Thursday, February 12, 2015

When a child REALLY doesn't want to go to school…

Some kids just don't enjoy school. They are bored by the subjects, sometimes because they don't challenge them, they don't enjoy the company of the other children, and they simply don't like the teacher. Or – they're the type who will in adulthood be found in a physical, outdoor job because they can't stand being stuck indoors.

But what about kids who once enjoyed school and now don't want to go back?

The problem could stem from some setback in class – perhaps an embarrassment over a mistake. I recall being a child and unable to correctly pronounce words in French. Other students made fun of me and I let their ridicule prevent me from speaking it at all – so I never learned even what little would have been learned in a 3rd grade classroom. 

Children obviously do need to go to school – or have a parent who can stay home and provide home study. So how can you make it less painful for them?

Treat them with the flower essence Gentian.

Gentian is Dr. Bach's answer to skepticism, doubt, pessimism, and discouragement. It can help the child regain his optimism and his faith and confidence in being able to master his lessons – and to rise above the occasion when he does make a mistake.

After treatment, your child might realize that obstacles and mistakes are nothing more than opportunities to learn what you don't know – so you can increase your knowledge. 

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