Monday, August 18, 2008

Could a bach flower essence offer heat resistance?

I think I'll have to get out my Bach Flower Therapy book and do some research - perhaps there's something that would help us deal with this!

We've been experiencing a long dry spell - and a long hot spell, which is very unusual for this part of the country. The farmers appreciated it during haying season, but now that they're wishing a second crop would grow, they're hoping for a bit of moisture to help it along. Meanwhile, meadows are "crispy dry" and everyone is feeling a bit nervous about the threat of fire.

My neighbors reported seeing "a smoke" this afternoon, but also seeing the retardant plane flying back and forth until the smoke disappeared. Thank goodness those guys are up there, flying around spotting little fires and putting them out before they become big fires.

One thing I do know, a few drops of Feel5ive can reduce the anxiety of worrying about fire - even if it can't make the weather cooler.

The forecast is for rain on Wednesday - and for once I think I'll welcome a rainy day! I might even go out and dance in it.

Wishing you a worry-free week of joy...

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