Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Does the Thought of Thanksgiving Dinner Have you in a Knot?

While family get-togethers can be fun, they can also be the source of great anxiety. 

If you're the cook, there's the fear of criticism from others who "could have done it better." Even if no one in the family would say a word, you could feel insecure and worried.

If you're a guest, you can suffer a similar anxiety - if reconnecting with distant family members brings fear of criticism. "What if Cousin Joe is doing better in his career than I'm doing in mine? Will he taunt me about it?"

Maybe there's a family member who is known for cutting remarks - and you know you'll have to face him or her.

What if the state of today's economy has caused you to lose that job - and perhaps even your house? If you're dining with successful family members, it's natural to have some feelings of inferiority.

For you, Centaury and Larch can bring welcome relief from feelings of inferiority.

Go to FeelBach! to order them today, so they'll be in your hands in time for Thanksgiving.

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