Monday, November 10, 2008

Using Bach Flowers to heal emotional trauma in dogs

This week we had a question about how to help a dog overcome a severe trauma.

It seems the dog had committed a transgression, and the owner had become so enraged, he beat the dog. Now it will hardly eat, has diarrhea, and cowers when people come near.

Since the dog can't tell us exactly how he feels, we assumed that he's suffering from rejection, fear, anger, and loss of trust. We considered the attributes of each of the 38 Bach flower essences, and suggested a blend to help him recover.

We also suggested that his person take the questionnaire and get a personal remedy to treat his own emotional state, since the beating was an out-of-control act that may or may not have had anything to do with the severity of the dog's sins.

Meanwhile, we suggested that the man and the friend who wrote us both take time to lavish love and affection on that dog. Bach Flower Remedies will help to rebalance his energies and let him trust again, but he does need to see some signs that there is someone there to trust.

Many disbelieve that dogs understand English. I personally feel very jealous of them because they can understand me while I cannot understand them. English is apparently an easier language to learn than "dog." Or else they're smarter than we are.

But whether the dog understands the actual words spoken, or merely the emotions conveyed, sitting down beside him and apologizing is the first thing this pet owner should do. That is, assuming he's sorry he inflicted this pain upon the dog.

If he isn't sorry, then perhaps the dog needs a different home, because dogs are dogs. He will undoubtedly "sin" again.

After that, the people in this dog's life need to show approval and affection at every opportunity. That isn't to say the dog should not have discipline. Dogs, like children, need to have limits set. But there's a huge difference between discipline and beatings.

I send good wishes for their mutual healing...

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