Thursday, February 02, 2012

Do you look toward Valentine's Day with love - or resentment?

Do the heart shaped boxes of chocolates and the greeting cards add to your feelings of happiness? Or do you think it's all a bunch of bunk and you wish it would go away.

If instead of love you're feeling hate or resentment, it's time for the Bach Flower Essence Holly.

All of us are born wanting and needing love. But sometimes things happen along the way. For some reason, we're denied, and resentments begin to fester. Before long, we become so unlovable that our chances diminish.

A person in a negative Holly state is suspicious of a kind word - wondering about ulterior motives. He or she rejects those who truly do care about them. And while they may feel and say that they're only being sensible - seeing the world as it really is - they aren't happy.

The reality is this: The soul quality of Holly is one we all strive for, whether consciously or unconsciously.

If you've become overwhelmed with resentments, jealousies, or anger - help yourself out of it. Go to and order the Bach Flower Essence Holly. Then use it until you can see the good in the world around you.

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