Monday, April 25, 2016

Is the sameness in your routine exhausting you?

Are you in a rut that's put your life on auto-pilot?

Do you dread getting up in the morning to "Do it all over again?" Is your life one of excessive routine? Do you lack the energy and incentive to do something new? Are you perpetually exhausted?
Then you may be a Hornbeam personality in a negative state.

The negative hornbeam state can occur after a forced period of focused attention, such as when studying long and hard to reach a desired goal. It can happen due to enforced inactivity due to illness or injury.

Unfortunately, it can also come about due to a job which offers little in the way of mental challenge or variety in tasks. Young mothers who stay home with children or those who care for an invalid day after day, doing the same chores can also slip into a negative Hornbeam state.

When it happens, the sufferer experiences a weariness bordering on exhaustion, but it's primarily a mental, not a physical exhaustion. It stems from an imbalance and a failure of energy systems to communicate and work together.

Most who suffer from the negative Hornbeam state can be jarred out of it simply by having a new and unexpected challenge. However, this isn't always easy, because the sufferer fails to listen to his or her Higher Self and is resistant to change. Ordinary impulses to "do something" are brushed aside.
Using the Hornbeam flower essence developed by Dr. Bach will reconnect the energy systems and bring back the balance needed to enjoy life and welcome new challenges.

Interestingly, Hornbeam used in a compress is also useful in treating tired, irritated eyes and varicose veins. Used with other essences, it has provided help in drug rehabilitation, and it is often used by gardeners as a tonic to revitalize limp plants.

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Is Your Impatience Damaging Your Life ?

If you suffer from impatience, it probably means that you are a highly intelligent person. You're quick-thinking and quick-acting.

If you're suffering, it also means that you're in a negative Impatiens state, which can be damaging to you and to those around you.

Working with those who proceed at a slower pace is a constant irritant, so you're apt to become tense and irritable. From a physical standpoint, you could be prone to nervous indigestion, sudden pain due to nervous tension, and even hot flashes. You're also apt to tire quickly, simply because the stress combined with inaction is exhausting.

Are you an impatiens personality?

In addition to being highly intelligent, Impatiens personalities are independent, although they're generally open to good advice. The best jobs for them allow them to work alone, at their own fast pace. While their intelligence and efficiency often get them promoted to "higher" positions, this is not where they want to be, nor is it where they belong, because it can put them into a negative state.

Those in a negative impatiens state make very unpopular supervisors, since they'd rather just do a task themselves instead of guiding and teaching a trainee. As bosses, they tend to push employees until they become known as slave-drivers.

They make even worse teachers.

I recall a teacher I knew who was an impatiens personality in a perpetual negative state. She taught algebra, and her students suffered. Those who could grasp the concept from the book alone did well, but students who needed instruction simply ended up hating algebra. She had no patience with teaching and would berate those students for their stupidity.

Impatiens parents tend to do things for their children rather than teaching them to do for themselves – which can be extremely damaging to those children. I've known young people who didn't even know how to sew on a button, or load a dishwasher, simply because their parents didn't take the time to show them how.  

Fortunately, Dr. Bach created the Impatiens flower essence to allow the impatiens personality to enjoy life with their more "laid back" co-workers, friends, and relatives
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