Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are You Afraid to Enjoy Summertime?

Summertime brings opportunities for fun – whether it's trips to visit friends and family, or adventures in the great outdoors.

Most look forward to this time when the kids are out of school and the family can schedule a few days off to simply enjoy.

But those who are living in fear of life don't enjoy it much.

A trip means the possibility of being involved in an auto accident – or even food poisoning from a strange
restaurant. Outdoor adventures like hiking, boating, and skiing bring a fear of injury that's far stronger than the anticipation of fun.

Those with this fear are suffering from a negative Mimulus state, and it's likely that those who love them are greatly affected.

Mimulus Moms and Dads don't just fear for themselves - they tend to project their fears onto their children as well. And no child needs that.

A child anticipating a week at camp where he or she will experience a first pony ride doesn't want to hear "But what if you fall off? What if the pony runs away? What if you get brushed off on a tree branch?" If he's going to learn to paddle a canoe he doesn't need to hear "But you might drown!" If he plans to learn archery, Mom or Dad's anxiety might make him believe one of the other campers will shoot him! 

There IS help! If you suffer from what I'll call "Fear of life," begin treatment with Dr. Bach's Mimulus flower essence.

Mimulus will help you re-balance your energies so that you can trust your inner self again. You'll be able to tackle your fears from a rational standpoint, rather than giving in to a vague "feeling" that something will go wrong. It will also help you understand that the more you dwell upon your fears, the greater the likelihood that what you dread will come to pass. That's the Law of Attraction, and it's always working.

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