Friday, November 29, 2013

Are You Losing Sleep Over the Busy Month Ahead?

For many, December is a month of hectic activity - with the feeling that there's simply not enough time to do it all.

And then, when you need your rest the most, you begin to lose sleep because you're worried about what didn't get done today and what more needs to be done tomorrow.

Turn to FeelBach's Sweet Dreams #1. This is the formula that lets you relax, release the day, and drift off into peaceful, restful sleep.

If your mind just won't shut down, try Sweet Dreams #2. 

Both of these formulas let you relax and sleep - and wake up without the groggy after-effects that sleeping pills cause. Plus they're safe - you won't have worries about getting up in the night to go for a drive when you're asleep. They're also safe from a physical standpoint - you don't need to worry about dangerous reactions with other medications you might be taking.

When your body is well-rested you're more able to cope, to juggle tasks, and to keep your good humor throughout it all.

So if you're beginning to lose sleep, visit FeelBach! for your own bottle of Sweet Dreams.

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