Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Speedy Success with Bach Flower Remedies

A few days ago I wrote you about my friend who started on Sweet Dreams and got instant relief. Even I, who believe strongly in Bach Flower Essences, could hardly believe it worked so quickly.

Yesterday when I spoke to him he complained that he felt "too rested" now - he didn't want to go to bed at night because he's not tired any more. Sheesh! It's always something.

But anyway, I have another happy success to report today. It's about a little Red Heeler named Kisha. This sweet little dog came into rescue as an owner turnover, and the owner had obviously been cruel, because she was terrified of everyone. When you approached her, she'd just try to get as far into a corner as possible and sink as far into the floor as she could.

I only volunteer at rescue one day a week, so about ten days ago she got her first dose of Feel5ive. I kind of have my doubts about other volunteers "remembering" to give it every day, but I gave her a good dose in her water dish again on Sunday. Then I did spend some time with her, just holding her and telling her that life was going to be better soon. In fact, I told her a story about how someone would come and take her home and she would be pampered and spoiled and be Queen of the house.

And my story came true! The very next day a couple came to look at dogs and she ran right up to the lady to say "Hello, take me home." Now she's the Queen of a one-dog home and hopefully will never again have to be afraid.

Kisha doesn't know that Feel5ive gave her the confidence to introduce herself, but if she did, she'd say thanks. I know she would. She's just that kind of a girl.

Darn, I miss her. I wonder if her new family would let me come to visit?

Wishing you joy and happy endings...

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