quiet in his shop, I remembered my bottle of Feel5ive. It took 2 doses about a half hour apart - and then I was calm again and was able to figure out what I needed to do.

The silly part is - why didn't I think of that when I first started getting tense? It's not like I don't know how much good Feel5ive has done me in other stressful situations.

I think the best idea is for me to bring a bottle to my desk - so it's there in plain sight to remind me to use it before I get so wound up that I don't even want to be around me.

If you get as upset as I do over "techie stuff," remember to take your Bach flower remedies before it gets out of hand.

Wishing you a stress-free week...