Thursday, October 15, 2015

If Your Child Suffers From Bedwetting ...

Parents of children who suffer from bedwetting often say they've tried everything from punishment, to rewards, to medication – all without results.

It's hard on the parents, but that poor child is really suffering, because he or she can't control the problem short of staying away 24 hours a day.

The solution could be simple. He or she may be suffering from a negative Cherry Plum state.

In the negative Cherry Plum state, people feel ready to explode because they keep so many feelings pent up inside. They keep themselves under tight control, not letting on to the outside world the turmoil that resides within. This state can lead to violence when "the dam finally breaks."

In adults, it often leads to depression and an inability to work efficiently. In children, it can lead to bed wetting, because sleep is the only time they're able to release their anxieties. Unfortunately, that release of inner anxieties often results in a wet bed. The problem is compounded because a bed-wetting child will often deny himself or herself many of the joys of childhood – such as camping trips and sleep-overs with friends.

Dr. Bach's Flower Essence, CherryPlum, can free your child to share his worries and anxieties with you - and free both of you from the stress and embarrassment of bed wetting.

Feel Bach! today and help your child get on the path to happiness.