Friday, March 28, 2008

Bach Flower Essences for Birds

Many years ago, when my firstborn son was small, he wanted baby chicks. So... we got baby chicks. They were cute and little and were living in a paper towel box in my office.

Then they started to grow, and the day the insurance man came to visit, one got out of the box and started running around the house, with my small son in hot pursuit. That night I told my husband that he really did have to fix up a chicken house outdoors.

Eventually the chicks got big enough to lay eggs and we enjoyed the fresh supply, but it didn't take too many months for mom to tire of cleaning a chicken house, so I gave them to a neighbor who had lots of chickens. I know, most people would have eaten them, but that wasn't an option for me.

That was my first and only experience with owning a bird, so the fact that they can suffer from emotional turmoil had never entered my mind. That is, not until today when I started looking around the web to see what different people had to say about Bach Flower Essences.

It turns out that since flower essences are natural and it isn't possible to overdose, they're a perfect remedy for pet birds. Who knew?

The blog posts I read didn't mention it, but I would guess that the same pet questionaire that serves for cats and dogs would allow bird owners to identify the specific combination of flower essences needed to ease their birds' maladies.

If you've used flower essences for your birds, why not write and tell us about your experiences...

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