Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is the Daily Grind Grinding You Down?

Do you get up each morning with no enthusiasm for the day ahead? Do you go about your tasks with a lack of energy or interest? Do you feel like every day is just like the one before - and you're sick of it?

It could be that the routine you’ve become comfortable with has got your energies stuck. The mental and physical are no longer interacting and stimulating each other, so an energy deficit has occurred.

We get into these ruts sometimes because we’re afraid to reach out and try something new, or because circumstances have given us no choice. When there’s an important task at hand and we have to stick with it, or when we’ve been confined by an illness, we haven’t much opportunity to add variety to our lives.

That’s OK for short periods, but when it becomes a habit,life can become more of a chore than a joy. Then the real danger is in becoming more and more depressed – and in letting your negative feelings spill over to affect the people you love.

Luckily, when you recognize yourself getting into this state, you can treat it with Bach Flower Essences and get your enthusiasm and love of life back. Hornbeam is the Bach Flower Remedy that treats the feeling of “living in a rut” and allows you to reach out to new experiences – and even to carry on the daily routine with new interest.

If depression has already begun to creep in, the addition of Gentian is advisable. Among other things, Gentian helps to overcome both depression and that “I don’t want to do this” state of mind.

Spring and summer are on the way, and you deserve to look forward to them with joy... So visit FeelBach! today and get the Bach Flower Essences you need to put your energies back in order.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help for the Cheerful Worrier

Do you know someone who is always busy, always helping, always volunteering, and going to meetings and entertaining - and always putting on a cheerful face, even when their eyes tell you that they may not feel so cheerful inside?

That person may be someone for whom you have high regard – someone you’d like to become better acquainted with – but their reserve keeps everyone at arm’s length. But don’t feel hurt, because it’s not just you they aren’t getting acquainted with. They also aren’t getting acquainted with themselves.

They engage in all that activity because they don’t want to be alone with their own thoughts and feelings. Their worries and fears are always right there, under the surface, so they stay busy and occupied to avoid confronting them. If they got too close to you, conversation might lead to confidences, and that would not be comfortable for them.

Sadly, because these folks can’t confront their feelings, they often turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of escape.

These are people who are in the negative Agrimony state – and they may have been living in this imbalance since childhood. Often this state is a result of a child learning early on that he or she must not show distress for fear of punishment.

Thankfully, treatment with the Bach Flower Essence Agrimony can relieve the inner tensions and anxieties that keep people in this stressful state. It allows them to face their inner conflicts and even be free to discuss their problems with others who can help alleviate their fears.

Agrimony is the Bach Flower Essence that relieves inner tensions, anxieties, and other hidden emotions. It provides relief for individuals who have suffered for years, and for those who have suddenly found themselves in a situation in where they don’t feel free to let their feelings show.

To learn more about Agrimony and other Bach Flower Remedies, visit The Bach Flower Reference Guide.

Then come back to FeelBach! to order the remedy that's right for you.

Monday, February 08, 2010

ADHD - Does it Control Your Life?

If you have a child who is suffering from ADHD, you may be at your wit's end trying to help him or her live a happy life.

Not only do you face challenges at home, but teachers may be calling with behavior complaints. And your child can't help it!

Thousands of children today are taking prescription drugs to control this hyperactive behavior, and that's scary. No one knows what the long term effects of those drugs may be. If you're concerned about your child's long-term health, you're probably trying to get at the root cause and stop it, so that you can get him or her off those dangerous drugs.

One thing to consider is diet. Not just the sugars that are generally blamed for hyperactive behavior, but the possibility of allergies.

Most people think of an allergy as something that causes sneezing, but the effects can actually be as varied as the allergens themselves. One gentleman I know suffered from aching knees until his acupuncturist discovered that the cause was the orange juice he'd been drinking in quantity to help cure a head cold. He wasn't allergic to oranges, but he was allergic to the pesticide residue found in the orange juice.

Your child (or you, if you're having problems) may be allergic to something in your home, or something he's eating. Remember that unless they're 100% organic, fruits and vegetables have fertilizer and pesticide residues... and pre-packaged foods are loaded with chemicals.

If my child suffered from ADHD, one of the first places I'd look for help is an acupuncturist who has studied the NAET technique and can pinpoint an allergy.

But there's something else that could be causing the trouble - and that's an imbalance in energies. Some past event may have had a bigger impact than you realized at the time, and it may have triggered an imbalance that is now showing itself as ADHD.

You can address that issue with Feel Bach's Attention Deficit Blend.

Bach Flower Essences are all-natural and have no adverse side-effects. They can also be used in conjunction with prescription medications without fear of drug interactions. And at only $7.95 per bottle, it poses no risk to your bank account, either.

Attention Deficit can also help both children and adults when current circumstances have thrown them into a state of confusion. If you're having trouble focusing and concentrating, even if you don't know why, order a bottle for yourself.

We all have enough challenges to face... being unable to focus is one we don't need.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Does a Love Relationship Elude You?

As we near Valentine's Day, do you feel alone and unloved - and wish that you had a special someone with whom to share the occasion? Do you wish that just once your mailbox would hold a foil lined envelope holding a card that professes undying love and devotion? Do you dream of a candlelight dinner for two that never happens?

Perhaps if you re-balance the energies that are now holding you back, you can allow the love you seek to come into your life.

As hard as it is to accept, sometimes it's our own attitudes and behaviors that prevent us from having the relationships we long for.

Love is one of those relationships.

Perhaps you're critical of others and unconsciously push them away. Or perhaps you're so unsure of yourself that you simply can't reach out, or can't believe and accept it when someone reaches out to you.

Feel Bach! has the Bach Flower Essences blend that will help you re-balance your energies and rid yourself of those limiting emotions and behaviors.

It's called Love & Relationship - and the fact that Feel Bach! has it ready in a shelf blend should tell you something. You are most definitely not alone in your yearning for love.

The Love & Relationship blend will let you recognize your own worth and relate to others in a loving and accepting manner.

And if you get started with it right away - it might even happen in time for Valentine's Day...