Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summertime - or is it?

Mother Nature has sure been unpredictable lately. After only about 2 weeks of hot summer weather, early evenings are once again chilly enough to send me into the house for a jacket. The air is already beginning to feel like Autumn, but at least we haven't had frost.

News reports said some places in Oregon were down to 20 degrees last week, and gardens were ruined. That might be enough to put me in a blue funk for days. I'd be headed straight for FeelBach! to get the flower essence just right for lifting depression.

Since winter overstayed its welcome, our gardens are behind schedule. I think my corn will be nothing more than a treat for the horses - they love even the stalks, so it doesn't matter to them if the ears grow or not.

Meanwhile, we have a doe and fawn who have been helping themselves to the tops of the bean plants, a bit of lettuce, part of a row of carrots, and a few pea plants. She's even trimmed the raspberry canes back - but they're producing abundantly anyway.

Every time I go out to the garden I expect to find it empty, but so far she's leaving some for the rest of us. I hope she doesn't tell the other deer about her tasty finds, or it will be empty one of these days!

It's turning into such a busy summer, I might be relieved to harvest only enough to eat fresh - and not feel obligated to can or freeze the rest. Maybe I should thank that deer for her efforts to ease my work load. I think I'll do that.

Wishing you joy...

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