Friday, November 15, 2013

A FeelBach! Gift Idea for the Young People on Your List

Are some of the loved ones on your gift giving list young people who are just going off to school or just stepping into new careers? 

If so, consider a gift of Feel5ive, because as exciting as those changes are, they ARE stressful.

For youth this is a time of "proving yourself" - and of being unsure whether you can measure up to all your own expectations.

It's a time of being afraid to say the wrong thing or to look foolish in the eyes of other students, professors, co-workers, employers - or potential employers.

So give your loved one Feel5ive - and then talk to them about how perfectly natural it is to feel stress in those new situations. Tell them about the times Feel5ive has helped you stay calm in fearful situations.

I'm not a youth and don't have those situations to face - but I take Feel5ive before visiting the dentist (Big fear there!) and before going out on icy roads.

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