Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Healing emotional energy can cause physical symptoms

Scientists and the medical profession have slowly come to the
realization that a person’s mental/emotional state does have a profound impact on their physical state. We humans are not machines with parts and pieces that operate independently from each other. 

The most widely understood connection between emotion and physical health is that of stress causing high blood pressure. Most doctors do now acknowledge that as fact. 

Many also accept that physical “cleansing” can be beneficial to a body’s physical systems. The most enlightened recognize that emotional cleansing can also positively impact a body’s physical systems. 

We’ve seen people concerned that after a few weeks of taking Dr. Bach’s flower remedies to alleviate long-standing emotional issues such as depression, fear, or insecurity, they begin to experience physical symptoms such as rashes or a discharge. 

They mistakenly think that while the flower essences are making them feel better mentally and emotionally, they are causing a negative physical reaction. 

They are causing a reaction – but it is not negative. It is, in fact positive, because it is a symptom of cleansing. The rash or discharge demonstrates that the body is releasing toxins that have built up over the years in response to the emotional blockages.  

The really good news is that the end result of releasing those toxins will likely cause renewed physical energy and health. The patient will enjoy newfound well-being on both a physical and emotional level.  

graphic courtesy of Stuart Miles @ freedigitalphotos.net