Monday, December 01, 2008

Banish Stress this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is behind us and the build-up to Christmas has already begun...

For some this is a time of joy and anticipation. They love the shopping, the baking, the decorating, and the parties.

For others it's a time to dread.

If you are one who dreads the Christmas season, why not turn it around - take control of the situation so you can enjoy it.

First, determine why you're beginning to feel stressed. Sit down with yourself and really think about it. Then make changes.

If money is the problem, remember that the people who love you are more interested in you than the money you spend on them. So give them some time - by spending time with them or by taking the time to use your imagination on inexpensive but thoughtful gifts - or both.

If you take on too many projects, decide which ones you don't enjoy and drop them! This is your life, so live it doing what you love to do. Say no when you want to, and don't offer an explanation.

If you're going to face people who always bring you down, remember that people who do that really aren't worth you worrying about. Either decide not to spend time with them, determine to ignore them, or get bold and call them at their game.

There's no law that says you must invite Cousin Mildrid to dinner if she's going to tell you for the tenth time that your stuffing is dry. But of course, if you feel like you must invite her to keep peace in the family, why not call and tell her to show up early - with stuffing in hand - since she doesn't like yours.

Think about those situations and what you could do - if nothing else you'll get a chuckle thinking about it.

If you're lonely, look around you. Someone else is lonely too, so reach out.

Meanwhile, do some things to lift your own spirits. Get outside and take a brisk walk - the exercise is energizing and clears your head. Turn on music you love and sing along at the top of your lungs. Even better, get up and dance while you sing - you'll be amazed at how good that feels.

Schedule time with a favorite friend for shopping and lunch. Set aside some one-on-one time with kids, parents, spouse, or anyone else who is important to you.

Take an evening off and curl up with a good book or a favorite movie.

Sit down and make a list of things you're thankful for. I know, Thanksgiving is over, but being thankful each day gives you a better attitude and helps kick the Law of Attraction into action to bring more of those good things into your life. Decide now to turn your focus to the good things in your life.

Turn off the TV - especially the news. If there isn't anything you can do about the problem, then ignore it.

If your self-examination revealed some emotional issues you need to deal with, go to Feel Bach! and take the questionnaire. Then get the Bach flower essences blend that's indicated and remember to take it. That bit of help with balancing your energies might be just what you need to give you the courage to make that call to Cousin Mildrid.

You deserve to feel good - and to enjoy the Holiday Season just as much as anyone else. It's not selfish - because the better you feel, the better the people who love you will feel. Even the people you work with will benefit.

So get busy - do something for you today.

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