Monday, December 14, 2015

Do You Want to Find Contentment and Appreciation in the New Year?

Do You Want to Find Contentment,  Appreciation, and even Joy in the New Year?

We always think of a new year as a time for new beginnings – a new fresh start at life. But if you've been harboring old grudges, it's not easy to do. Those unhappy feelings of bitterness, self-pity, and even hatred tend to linger, and due to the law of attraction, they keep growing.

Take charge of your feelings in 2016 by turning to Dr. Bach's flower essence, Willow.

Willow is the flower essence that allows us to replace negative feelings with enjoyment, and to appreciate the good things in our lives. It allows us to accept challenges as they arrive and to "roll with the punches" rather than letting them overwhelm us.  

If you want to go into the New Year with a positive outlook on life, choose Willow.

Dr. Bach's flower essences enhance our lives by helping us re-balance the energies that have gotten off-kilter. They help us reconnect with our inner beings – our higher selves – and to listen to those whisperings from a higher power.

Visit FeelBach! today and see how much better your life can be in 2016. 

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

If the holiday season gives you more stress and sadness than joy, let Dr. Bach help!

While some people love the holiday season and enjoy every moment, others find it a season of nonstop stress.

For some it's simply the fact that there is SO much to do. Between shopping and wrapping, decorating, cooking, and attending parties, they feel completely overwhelmed. Those who have children in school get an extra dose – with school events and parties for kids. And of course, those who can't say "no" do come under a lot of stress at this time of year.

For others it's the stress of feeling "judged." They worry about getting the right gifts, having their homes look exactly right, and wearing the correct clothes to parties. Those who host the holiday dinners spend weeks worrying about how the food will turn out.

Another source of stress is change. Perhaps you moved away from your family this year – or someone who has always been a part of your holidays has moved away. Perhaps the dinner that was always at Grandma's house will now be served at Aunt Tillie's. Perhaps the dinner you always cooked will now be prepared by your new daughter-in-law.

Did one of these scenarios just describe you? If so, help can soon be on the way.

Fortunately, Dr. Bach created flower essences to help you get through the season with a feeling of enjoyment rather than dread.

If you need to adjust your energies to enable yourself to say "no," turn to Centaury.  You'll soon feel back in control of your own time. 

The Feel5ive formula calms general stress – the kind that comes from simply having too many things to do. Take it 4 times each day during the season and stay calm and worry free. Maybe everything won't be done – or won't be done perfectly. You won't let it bother you.

If your insecurities cause you to feel inadequate – and feel that others are judging you for your shortcomings – turn to Centaury, Gentian, and Larch. If your biggest critic is YOU, because you set impossible standards for yourself, choose Rock Water.

If change is getting you down, use Walnut. This is the essence that helps us make transitions more easily.

If you dread the holidays but aren't quite sure why, come to FeelBach! and take the questionnaire. Our experts will soon choose the flower essence formula that will put you on the road to enjoying this season.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

If Your Child Suffers From Bedwetting ...

Parents of children who suffer from bedwetting often say they've tried everything from punishment, to rewards, to medication – all without results.

It's hard on the parents, but that poor child is really suffering, because he or she can't control the problem short of staying away 24 hours a day.

The solution could be simple. He or she may be suffering from a negative Cherry Plum state.

In the negative Cherry Plum state, people feel ready to explode because they keep so many feelings pent up inside. They keep themselves under tight control, not letting on to the outside world the turmoil that resides within. This state can lead to violence when "the dam finally breaks."

In adults, it often leads to depression and an inability to work efficiently. In children, it can lead to bed wetting, because sleep is the only time they're able to release their anxieties. Unfortunately, that release of inner anxieties often results in a wet bed. The problem is compounded because a bed-wetting child will often deny himself or herself many of the joys of childhood – such as camping trips and sleep-overs with friends.

Dr. Bach's Flower Essence, CherryPlum, can free your child to share his worries and anxieties with you - and free both of you from the stress and embarrassment of bed wetting.

Feel Bach! today and help your child get on the path to happiness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is Depression Stealing Your Life?

