Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two little words that can prevent an anxiety

After reading how a restaurant used two little words to cut their reservation "no-shows" from 30% down to 10%, it occurred to me that those same little words could add to harmony at home.

As parents, spouses, or sweethearts, we're always worried when our loved ones are late getting home - and on top of the worry is a bit of anger because they "should" know the worry they're causing.

Well, one restaurant changed it's reservation script from "Please call if you can't make it," to "Will you please call if you can't make it" and that made all the difference. It seems that by getting people to answer in the affirmative - and thus commit to making that call, they created an obligation that most were willing to fulfill.

So, next time a loved one heads out the door to work, school, or play, why not say "Will you please call me if you're going to be late?" And wait for them to answer with a "yes."

I'm definitely going to try it. Meanwhile, I'm going to continue using my Bach Flower Essences from Feel Bach!- because I like feeling good.

Yours for happiness,

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