Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Millions Stressed About the Weather – I wish they all had Feel5ive!

For the past few days the news has been all about the weather. Flights grounded when people wanted to get home and back to work after the holidays. 40 and 50 degrees below zero temperatures. Snow and more snow.

We've been fortunate. It's cold, but not THAT cold, and for the most part the roads have been good.
It's snowing now, but it isn't piling up much. We have only a few inches on the ground.

We're fine, but all those folks who need to get back to work are under great stress. So are those whose pipes are frozen and whose cars refuse to start.

 And I know what great stress I'd be under if I had a herd of cattle or horses and couldn't get them in out of 40 degree below zero temperatures. My heart goes out to all those animals – both domestic and wild – who are suffering in this cold. 

Feel5ive wouldn't solve the weather problems, but it would certainly make it easier for people to relax and accept the things they can't change – like cancelled flights -  and to cope with living day to day in a deep freeze.

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