Monday, August 25, 2008

How Bach Flower Remedies can help you succeed in business

With so many people worrying about the downturn in the economy, smart business people are looking for ways to promote themselves without spending a ton of money.

One of those ways is to give talks to groups who might be interested in the product or service you have to offer. A gentleman I know who owns a moving company gave a talk to a group of Realtors this week - to tell them why his company is a good choice for their clients and to ask them to refer business to him.

This was a smart move for him, and a similar talk would be a smart move for many business people. Unfortunately, fear of public speaking stops most people from even trying.

The solution to that fear could lie in a little bottle of Bach flower essences labeled "Feel5ive." This is the blend that calms the nerves and lets you get through stressful situations without falling apart.

If you have a business and need to promote it on a shoestring, think about places where you could give a short talk. You might simply present your service and explain why it is superior. Or, you might give a "how-to" talk about something related to your services - doing that will position you as an expert.

The second beauty of using public speaking to promote your business is that most of your competitors will not do it. So when you do it, you become "the" expert. It's similar to being the person who "wrote the book" on your subject.

Service groups and the Chamber of Commerce are always looking for interesting speakers, and once you get started you'll come up with more and more ideas for places where you can speak. But first you have to get started, and that means getting past the fear of public speaking.

Feel5ive will help you do that. I recommend starting the day before the event, with 4 drops in the afternoon and 4 more before bed. Then in the morning, take 4 more. If you aren't scheduled to speak until evening, do it again shortly after lunch. A few minutes before the talk, take 4 more.

You'll not only sail through the talk, you'll probably enjoy it and be enthused over the idea of doing it again.

Wishing you great prosperity...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Could a bach flower essence offer heat resistance?

I think I'll have to get out my Bach Flower Therapy book and do some research - perhaps there's something that would help us deal with this!

We've been experiencing a long dry spell - and a long hot spell, which is very unusual for this part of the country. The farmers appreciated it during haying season, but now that they're wishing a second crop would grow, they're hoping for a bit of moisture to help it along. Meanwhile, meadows are "crispy dry" and everyone is feeling a bit nervous about the threat of fire.

My neighbors reported seeing "a smoke" this afternoon, but also seeing the retardant plane flying back and forth until the smoke disappeared. Thank goodness those guys are up there, flying around spotting little fires and putting them out before they become big fires.

One thing I do know, a few drops of Feel5ive can reduce the anxiety of worrying about fire - even if it can't make the weather cooler.

The forecast is for rain on Wednesday - and for once I think I'll welcome a rainy day! I might even go out and dance in it.

Wishing you a worry-free week of joy...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feel Bach! ships quickly, but I need immediately

Darn - I wish there was a way to email Bach flower essences! I'm sure I could find a flower essence that would help me mellow out and accept the chaos of this day.

It all started this morning, when the County Road crews went to work about a quarter mile from our house. For some reason they've decided that after they empty their gravel trucks, they need to come past here to turn around and go back. They've been roaring by all day, except for a welcome relief during the lunch hour.

That wouldn't be so bad, but my dogs aren't used to traffic going by - we're the next to the last house on this road, and our neighbors are home bodies. In addition, they know that it's their job to alert me when there's someone here. So... I have run up the stairs at least 30 times today, just in case there really is someone at the door. One time there was.

I finally got them to come downstairs with me, and I was working away, thinking about what I was writing, when a truck went by. The ear-splitting bark of two dogs raised me a good six inches off my chair!

Most days I'm willing time to go slow so I can get more accomplished. Today I'd appreciate a little speed-up, so that crew will go home and my dogs will settle down.

I think for now I'll give it up, put the dogs in the truck, and go somewhere for a while...

Wishing you peace and serenity...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

This must be the "Dog Days of Summer"

The weather continues to be unpredictable here - Hot, then cold, and now back to hot. I seldom complain, because hot feels good, but the past few days have been too much even for me. It's a good thing my work keeps me at the computer, in my cool office. But it is a shock when I step outside and realize that summer is here in full force.

Our neighbor came by this evening to sit on the patio and chat a while, and of course the critters gathered round to visit. The big yellow cat jumped up to insist that his ears be scratched, while the dogs stretched out lazily at our feet - seemingly content to soak up the heat as long as they didn't have to move. And that's when we decided it must be the "Dog days" because the rest of us had felt the urge to stretch out and not move, too!

Unfortunately, we all had things to do instead, so didn't get the nap time that those dogs so enjoy. But we should - instead of planning a day of activity when we have a day off, we should follow their lead and just let go for a day. Think how nice it would feel to just "not do" for 24 hours - and to stop and take a nap 3 or 4 times during the day.

If you feel too "driven" to even consider the thought, get over to Feel Bach! and find the Bach Flower Remedy blend that will help you relax. You don't need to be so demanding of yourself, honest! You really do deserve to just enjoy being alive - and Bach flower essences can help you allow yourself to do it.

Ask my dogs - they'll tell you that life is sweet when you can stretch out and nap through The Dog Days of Summer...