Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Holidays are coming! Time to stop stress before it starts!

What gives you the most stress during the upcoming holiday season?

  • Is it trying to find the perfect gift for every person on your list?
  • Is it worry over being the perfect host or hostess for a large family gathering?
  • Is it office parties? 
  • Is it simply having too many extra duties added to an already busy life?
  • Is it facing change because of death, divorce, or children leaving the nest?

Whatever it is, FeelBach! has a flower remedy to help you breeze through the season without getting all
tangled up in an emotional upheaval.

If you're usually a capable person, but begin to feel inadequate when faced with holiday stresses, choose Elm. 

If you always lack confidence, and feel even worse when confronted with a task such as cooking a feast for the in-laws or deciding on the perfect gift for a nephew, choose Larch.  Larch will help you gain the confidence you need to look back at past accomplishments and realize that yes, you really CAN do it.

If this is the time of year when you're most likely to let others bulldoze you into taking on far more tasks than you want to handle, start taking Centaury now - and find it easy to say "No."

If this is the year that a child has decided to spend the holidays elsewhere, and you're used to being the center of his or her universe, take Chicory to alleviate your need to control. They do love you, you know! Chicory will help you let go of the need to make them prove it by their presence.

If you're facing the season with a change that you couldn't prevent and didn't want, use Walnut to help you accept what you must accept - and get on with living.

Since you may be experiencing several different reasons for stress, come to FeelBach! and fill out the .questionnaire. Based on your answers, our experts will choose the perfect blend to help you get on track, stay on track, and actually enjoy the season.