Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feel5ive - a help during times of sorrow

This week a friend wrote me about having to have a beloved horse put to sleep. He was very ill and the vet had explained that there was no hope.

She was understandably upset as she waited for the vet to arrive, and hoping that she wouldn't fall apart. And then she remembered the bottle of Feel5ive that had gotten her through some stressful times last Spring.

It didn't take away the sadness, but it did let her calm down and deal with the day without, as she said "Turning into a puddle."

Since she hadn't needed to use Feel5ive in several months, she almost forgot that she had it. She said she was awfully glad that she remembered. It not only helped her get through that afternoon, but helped her stay calm when she told others about it. The horse had been sick for several weeks, and all of her friends were asking about him, so she had to repeat it several times.

No one wants to face a day like hers, but it is nice to know that Bach flower essences offer help for stressful situations. My friend is very grateful that she found Feel Bach! and that she had the right remedy on hand when the need was great.

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Ching said...

I was casually blogging about my experience with Bach when I came across your website. It is amazing how Bach can feel so spiritual to you and many others!