Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Read the stories - vote for your favorite

Last week Bach Flower Remedies users posted some wonderful stories about how these remedies have helped solve problems in their lives.

Now it's time for you to read the stories and vote for your favorite.

So come on over to our Feel Bach! Facebook page and look for the box on the top right that says "vote." Click there and read the stories. Then choose the one that you think is best.

Remember, the winner will receive a beautiful mahogany box filled with all 38 Bach Flower essences, plus 2 bottles of Feel5ive, and 3 mixing bottles. They'll be able to help themselves, their family members, their human friends, their 4-legged friends, and even their vegetables and flowers for a good long time.

So help decide who deserves the full set... Vote today!

Monday, May 14, 2012

You Only Have Until Midnight...

... to enter the contest and win a complete set of 38 Bach Flower Essences plus 2 bottles of Feel5ive.

If you have a story to tell about how you used Bach Flower Remedies to help someone - or a dream about how you would use them if you had the full set, come and tell it on Facebook.

Post your story TODAY - and tomorrow the voting begins.

If you don't have a story, but want to join the fun, come and read the stories and vote for your favorite - and encourage your friends to do the same.

So... what would you / could you do if you had the full set?

Come, tell, and win!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Can't Make up Your Mind?

Do you suffer when you have to make a decision – because you don’t trust your own judgment and you don’t know
which of your friends or relatives will give you the right answer?

It could be something important. Should you get married? Should you quit your job and take a new one? Should you choose one college over another?

Or it could be small things. Should you plant petunias or pansies in the front flower garden? Should you wear the blue shirt or the white one?

If you're plagued with this kind of indecision, you’re in a negative Cerato state.

This negative state occurs when you’ve lost belief in your higher self. It causes you to mistrust your inner voice and seek guidance from others – even if they don't know the answer any better than you do! It also causes friends and family to become annoyed with you. Most of us really don't want to be responsible for making other people's decisions. But the negative Cerato personality will persist in asking - and asking again.

The interesting part of this is that you probably do know the right answer to your question or solution to your problem. You just don’t trust that it’s right. So, you ask opinions of everyone. Naturally, those opinions will differ, so you’re left with a new decision – whose advice should you take?

Once back in a positive Cerato state, your inner voice grows stronger. So instead of agonizing over every decision, you’ll have an air of quiet certainty. What a relief!

Doctor Bach classified Cerato as one of the “Twelve Healers” in his collection of 38 flower essences. These twelve he described as key to transforming root personality imbalances, which he believed were associated with physical illness as well as mental and emotional distress.

If you're suffering from indecision, order your bottle of Cerato from Feel Bach today... so you can start trusting your higher self once again.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The "World's Oldest Cat" uses Bach Flower Remedies

Not long ago we received an email from Annie Kramer, telling us all about Courtney Cuddler, who she believes is the

world's oldest cat. Right now she's in the process of sending verification of his age to the Guiness Book of World Records.

Courtney is 32 years old - and has been using Bach Flower Remedies since he was found on her doorstep at about 4 months of age.

The whole story, along with photos of "Courtney and Friends" is on our Facebook Page.

A true believer in the power of Bach Flower Remedies, Annie uses them for all of her foundling kitties. They not only help them stay healthy, they help them adjust when a new member enters the family.

Have YOU ever experienced difficulties when introducing a new pet to the household? Or - even more stressful - have you had problems with your pets when a new human baby arrived?

Feel5ive can ease that transition. It relieves the fear and uncertainty that come with change and allows your critters to accept the newcomer without hostility.