Thursday, October 24, 2013

Are You Struggling With Addiction?

If you stop to think about addiction, you know that it is not just a physical ailment. It's emotional as well - and that's why so many smart practitioners use Doctor Bach's Flower remedies as a part of their overall addiction treatment.

We don't know the reason why some people are more prone to addiction than others, but we do know that any destructive behavior is a sign that our energies are out of balance. We've somehow lost touch with our higher selves. Each of the Flower Essences works to re-balance those energies and put us back in touch with who we were meant to be.

If energies aren't put back in balance, the patient has a high possibility of failure, because the "rehab" isn't complete. I find this sad, because Flower Essences are both inexpensive and easy to use.
I think of a man I once knew. He said he had spent a month in rehab, and all he could think of the whole time he was there was getting out and finding a bar. They may have gotten him sober and "dried out" but they did nothing to cure the emotional upheaval that caused him to crave the comfort of being drunk.

Which essences aid in treating addiction? Walnut and Rock Rose.

Walnut is the Flower Essence that helps in dealing with and embracing change - and what could be a bigger change than stopping a daily habit?

Rock Rose helps us overcome fear - and we all know that letting go of habits and routine is fearful. Even while destructive, a habit is like a security blanket we can pull around us when outside forces threaten.

If you're struggling with an addiction – whether it is to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or even food, you'll have a much easier time in overcoming it if you get your energies back working for you instead of against you.

The financial cost is small – and the lifetime benefits large. So come to Feel Bach! and get started.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can You use Doctor Bach's Remedies if You're Sensitive to Alcohol?

When you read the history of Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies on the Feel Bach! site, you’ll see that the flower essences are preserved in spring water and Brandy. While other flower essence distributors use grape alcohol, we use the same formula that Dr. Bach perfected all those years ago.

The amount of brandy compared to the spring water is minuscule – 1 to 360 – or less than three tenths of one percent.

But still, although there is not enough alcohol to do harm to infants, the ill, or the elderly, you can taste the brandy in this formula. And I've talked with people who were afraid to purchase it for a loved one who suffers from alcoholism because the mere whiff of alcohol could set them off on a binge.

So if you’re sensitive to alcohol, or if you’re buying for someone who is, go to to build a personal formula. Then, in the last step, write “alcohol-free” in the comment area.

If you own the set of Bach Flower essences and are making a formula for someone, use only 2 drops of each essence in the 20 or 30 ml bottle, and fill with spring water – omitting the brandy entirely.

Without the preservative, you'll need new formula more often, but if alcohol sensitivity is a real problem, it will be worth it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Do You Drive Yourself Crazy With Indecision?

We all have times when we simply can't decide. It might be a big issue – like whether to accept a marriage proposal or switch careers. It also might be something small – such as what to wear today, what to cook for dinner, or which movie to see.

It's normal when it happens now and then. When it happens so often that you annoy yourself, you're suffering from a negative Scleranthus state.

In addition to annoying yourself, you might be missing opportunities by failing to take action, and you might be annoying friends and family as well as yourself by constantly asking for opinions, making decisions, and changing your mind – endlessly.

So make one simple decision to do something about it. Visit FeelBach! and place an order for Scleranthus. 

The Scleranthus Essence from FeelBach! can get you back in balance - so you can make wise decisions – and not change your mind ten minutes later.

If you don't believe that life is good...

Today a whole lot of people are feeling like there's just no use. The economy is terrible, good jobs are scarce, and no one knows when or if that's going to change.

But of course that's only the financial side of it. Most of us can look at our lives and even if we don't have all the money we want, we still have good lives. Most of us have enough to eat; we have a place to sleep and clothes to wear; we have people who love us; and we have a hundred small pleasures every day, if only we open our eyes and see them.

Some people seem to have been born this way, but usually this negative state comes as the result of circumstances. It might be caused by the state of the economy, unemployment, illness, or the loss of a loved one. Children who are unhappy in school often fall into this state, as do elderly people who are forced to move to a care facility.

If you're having trouble seeing that good side of life, try Gentian.

Gentian is the Bach Flower Remedy that brings a return to faith – in God and the Higher Self, and in the meaning of life.

The Feel Bach! Flower Essence Gentian won’t change a skeptic into an optimist, but it will allow him or her to see that a positive outcome is possible – and it will allow them to once again enjoy the company of friends and family.