Friday, March 28, 2008

Bach Flower Essences for Birds

Many years ago, when my firstborn son was small, he wanted baby chicks. So... we got baby chicks. They were cute and little and were living in a paper towel box in my office.

Then they started to grow, and the day the insurance man came to visit, one got out of the box and started running around the house, with my small son in hot pursuit. That night I told my husband that he really did have to fix up a chicken house outdoors.

Eventually the chicks got big enough to lay eggs and we enjoyed the fresh supply, but it didn't take too many months for mom to tire of cleaning a chicken house, so I gave them to a neighbor who had lots of chickens. I know, most people would have eaten them, but that wasn't an option for me.

That was my first and only experience with owning a bird, so the fact that they can suffer from emotional turmoil had never entered my mind. That is, not until today when I started looking around the web to see what different people had to say about Bach Flower Essences.

It turns out that since flower essences are natural and it isn't possible to overdose, they're a perfect remedy for pet birds. Who knew?

The blog posts I read didn't mention it, but I would guess that the same pet questionaire that serves for cats and dogs would allow bird owners to identify the specific combination of flower essences needed to ease their birds' maladies.

If you've used flower essences for your birds, why not write and tell us about your experiences...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Springtime - a time of joy or depression?

Spring is here - at least that's what the calendar says.

But alas, here in North Idaho it forgot to arrive. Instead of looking out the window at daffodils and tufts of green grass, we watched the snow sliding from our roof all day.

It could be easy to get depressed over that, but our soil really did need extra moisture after several mild winters, so we're all working hard to pretend it doesn't matter if we can't plant our gardens in time to grow more than lettuce and spinach this year.

Unfortunately, for some the long winter just adds to a depressed frame of mind. And others will be pulled into deeper sadness by this coming week-end. Most Americans will be celebrating Easter - with religious services or with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies - or both. But most will be celebrating somehow, and usually with friends and family.

For those who don't have friends or family nearby, it can be a tough week-end.

If that's you, Bach Flower Essences can help. They can't change the weather, and they can't directly bring people into your life to ease lonliness, but they can help you cope.

Plus, if lonliness is getting you down, by rebalancing your energies, flower essences can help you project a more positive attitude toward the world, which very often results in bringing new and wonderful people into your life.

When we get down, we spiral further down and people tend to shy away because it just isn't much fun to be around someone who is unhappy. But when our own attitudes begin to lift and we begin to accept and embrace the joy and good that surrounds us, people feel that and are drawn to us.

If you feel "down" you may not even be sure why, but the questionaire at Feel Bach! can help you sort it out.

I wish you joy - this week-end and all year long...

Monday, March 17, 2008

More ways to ensure your health

You know that Bach Flower Essences can help you feel good by rebalancing your body's energies, but what else can you do to promote your own health?

Start by making a concerted effort to avoid toxins.

One good step in the right direction is to drink water from a safe source. Just this week, the Society of Toxicology is meeting to discuss the problem of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water of 41 million Americans. Your body doesn't need all that, so find a company that bottles pure water and spend the extra to be safe.

Next, cut down on chemicals in your household - including chemicals in your cookware.

Third, whenever you can, eat organically grown fruits, vegetables, and meats. If you can't find organic produce, be sure to wash everything thoroughly, or remove the outer skins.

Bach Flower Essences from Feel Bach! are a natural and safe alternative to using prescription drugs. Now add some natural and safe alternatives to eating and drinking toxins.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a crazy year we're having! Mother Nature is really asserting her authority - letting us know that she really is the boss.

Last night I talked to a friend in Texas who was enjoying 89 degree weather. As she spoke I looked out my window at the pile of snow that has fallen from my roof. It's melting - now it's only about 3 feet tall! And the lighted reindeer I put out in the yard at Christmas time is now visible again. It amazes me to look at him and his tall antlers and realize that a month ago he was completely buried.

So, Spring will come to North Idaho eventually - as it will to the other Northern states that are still blanketed in white or frozen into immobility.

Meanwhile, we need to tap into our reserves of patience. As much as I'd like to get some garden seeds started in my sun room, I've decided that I have to wait until I can at least see the garden soil again. I have one friend who is so upset over this delay that I told her to get over to Feel Bach! and order a custom blend. She's depressed because that's how the lack of light affects her - and now the frustration of waiting for winter to end has really got her down.

Bach Flower Remedies won't make Spring weather come sooner, but they will help her enjoy life while she's waiting.

If you're a fellow northerner, just remember that while we're feeling jealous of friends enjoying the fine weather in the south - come summertime we'll be comfortable while they roast. Then the jealously tables will turn. I think we all have to endure a little discomfort just so we appreciate the truly fine days we're all blessed with.

Wishing you the finest prelude to Spring you've ever experienced...


Monday, March 10, 2008

Sleep remedies, one size doesn't fit all!

If you have sleep problems you may have tried all sorts of over the counter medications - maybe you've even tried something from the doctor. And maybe they've worked for you - if your particular problem is what they were designed to help.

But the truth is, not all sleep problems are alike. That's why Feel Bach! has four different formulas to give you sweet dreams. The one I use is for having trouble falling asleep. My mind didn't always want to shut down and be quiet at the end of the day. Instead, I would just keep right on working while I was trying to be asleep. My sweet dreams formula is putting an end to that energy-draining problem, letting me relax, and allowing me to set aside the day's concerns and get the rest I need.

Other people fall asleep easily enough, but then keep waking up. Others wake up too early in the morning and can't fall back to sleep, even though their bodies haven't had enough rest. Still others suffer from nightmares that wake them frequently during the night. How terrible!

I have nightmares once in a great while, and they're awful! I can really feel for people who have them every night. People I've met who suffer from them tell me that traditional sleeping pills do nothing to help - and in fact sometimes the chemicals make the nightmares even worse.

Since these problems are all so different, it's no wonder that "one size fits all" drugs can't help everyone.

Flower essences go after the problem in a completely different manner. Instead of putting a chemical "band aid" on sleeplessness, they gently rebalance your energies so that you can naturally sleep well. They won't work instantly like a pill, but the help they give will be long lasting. And since they're all natural and have no known side effects, you wake refreshed instead of groggy.

Before I discovered Sweet Dreams, I used to spend a good half hour doing meditation in order to clear my mind and fall asleep. It usually worked, unless there was so much going on that I couldn't relax to meditate. I still think meditation is a good thing, and highly recommend it, but now I don't have to "work at it" any more.

I wish you good rest...