Monday, October 20, 2008

Choosing the correct Bach Flower Remedy

With 38 different Bach flower essences to choose from,you may feel confused about which is right for you. Most of us carry a combination of emotional stumbling blocks that can keep us from enjoying life to the fullest - and choosing which is most important can be difficult.

Remember that your personal blend can combine up to 6 flower essences so you can find balance in more than one aspect of your emotional life. In order to make it easier for you to choose, Feel Bach! has produced an informative brochure that explains each of the flower essences and its use. If you haven't received a copy, just go to the Feel Bach! contact page, scroll down, and click to request it.

You probably know that Feel Bach! offers a questionnaire to help you create the perfect blend, but you may feel shy about being completely honest with it. If that's the case, read the brochure and be completely honest with yourself about what you really need to change in your life. Then simply go to "Build your personal remedy," and check up to 6 essences. Your personal remedy will be in your hands within days.

Which ever method you choose, Dr. Bach's essences will help you get your life going in the direction you want - free of emotional roadblocks.

Here's to feeling good!

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