Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lack of Sleep is a Major Problem – Let Dr. Bach Help You Overcome It

Lack of sleep can cause everything from obesity to failure on the job. It can leave your nerves frayed and cause conflicts with the people you love. And when it causes you to drop off at inappropriate times, it can even cause serious accidents. 

Pharmaceutical sleep aids are almost as bad as sleeplessness – leaving you groggy and unfocused in the morning. And of course we've all read about the horrible side effects, not the least of which is getting up in the middle of the night to do things (like drive a car) that you're not even aware of. 

Sleeplessness has varied causes, which is why FeelBach! has created four separate sleep formulas, using Dr. Bach's flower essences. 

Here are the formulas, and how to use them.

SweetDreams #1 – You toss and turn and can't fall asleep. Take 4 drops an hour before going to bed.

SweetDreams #2 - Your mind won't shut down and let you stay asleep. Take 4 drops every time you awake; not more than 3 x times a night.

SweetDreams #3 – You have nightmares that awaken you throughout the night. Take 4 drops every time you awake; not more than 3 x times a night.

SweetDreams #4 – You awaken far too early each morning – missing valuable sleep time. Take 4 drops x 4 times a day.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proper use of Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies

Proper use of Flower Remedies and Essences depends upon whether the condition you're treating is temporary or chronic.

When using Bach Flowers for a specific and temporary condition – such as stress before an upcoming exam, airline travel, or visit to the dentist – you can use the Feel5ive formula in one of two ways: 

Eight drops in a cup of mineral water, sipped slowly
Four drops under the tongue as needed
For immediate effect, take at least eight drops per day. 

Other temporary conditions might include bitterness over a job loss (Willow), sudden loss or change (Walnut), or an overload of responsibilities (Elm).

For Chronic Conditions: 

If you're using a personal compound to overcome a chronic condition such as depression, fear, lack of confidence, Attention Deficit Disorder, or a smoking addiction: 

Simply use the dropper and take 4 drops under your tongue 4 times per day. (Increase this to 6 times per day during the first few days of treatment.) You should do this upon awakening and at bedtime. Then take 4 drops again sometime during the morning and again sometime during the afternoon. Since the bottle is small, it's easy to carry if you'll be at work most of the day. But for the sake of convenience, you may want to keep one bottle at work and one at home. 

For babies, place a few drops in their water bottle. 

When treating pets, you can give them drops under the tongue, but the easiest method is to place a few drops in their water bowl each time you fill it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Can Flower Essences Help You Find Love?

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Do you have someone to share it with? If not, Dr. Bach's essences may be able to help you change that situation by next Valentine's Day.

How? By helping you overcome the emotional imbalances that are preventing you from finding love.
For instance: 

Centaury will help rid you of feelings of inferiority – so you CAN reach out to meet someone new, or make your feelings known to someone who is in your life right now. 

Cherry Plum will allow you to "let go of the reins" and allow yourself to give in to your loving feelings.

Gentian is another essence that will give you confidence – to believe in yourself and your worth to others. 

Water Violet will help you develop "people skills" and allow you to bond with others. 

The reasons for being alone are many, and most of them are rooted in our own emotions. So visit FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire. It will give you insight into yourself and you'll come away with the perfect formula to get your emotional life back on track.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

When decision-making becomes a problem...

Do you suffer when you have to make a decision? Do you ask friends and family what to do, because you don't trust your own instincts? If so, you’re in a negative Cerato state.

This negative state causes you to mistrust your inner voice and seek guidance from others, sometimes to your detriment.  

It not only causes you unhappiness, it causes friends and family to become annoyed with you.
Most of us really don't want to be responsible for telling people what to decide about either minor or major life changes. But the negative Cerato personality will persist in asking - and asking again.

The interesting part of this is that you probably do know the right answer to your question or solution to your problem. You just don’t trust that it’s right. So, you ask opinions of everyone. Naturally, those opinions will differ, so you’re left with a new decision – whose advice should you take?

Once back in a positive Cerato state, your inner voice grows stronger. So instead of agonizing over every decision, you’ll have an air of quiet certainty. What a relief!

Doctor Bach classified
Ceratoas one of the “Twelve Healers” in his collection of 38 flower essences. These twelve he described as key to transforming root personality imbalances, which he believed were associated with physical illness as well as mental and emotional distress.

If you're suffering from indecision, order your bottle of Cerato from
Feel Bach today... so you can start trusting your higher self once again.