Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are you so dedicated to a cause that you don't let anything get in your way?

Are you so dedicated to a cause that you don't let anything get in your way? This is a trait of the Vervain personality.

Revolutionaries such as our forefathers were Vervain personalities. They risked their lives and gave up their fortunes in pursuit of liberty. Without them, we wouldn't have the U.S.A. However, by the time their goals were accomplished, they were undoubtedly operating in a negative Vervain state. Although their personalities and states of energy would not have allowed them to act differently, we should nonetheless thank them for that sacrifice.

Today many operate in a positive Vervain state. Think of all the dedicated volunteers who work at everything from animal rescue to teaching literacy to adults. However, some do fall into a negative Vervain state – and get so involved that they lose their common sense.

They fail to eat and sleep and thus damage their own health. They refuse to listen to points of view that don't agree with what they believe at the moment. They become fanatics.

In the negative state the Vervain personality cannot begin to consider a different point of view, but once restored to the positive state, he can. And, in the positive state he is much more effective at inspiring others and gaining support for his mission.

If you're dedicated to a cause and feel yourself ignoring your own health in pursuit of righting a wrong or correcting an injustice, you too may be a Vervain
personality, and you may be in the negative state.

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