Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't hate the fickle person - Help them with Bach Flower Remedies

When you hear talk of someone who is “fickle” what do you assume?

You might think the person is disloyal, self-centered, and uncaring about the people that he or she hurts along the way.

But it could be that the person is simply a Scleranthus personality – and in its negative state.

It could be that the fickleness isn’t limited to personal relationships – but is an over-riding inability to stick with even the most trivial decisions. Those in a negative Scleranthus state have trouble even deciding which shirt to wear or what to order from the dinner menu.

In this state, the sufferer (for they do suffer) reacts strongly to all outside impulses and experiences wild mood swings. They don’t intend to be disloyal to friends or sweethearts – it’s just that one day they think the world of someone, and the next day don’t like them at all.

This indecision – or imbalance – in the mental and emotio state often carries over to the physical state. The result is an ever-changing litany of physical complaints and such extremes as ravenous hunger followed by a complete loss of appetite.

As with all emotional maladies, the negative Scleranthus state comes about because of a disconnect with the Higher Self. Since Scleranthus has the soul potentials of poise and balance, those in the positive state are able to maintain balance in all circumstances – and they make and keep correct decisions quickly.

Treatment with the Bach Flower Essence Scleranthus can turn a fickle person into a decisive, loyal friend.

If you think this might be YOU, visit our Bach Flower Reference guide and read more about Scleranthus. Or, visit FeelBach! and take the diagnostic questionnaire.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When Strong Leadership Leads to Dictatorship

Strong leaders are quite often Vine personalities. These individuals are very capable, able to handle a crisis with calm presence of mind, and able to see the path to success.

Used wisely and with love, these traits can lead a family, an organization, or even a country safely through the inevitable trouble spots.

However, when the Vine personality becomes “too full of itself,” begins to believe in its own superiority, and loses the soul connection that creates regard for its fellow man, trouble follows.

Dictators we’ve seen throughout history are prime examples of the negative Vine state. They believe they know best and that their goals are the only ones that matter. They have complete disregard for others’ thoughts and feelings – and even for others’ lives. Think of Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

Negative Vine personalities in business are just as ruthless in their own way. They have the power to destroy people’s financial lives or their reputations – and they use it with no remorse. The negative Vine person truly feels that his or her opinion, career, or future is the only one that matters. Other people are dispensable.

In a family, the negative Vine state is disastrous. When o person’s need to dominate overrides their love and regard for family members, relationships can be permanently destroyed.

Do you know someone like this? Are you someone like this?

The Bach Flower Essence Vine can transform this negative state back into a positive. It can allow this person to use their vast capabilities with love, compassion, and wisdom.

In a positive state, the Vine personality can positively serve the interests of the family, the company, the community, or the country.

To learn more about Bach Flower Essences, visit Feel Bach!

With Bach Flower Essences on your side, there's no need to live with energy imbalances that destroy your happiness.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Been a Feel5ive Week

The last 7 days or so were supposed to be fun and exciting, but they turned into Feel5ive days.

It all started on Tuesday when I ordered a new computer tower and software. They said the software would be delivered Wednesday and the computer on Friday. That meant I had to be home both days to sign for them.

Wednesday came and went – and I discovered that the driver had used his GPS to find our home, so he ended up at a dead end. I should have warned them that it wouldn’t work, but since I’d gotten deliveries from this company many times, I didn’t think of it.

Who knows why GPS is programmed incorrectly here, but at least it’s consistent with on-line driving directions. They both take people on a wild goose chase.

So… I spent a couple of hours on the phone trying to reach someone who could convey my message to the driver: Use your map, NOT your GPS!

Then late on Friday the computer arrived. After dinner I started setting it up, and before long realized it would not open any of my own domains.

That started a long series of phone calls – one with the company technician lasting 2 ½ hours. And still – no success. Meanwhile, he had me uninstall everything I had installed so far – like anti-virus.

Finally, at 11 p.m. on Saturday night, I discovered the problem. The default settings in the computer firewall were set to block my own domains.

Why? I have no clue. And why didn’t their own technician know this? Again – no clue.

All I know for sure is that my bottle of Feel5ive came in pretty handy as I got through these days.

And now… one last glitch. Until I get to a store, I can’t connect both computers to the Internet at the same time. It seems that a delinquent feline decided to chew on the cable that would allow me to plug in the second computer. I’m just grateful that she only wrecked one of them.

If you have days or weeks like this, be sure to keep a bottle of Feel5ive on hand. It can keep you from “stress overload” and let you enjoy the rest of your life in spite of the frustrations.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Protect Your Pets this Week-end!

As you get ready to enjoy this holiday week-end, remember that it might not be so enjoyable for your dogs and cats.

The sight, sound, and smell of fireworks can set them into a panic. If left outdoors, they can try to run away from it, and subsequently become lost. When working in animal rescue, I found the week after the 4 to be the most heartbreaking as report after report of lost pets poured Sadly, most were never found.

If you know your pet is afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, you probably have a bottle of Thunderstorms on hand. Be sure to start putting a few drops in your pets’ water bowl now. If you don’t have any, use Feel5ive to help alleviate the fear and stress.

Meanwhile, don’t leave your pets outdoors alone this week-end unless you know the fireworks won’t bother them. (We have one dog who will sleep through them.)

If you’re leaving them home while you go play, make sure they have a safe place to “hide” if things get scary. Some want to be under a bed or in the back corner of a closet. One dog I had thought it was safe behind the toilet!

If you don’t let your dogs in the house, put them in the garage, and create a “Hidey hole” with a large box or by stacking boxes around a corner to create a space just big enough to hide in. Include their favorite blanket and/or something of yours to give them the comfort of your scent.