Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What is Preventing Your Good Night's Sleep?

If you have sleep problems and have been unable to find relief, there could be one simple answer. You're treating the wrong problem.  

Not all sleep problems are alike and not all sleep problems stem from the same source. That's why
FeelBach! has formulated 4 different flower essence blends.

Those who can't fall asleep at night may be suffering from a mind that won't let go of the day's problems and worries. I used to suffer from this – and part of it was actually on purpose. My days were so hectic that I'd save up things to ponder after I went to bed. Then I'd keep on trying to work in my sleep. How silly. 

Sweet Dreams formula #1  helped me stop this destructive practice. Now I fall asleep easily. 

Some people just can't relax at night. Every little noise in the house bothers them; they worry about not waking up on time; they get up to double-check that the doors are locked or the coffee pot is unplugged. Sweet Dreams #2 can help them settle down and go to sleep easily. 

My neighbor suffers from waking up about 3 in the morning and being unable to go back to sleep. His problem is long standing – the demons he fears creep into his mind at that time and he actually hates the night. Just as it helps those who suffer from nightmares, SweetDreams #3 would help him. But he won't' consider it because it's not a pharmaceutical product – and he won't use those because they don't help him. He'll continue to suffer.

Some impatient souls simply wake up too early – because they don't want to miss anything. But of course they do, because they're tired all day. Sweet Dreams #4 is made for them.

Since these problems are all so different, it's no wonder that "one size fits all" drugs can't help everyone.

Instead of putting a chemical "band aid" on sleeplessness, Sweet Dreams formulas gently rebalance your energies so that you can naturally sleep well. They won't work instantly like a pill, but the help they give will be long lasting. And since they're all natural and have no known side effects, you wake refreshed instead of groggy.

I wish you restful sleep…

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