Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Hope Back with Bach Flower Remedies

Sometimes the events in life can make a person feel like there's no use in trying. And the worse part of it is, when you feel like that, your thoughts and feelings seem to draw more unpleasant events to you.

I live with someone who has that problem. He just gets down and has a terrible time finding a reason to even try to get back up.

So... after several months of gentle prodding, I finally convinced him to try Feel Bach's remedy: Get Hope Back. I'll have to admit, I can't get him to be as diligent as he should be - he should take it 4 times a day and he doesn't. But it's helping just the same.

I can see a difference!

People who are depressed often deny it. They really do believe that the world is out to get them, that nothing will ever go right, and there's nothing to be joyful about. It isn't until they come out of the fog that they realize that life really is pretty darned good, even with it's occasional troubles.

That denial is why it took me so long to convince my husband to take Bach flower remedies.

Once many years ago I had a friend who took a prescription drug for depression, and it did help her. I tried to get my husband to take it too, but he refused. Of course now I'm glad. When I see the horrible side effects of those pills, I know that he could have been in worse shape for taking them - they could even have killed him.

My next step is to convince him to take Get Hope Back 4 times a day. Judging from the results I see already, I know he'll thank me later.

If you see yourself in my position, keep working on it. And if you're the one who feels down all the time, just try Bach Flower Remedies. Either use Get Hope Back, or fill out the questionnaire and get a custom blend. You really do deserve to enjoy life!

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