Depression seems at almost epidemic proportions today. Thousands are going through life in a state of resigned apathy – while those who want to get over it are taking anti-depressant pharmaceuticals that can cause yet other ailments.

The friends and family of these depressed individuals suffer as well. They do all in their power to cheer up their loved one and try to get him or her interested in life, but to no avail. And, while they may care very deeply for that person, they really don't enjoy being around them, so eventually drift away. Of course, that makes them feel guilty, so it's a vicious circle.

It doesn't have to be that way. Three of Dr. Bach's flower essences can help, especially when used in combination with a desire to feel better.

Wild Rose is the flower essence that combats the mental state of having given up. It is often a long term remedy used to alleviate a long-term energy imbalance – one that may have begun in childhood. It's also used to combat temporary depression following an event such as a miscarriage.

Wild Rose is effective treatment for those who have no hope – for whom life has no promise of better things to come.

Gorse helps the individual who did have hopes, but feels that those hopes must now be buried. The person suffering from a Gorse imbalance hopes for something outside himself to come along and make it better – and refuses to follow his inner voice because he's given up inside. At the same time, he doesn't believe that anything can help.

Chestnut Bud is for those who feel that they are at the limit of their endurance. They haven't yet given up, but aren't sure how much longer they can hold on.

Don't settle for a life of depression and despair - Visit FeelBach! today and begin letting Dr. Bach's flower remedies help you get your life back on track. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Flower Essences for a Frightening August

While this summer has brought torrential rains and flooding to some parts of the country, others are right now in the midst of the worst fire season in years. Thousands of acres are burning in areas with no rain in the forecast – just wind to further fan the flames.

Fear is an emotion felt by many.

While caution is a wise thing right now, fear can get in the way of daily activities. In fact, when left unchecked it can become paralyzing.

If your own fear has begun to erode your enjoyment of life, look to Dr. Bach's remedies. Mimulus is the flower essence that restores courage and puts reason back in the equation. This is the essence for those who are naturally of a delicate nature and prone to fearing things and situations that others do not fear.

For fear bordering on terror, choose Rock Rose. A principal ingredient of Feel5ive, Rock Rose helps restore courage in the face of emergencies, sudden illnesses, and natural disasters. It liberates the personality from its state of frozen fear and allows reason to prevail.

With the influence of Rock Rose, individuals are able to function and take necessary steps for survival in the face of emergencies. For instance, to think clearly, be prepared, and take action if it actually becomes necessary to gather belongings and get out of the way of an approaching fire or flood.

We can't control nature, but we can control the way our emotions react to nature's quirks. 

If you're feeling fear, don't wait. Go to FeelBach! and order your Flower Essences today. In just a few days, you'll be feeling much calmer and more confident that yes, you and yours will get through this trying summer. 

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to choose the flower essence that's right for you, your child, or your pet

When Dr. Bach formulated his 38 flower essences, each had a specific function.

Some will help with personality traits that could be holding you back from true happiness, while others will help you overcome anxieties and fears. Some work best in combination, which is why we offer general remedies such as Feel Bach's Feel5ive, our sleep formulas, our ADHD remedy, the stop smoking formula, etc..

FeelBach! offers two ways for you to choose the flower essence or the combination that's right for you.

If you wish to choose for yourself, start by reading the short overview of each essence at FeelBach! Then visit for more in-depth information about the essences you believe might be right for you.

The other is to let our experts choose for you. Simply visit FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire. As you'll see, there are separate questionnaires for adults, for children, and for your pets.

From your answers to the questionnaire, our experts will determine which essences are needed to re-balance your energies and bring you back to a state of well being.

Once you've gotten your formula, you can go back to to read about the essences that were chosen based on your questionnaire answers. You just might gain some added insight into your subconscious!

And yes! Pets CAN be helped with Dr. Bach's remedies. We even have specific formulas for some of their most common problems:
  • Stress or sorrow due to the loss of a loved one, a move, a new baby in the house, etc.
  • Fear of noise (from thunderstorms or fireworks)
  • Separation anxiety 

Life is supposed to be good - so if yours is giving you trouble, let Dr. Bach and his flower essences help. Visit FeelBach! today. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are You Afraid to Enjoy Summertime?

