Saturday, February 02, 2008

"The Secret" and your energy fields

Lately I've been talking to several people who want to use the law of attraction and the teachings found in "The Secret," but they're having trouble with it. They can't seem to get beyond their own feelings to begin focusing on what they want rather than what they don't want.

Right now in our part of the country too many people are focused on what's wrong - everything from high gas prices to too darned much snow! And then that negativity carries over into every other part of their lives.

But my group of friends would really like to shake free of that and just enjoy this new year.

It has occurred to me that their energy fields may be playing a large part in their problems. These blocked fields are keeping them trapped in negative thought patterns which further feed their inability to focus on happiness.

Thus I've been telling my friends to think about using flower essences. Since they are completely harmless and only serve to bring the body back into balance, there is no danger of the negative results which generally come with the use of drugs.

The list of flower essences and their uses at the FeelBach! site can help identify the feelings that are getting in the way of positive focus and help them to begin using the law of attraction to attract good things - instead of the things they're complaining about today.

Everyone deserves to feel good, so I hope my friends take my advice. And if you're stuck in this unhappy rut, I hope you do too!

Here's to a good year ahead...


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