Monday, March 18, 2019

Today's political climate calls for Holly, Mimulus, and Gorse flower essences

Every time we turn on the television or log onto our email or social media accounts, we see more evidence of conflict and yes – hatred. 

People hate people they've never met – often based on information they've seen on TV or on their
computers. Never mind that not all of that information is true. Whole groups hate other whole groups, without ever meeting any of the members of those groups.

It's almost a sickness, and it's being fed by people who like to make headlines. 

But hatred isn't healthy – for mind, body, or soul. 

The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like," so hatred can only attract more hatred. And unfortunately, hateful thoughts result in diminished physical health, along with diminished mental acuity and the loss of joy. 

The flower essence to deal with this is Holly. Holly gives us compassion and sympathy for others, so we may be able to see past the reasons for hatred and begin to understand another point of view. We might not agree, but we can move beyond hatred. 

The second result of all the negative news is fear. After listening to dire predictions, we may fear for our future or our children's future. And of course, fear is non-productive. It can even be paralyzing. At the very least it prevents us from enjoying life to the fullest. Doctor Bach's formula to combat fear is Mimulus. 

Mimulus combats all kinds of fear – from fear that our children are not safe in school to fear that climate change is about to end the world. It also helps us deal with more common fears – such as going to the dentist or speaking in front of a group of people. 

While Holly and Mimulus can help stave off the hatred and fear, the flower essence to help bring back a more joyful state is Gorse. Gorse helps to insulate us from negative thoughts and gives us strength to hope for the best. 

Each of Doctor Bach's flower essences will help you re-balance your energies, so you can live life to the fullest without being held back or made physically ill by negative emotions. 

If you know you don't feel as physically, mentally, and spiritually well as you could, but you aren't sure which of the flower essences will help you most, go to FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire. Our experts will create a formula that is just right for you.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Do you become paralyzed by fear?

Many years ago, when I was in college, I was required to take a speech class – and I found it terrifying.

We had to write and present three speeches that semester, and once the deadline for preparedness came, we never knew which day we would be called upon to present. I got stomach aches just thinking about going to class. 

Back in those days I didn’t know about Dr. Bach’s flower essences. I did know about tranquilizers,
and I took one every day that I might be called upon to speak.

Looking back, I know I wasn’t doing my body any good by ingesting those pills. I doubt that I did my presentations much good, either, by being a bit groggy and spaced out every day.

Fast forward to about ten years ago when I was presented with another situation that, for me, was equally terrifying. But this time I had Feel5ive. Knowing what came ahead, I began taking it three times a day. 

I got through that situation without stomach aches and without taking dangerous prescription drugs. I counted on Feel5ive to keep me calm, and it did. While I still had fear, it wasn’t terrifying.
Today I keep Feel5ive on hand all the time. It helps me through everything from visits to the dentist to having to travel over icy roads in winter. I also give it to my dogs before a visit to the vet. (Yes, dogs can experience “White coat syndrome” just like humans.) 

If you have situations in which you feel fear, or if your children or pets face fearful situations, come over to FeelBach! and add Feel5ive to your medicine shelf.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Let Faith and Hope Replace Hopelessness

In spite of all the good things happening in the U.S. today, many are just seeing the turmoil. Everywhere we look there is some kind of crisis and some kind of conflict.

Many people I talk with feel that life is hopeless. They believe we’ll never solve the drug crisis, the immigration crisis, the education crisis, or the global warming crisis. The list goes on, depending upon which issue or combination of issues worries them most.

On top of that, many are feeling hopeless over personal issues revolving around relationships, money,
or health.

For some, this lack of hope is debilitating. They can’t move forward and find joy because they don’t think it’s possible. 

Are you feeling this way? Are you edging more in that direction every time you turn on the news, pay your bills, or have yet another conflict with a family member? If so, those feelings are blocking your ability to enjoy life, and it’s time to get your energies back in balance. 

Dr. Bach’s Gorse flower essence can help. 

Gorse insulates us from negative thoughts and gives us strength, confidence, and positive feelings of hope. With Gorse as your helpmate, you can once again look forward to life and best of all, take positive steps to make good things happen in your life.  You’ll see that yes, there is a reason to make the effort, because a positive outcome is possible. 

Don’t let despair drain the life from your life. Visit FeelBach! today and get back on the path to happiness.