Summertime brings opportunities for fun – whether it's trips to visit friends and family, or adventures in the great outdoors.

Most look forward to this time when the kids are out of school and the family can schedule a few days off to simply enjoy.

But those who are living in fear of life don't enjoy it much.

A trip means the possibility of being involved in an auto accident – or even food poisoning from a strange
restaurant. Outdoor adventures like hiking, boating, and skiing bring a fear of injury that's far stronger than the anticipation of fun.

Those with this fear are suffering from a negative Mimulus state, and it's likely that those who love them are greatly affected.

Mimulus Moms and Dads don't just fear for themselves - they tend to project their fears onto their children as well. And no child needs that.

A child anticipating a week at camp where he or she will experience a first pony ride doesn't want to hear "But what if you fall off? What if the pony runs away? What if you get brushed off on a tree branch?" If he's going to learn to paddle a canoe he doesn't need to hear "But you might drown!" If he plans to learn archery, Mom or Dad's anxiety might make him believe one of the other campers will shoot him! 

There IS help! If you suffer from what I'll call "Fear of life," begin treatment with Dr. Bach's Mimulus flower essence.

Mimulus will help you re-balance your energies so that you can trust your inner self again. You'll be able to tackle your fears from a rational standpoint, rather than giving in to a vague "feeling" that something will go wrong. It will also help you understand that the more you dwell upon your fears, the greater the likelihood that what you dread will come to pass. That's the Law of Attraction, and it's always working.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Your Energy Affects Your Physical Well-Being

When you think of Bach flowers and the re-balancing of energies, you usually think of putting mental / emotional states back into alignment.

Dr. Bach's essences chase away anxieties, cure depression, reduce fear, help those with ADD focus and learn, and a host of other things all related to mental and emotional states.

But your mental or emotional state affects your emotional energy, which affects your physical energy, which affects your overall physical well-being. If you stop to think about it, you'll realize that people who are "down" emotionally are quite often suffering from physical ailments as well. You can probably picture a few people like that right now.

The worst of that is that the more they suffer physically, the more they suffer emotionally, and it becomes a self-feeding cycle.

The cycle is, of course, also tied to the law of attraction. The more you focus on feeling bad, either emotionally or physically, the worse you're going to feel.

So if you're suffering from nagging physical ailments, take time to think about your emotional state.
  • Are there emotional issues nagging at you?
  • Have you been trying to forge ahead while pushing your feelings into the background?
  • Are you taking on too much in an effort to get ahead at work - or to be the best spouse, parent, or child that you can possibly be?
  • Are you doing things you really don't want to do because you're afraid of change - or afraid to say no? 
  • Are you taking responsibility for issues and problems that aren't really yours? 

If so, take those feelings out and examine them. Then take the questionnaire at FeelBach and see which flower essences you need to get back in balance.

After a few weeks of Dr. Bach's therapy, you just might find that both your emotional and your physical state now bring you joy. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Want to be healthier and happier?

Want to feel better? 

Celebrate "Hug a Friend Day" on April 26, then keep up the habit all year long.  

Why, because if you start a hugging habit, you'll boost your health.

A study at the University of North Carolina found that when you are involved in a hug lasting for at least 20 seconds your body releases a hormone called oxytocin, and the health benefits are significant.

A good hug can:

  • ·       Lower your blood pressure
  • ·       Lower your heart rate
  • ·       Reduce your level of stress hormones
  • ·       Improve your mood

You get positive, non-toxic, absolutely free hormone therapy with a simple 20 second hug.

If something is holding you back from reaching out to others in this way, Dr. Bach's flower remedies can help.

Any number of emotional states can be coming between you and the people you love – or like so well that you'd gladly give them a hug.

Visit FeelBach! today and take the questionnaire. Then start correcting those energy imbalances so you can enjoy health-giving hugs!

Friday, March 20, 2015

If you think life isn't fair… use Dr. Bach's remedies and get over it!

When we hear children screaming "No fair!" we tell them that all things aren't fair, so get over it. When we hear adults muttering "That just isn't fair," we say nothing. Instead, we tend to avoid them.

If you've been feeling that other people are getting all the breaks and that life just isn't fair, it might be time to pull yourself up and realize that it's your own attitude that's preventing you from getting "the breaks."

The fact is, those who are in a continual "it isn't fair" state tend to become more embittered over time. Friends who tried to be supportive gradually drop away, leaving him or her in isolation. With every new complaint, life becomes worse and worse, because the Law of Attraction dictates that we simply get more of what we think about each day.

When negativity has become a long-engrained habit, it isn't easy to switch. It takes a bit of discipline. Fortunately, Dr. Bach's Willow flower essence can help. Willow will realign your energies and allow you to listen and work with your Higher Self.

It will allow you to take responsibility for your own outcomes – knowing that they come from within. It will allow you to train yourself to replace a negative thought with a positive thought.

With awareness, effort, and help from FeelBach! flower remedies, you can take charge of your life and once again become the master of your destiny.

Come here to read more about Willow – and begin your transformation today. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Why is everyone Irish on St. Patrick's Day?

We think... because it's fun. 

We all like to have a break in routines and an excuse to be just a bit silly. Maybe we secretly hope to find a 4-leaf clover among the shamrocks and bring ultimate good luck into our lives. 

Maybe deep down we all want the freedom to be that bratty grade school child who runs around
pinching people. 

Most of us know someone who will give us a pinch if we're not wearing green on March 17 - but how did that get started? There's an old story that says Leprechauns like to pinch (bratty school kids!) but if you're wearing green, they can't see you - so won't pinch you. 

Whatever the reason - if there's a parade in your city, go and enjoy it. And if you like beer - stop in a pub and have a glass of green beer. 

Meanwhile, here's our wish for you...

May your day be touched
by a bit of Irish luck,
brightened by a song in your heart,
and warmed by the smiles
of the people you love.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

When a child REALLY doesn't want to go to school…

Some kids just don't enjoy school. They are bored by the subjects, sometimes because they don't challenge them, they don't enjoy the company of the other children, and they simply don't like the teacher. Or – they're the type who will in adulthood be found in a physical, outdoor job because they can't stand being stuck indoors.

But what about kids who once enjoyed school and now don't want to go back?

The problem could stem from some setback in class – perhaps an embarrassment over a mistake. I recall being a child and unable to correctly pronounce words in French. Other students made fun of me and I let their ridicule prevent me from speaking it at all – so I never learned even what little would have been learned in a 3rd grade classroom. 

Children obviously do need to go to school – or have a parent who can stay home and provide home study. So how can you make it less painful for them?

Treat them with the flower essence Gentian.

Gentian is Dr. Bach's answer to skepticism, doubt, pessimism, and discouragement. It can help the child regain his optimism and his faith and confidence in being able to master his lessons – and to rise above the occasion when he does make a mistake.

After treatment, your child might realize that obstacles and mistakes are nothing more than opportunities to learn what you don't know – so you can increase your knowledge. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Are you "sorry" for no good reason?

Do you say the words ‘I’m sorry’ several times each day?

If so, did you know that saying these words repeatedly can actually have a negative impact on your health, wealth, and overall well-being?

When you say ‘I’m sorry’ too much, others see it as a sign of weakness or low self esteem, thus undermining your chances of career advancement. It's also annoying to talk with someone who is "sorry" for everything – so it will hurt your social life.

But worse, when you say you're sorry too often, you'll begin to feel like "a sorry excuse for a person." You really WILL develop low self-esteem, and could go into full-blown depression, which is a health hazard.

So if you think you might be saying "I'm sorry" more often than you should, take these steps.

First, realize that you cannot please everyone all of the time. If you need to say "no" to a request, do so without being sorry. You only have so many hours in a day and it is your choice how to use them. No need to apologize.

Next, listen to yourself and be honest. Are you genuinely making that many mistakes or hurting people's feelings continuously throughout the day? Or are you feeling intimidated – or even taking the blame for other people's mistakes?

Save your apologies for when you've genuinely done something wrong - when you've hurt someone’s feelings or when you’re offering your condolences.

Last, visit FeelBach! and get yourself a bottle of Dr. Bach's Pine flower essence. Pine will help re-balance your energies and give you the energy and will to stop feeling sorry all the time.